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Controversial propaganda strikes concern

photoAn image sent out by Public Advocate group, which Eugene Delgaudio works for on the left and the said-to-be original image that can be found on a Google search on the right.

With the recent email blast by the Loudoun County Republican Committee on Halloween featuring a zombie President Barack Obama with a bullet hole in his head, concerns have been raised over two other campaign images circulating among voters.

Loudoun County Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) recently sent out a Public Advocate fundraising letter, the organization of which Delgaudio is president. The picture features what appears to be a rainbow blood stained spatter in a doorway complete with a rainbow colored hand print on the door. The image, which is said to be doctored by Delgaudio to target the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender community, is believed to come from a blood stained door photo.

“Looks like paint to me,” Delgaudio said. “They’re saying it looks like blood but I don’t know what they’re talking about. We take out Google ads and I swear that looks like paint.”

Delgaudio said the image was originally rainbow colored and Equality Loudoun, a pro-gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender group doctored it to look like blood in another image. He said there is no image with blood that came from his organization.

“It’s a clear indication that they are creeping through the door. If they want to convey it that way that’s their business,” Delgaudio said. When asked who “they” are, he said, “the rainbow flag is them … the gay lobby.”

Delgaudio said he’s attacking conservatives that he feels have attacked him and his beliefs and said that the homosexuals are “flooding in.”

“This homosexual lobby has been Photoshopping me and everything I’m associated with for my entire time being in public office,” Delgaudio said. “So this is really rich that they would be accusing me of Photoshopping something that I didn’t Photoshop. They forgot that they Photoshopped this. They’re deceiving themselves that I said something without calling me.”

The President of Equality Loudoun, David Weintraub said the original picture of the blood stained door can be found on Google images and no lobby group had doctored the image from rainbow to blood.

“All you have to do is a Google image search with the key words ‘blood door’ and a whole page of them comes up. That’s just the reality. It’s interesting that he’d say that,” Weintraub said. “No one else is sending out images of bloody, gory crime scenes that are rainbow colored so I don’t see how we’re singling him out for doing that, because he’s the only one who’s done it.”

Weintraub says that he reports on what is sent out by Delgaudio and the impact he thinks it has on people.

“I tried to be concise and explain why I think a moral line should be drawn with this specific behavior when he’s calling other people basically not human by referring to them as “it,’” Weintraub said. “When you express something like that about a hypothetical person as the member of an identified group, it’s directed at the real members of that group, real people.”

Another candidate being criticized is Democrat Shawn Mitchell who is running in the state Senate 13th District against Republican Dick Black. NARAL a pro-choice group that has endorsed Mitchell sent out a controversial letter to voters that shows a woman in a compromising position.

The image on the front of the letter shows a woman in stirrups at a gynecologist appointment with the text: “This is bad enough without extremist Dick Black involved.” And below that it reads: “Stop Dick Black. Vote for Shawn Mitchell on November 8th.”

Dominic Gabello, campaign manager for Mitchell said that his campaign didn’t have anything to do with the propaganda.

“I don’t know their reasoning behind their imagery but Dick Black is very extreme on choice. He opposes a woman’s right to abortion in all instances. He sent plastic fetuses to the General Assembly in 2003 to highlight his extremism,”  Gabello said. “He’s just too extreme for Loudoun and Prince William families and people to remember this when they’re going to the polls.”

Gabello said the imagery was provocative and it’s NARAL’s decision of what they choose to send out to voters, not Mitchell’s, but agrees that the message of Black’s extremism is what should be conveyed.

“I have to say I’ve worked on about 40 campaigns and that’s probably the most over the top piece I have ever seen, from either side in all of those times. It makes a man feel kind of quesy I can imagine a woman’s feeling in looking at that,” Black said. “I think people have a clear choice - if there’s a single issue they know that they’ve got a pro-life candidate and pro-abortion candidate.”

“Personally, we have remained very focused on jobs and the economy. My opponent has focused almost entirely on social issues,” Black added.


There is an over abundance of hate in the Democrat Party. It strongly suggests the “Occupy” movement is the strongest force in their party. Reason should carry the day but with hate as strongly expressed by the coonters the day has been lost.





Is Delgaudio’s brother still a photographer on the motel circuit in Baltimore?

Did you see the latest Virginia GOP party faux pas? It made the national news. These guys are starting to look like political neophytes. Even to their most ardent supporters…

If my ass could talk ... it would be a Virginia GOP party leader. Thank god my ass cannot talk. Because that’s one less a-hole with an opinion that I have to hear from.

Who was dumb enough to vote for a corrupt official like Delgaudio? Hows things in Sterling folks?

I can’t wait to say Senator Dick Black!  He is pro-life, anti-tax, anti-union, pro-school choice, pro-Second Amendment guy who doesn’t hide who he is or what he stands for - that’s why the leftists hate him so much and call names and distort his record….it’s because he’s so effective!  Black is Back!

Blah, blah, David, blah, David, blah, blah, blah, David, David, blah, David, blah, blah, who?, blah, blah, blah, David, blah, blah…

  Special interest rights for “special” people are not a majority belief in America No amount of Chaz Bono will fix that (sorry)...  blah, blah, blah…  no Weining… blah, blah, the image looks to me like a rainbow fell off after opening the door to the light…

  There’s a reason Eugene wins… most people VOTE for him. Yes, all those high-tech, six figure, uneducated red-necks leading Loudoun’s economy   ...blah, blah, blah…



I just hope Al Nevarez becomes our Sterling Supervisor.  We need some sanity in Sterling.  We’re tired of the bullying and persecution of groups of people, randomly chosen by Delgaudio.  I would urge people in those groups to get out and vote him out of office.  Do not be intimidated.

You’re tired of dissertation chapter creating…Do not worry, just because a thesis writing service will cheer you up and write the thesis titles of good quality.

Why did they endorse Mitchell?  Why have Republicans endorsed Mitchell? 

It is all because Black is an awful choice, and everyone knows it.  Mitchell doesn’t have to be good to win.  Someone like Dick Black will get zero moderate swing votes, while Mitchell can gain support from middle of the road types who need to vote for someone.  That is my situation.

Face it, Eugene is gay and just hasn’t came out of the closet. Wake up people! Embrace it already Eugene!!!

Is “Equality Loudoun” anything more than a soapbox for David Weintraub? He criticizes Delguadio for the size of Public Advocate, yet there doesn’t appear to be anything behind “Equality Loudoun,” besides David Weintraub.

Take a look at their Facebook page. The only thing there is a picture of some (equal?) people eating dinner, and a link to the organization’s website. Then you click the link (http://www.equalityloudoun.org) only to find that it’s dead.

Here is the letter to the editor I submitted regarding this paper’s endorsement:

Editor, Loudoun Times-Mirror

Is this image what the Loudoun Times-Mirror editorial staff had in mind when you said of Eugene Delgaudio “his view on social issues is unsettlingly conservative and his antics distracting”? The image, which unmistakably depicts a gruesome crime scene, shows the well known LGBT rainbow symbol as a pool of blood, complete with a smeared bloody handprint. It was sent one week ago to his presumed supporters by Mr. Delgaudio, to whom you just gave your endorsement for reelection.

It was surprising that you did not find the history of this individual’s hate speech directed at minority groups, culminating in his reference to a hypothetical member of one such group as “it,” sufficient on its own to render him unfit for any public office.

These are not “antics.” If the candidate were a Grand Wizard of the KKK in his spare time, would you ignore his reference - in a constituent email - to a hypothetical black man as less-than-human? Would you dismiss his use of lynching imagery as unimportant, just as long as he doesn’t directly threaten the actual black residents of Sterling?

When someone slurs a hypothetical member of a group, the objects of that slur are the real members of that group. Mr. Delgaudio in fact has a long history of ignoring and ridiculing the concerns of his LGBT constituents, from the dais and in writing. Still, it’s hard to imagine a more blatant denial of constituent services to real members of the Sterling community than what he communicated by calling them “it” in an email sent to his Sterling mailing list.

The consequences of such language are real. The extraordinary level of violence accompanied by the epithet “it” that is perpetrated on real people does not become unimportant because there hasn’t been a reported incident in Sterling yet. By treating his encouragement of hate as trivial you have affirmed it as acceptable. Worse, you have assured Mr. Delgaudio that he can continue it, and even escalate it, with impunity.

The attached image represents yet another monstrous endorsement of violence against a vulnerable minority population. The act is legal, because we all enjoy a remarkable freedom guaranteed by our First Amendment. However - because of that freedom - your paper has a responsibility to the public to name it as unacceptable behavior for an elected official.

I respectfully insist that this paper immediately retract its endorsement of Mr. Delgaudio and explain why. There is no other positive attribute as a candidate that could ever justify such disregard for human life, safety and dignity.

David Weintraub

Equality Loudoun

Of course the LTM endorses Shawn Dirtbag Mitchell - the media loves abortion and anti-Semitism and terrorism but despises anything good and decent.

It’s that simple.

A moderate Republican myself, Dick Black, the Eugene freakshow, and (unfortunately for them) the entire conundrum of Loudoun Republicans scare me to death.

Looking at this how could the Loudoun Times Mirror endorse Shawn Mitchell?


the Blood Door image on Delgaudio’s mailing is just the tip of the iceberg.

‘Why are we letting an elected official get away with accepting thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars from a business (MC Dean) just days before he voted on a franchise worth much, much more than that to that business?

When will the local press ask MC Dean to comment?’

Dear Loudoun Times Mirror,
In light of recent events, could you re-think your endorsement for Mr. Delgaudio’s re-election campaign to represent the Sterling district on the Loudoun board of supervisors?  Your endorsement seems poorly researched at best. The people of Sterling Park deserve a better representative.


After researching candidate Delgaudio, how is it possible that the Loudoun Times Mirror could offer their endorsement to this man?  Granted, this time around the candidates running against him are not strong. However, endorsements should not come by default. Surely there is a time to withhold endorsement of any candidate.

a serious question, open to all.

If the Democrats were right and Dick Black was extreme, then there wouldn’t be any need to distort his record, right?  But almost everything Shawn Mitchell has said about Black is a lie. 
Mitchell implies Black supports spousal rape - but Dick Black voted to make it illegal. 
Mithcell says Black wants to ban birth control - but he actually voted to require Parental Consent before giving the Morning After Pill to girls under 18.
Mitchell says that Black raised his own pay - but delegates haven’t had a pay raise in 23 years and still make $17,600 a year.
Mitchell says Black wants guns in libraries - but guns have never been banned in libraries and that doesn’t have anything to do with Black.
Mitchell’s lies go on and on.  Meanwhile, he has never sent out mailings or phone calls about what he wants to do about our economy - just attacks and lies about his opponent.  Fortunately, voters know better.  Democrat Shawn Mitchell is the extreme one here.

It’s no wonder Democrats are running away from Shawn Mitchell!  This is awful.  It is true that Mitchell has run on nothing but social issues because he has such a thin resume, poor guy.  Everyone knows where Dick Black stands on issues.  The good news is that you have a choice.  Shawn Mitchell has made it clear in interviews and in his literature that he supports giving the Morning After Pill to girls under the age of 18, he is 100% pro-choice, he is pro-homosexual marriage, he is pro-union and he is pro-Obama.  Good news is that voters have a real choice because the two candidates can’t be more different on the issues.  These are the facts, no trickery or distortions.

I guess there is no basis for facts on these comments.  Claiming Dick Black hasn’t been endorsed by a single House member is false.  He’s been endorsed by lots of them…Del. Hugo, Cole, Sears, Marshall, etc.  There are right on the web site (  http://www.dickblack4senate.com/endorsements.html )  Look them up haters.

Democrat Shawn Mitchell has focused 100% of his campaign on his extreme liberal social views.  He isn’t right for voters here.  I love how they put the Democrat’s gross mail piece at the bottom and the Republican’s at the top.  Typical - especially since the Loudoun Times Smearer endorsed Mitchell.

What about Tom “I rant and I rave” Dunn, and his efforts at polution during Leesburg Town Council meetings, where a meeting never goes by where he’s not attacking someone over something - meeting after meeting after meeting.

forget about the Obama pics it’s a hallowiennie spoof and nancy has never looked that good. Don’t get your pantyhose in a twist boys we don’t want to upset your delicate senseabilities. Ohhh myyyy

Dick Black has ALWAYS run dirty, nasty campaigns. He is a very mean spirited man and totally ineffective in the legislature. He’s an anti-abortion crusader and that’s about it. Everything else he supports is only to get elected so he can crusade against abortion. Anyone remember when he was pronouncing his last opponents name “Poison”. The rest of us stopped making fun of other peoples names somewhere around the 3rd grade. Anyone notice that a single one of his former colleagues in the House has endorced him?

Teagaggers are insane and dangerous.  We usually stop in or near Loudoun County on trips to see family….....NEVER AGAIN.  TOO DANGEROUS.

Antics like this are why Eugene Delgaudio is an embarrassment to Sterling.

I’m more offended by the abortion poster than anything else.  What can Dick Black do to abortions?  It is legal in all 50 states and even if he wins, it will still be legal!  His opponent should condemn the use of this image.

After this embarrassment all Democrats should only be voting for Independent or Democrats in the election.

The Dems are obviously really scared about Tuesday. Is this all you can come up with? Sad.

Are these Weintraub guys brothers??

No, they are not related by blood. I won’t go farther than that, but their Facebook pages say it all.

To his credit, Delgaudio is anything but ‘good ole boy’ or ‘backwoods Virginia’ or these other misnomers. He’s an Italian from NYC, he’s urban through and through, I don’t know exactly how or why he landed in Virginia, but he’s here. My guess is, his political bent got him near D.C., and his party affiliation guided him toward Fairfax/Loudoun (not going to bring up the old residency topic), and so he goes on to represent the oldest (sub)urban area of Loudoun, where there is the most ‘friction’ between the older ‘native’ VA residents, and the influx of new folks from, let’s just say, south of Virginia.  He makes his living from creating and inciting drama, which generally makes for great distraction from the real issues and problems that he and his fellow BOS’ers should be focusing on. Illegal immigration and GLBT issues are out of Loudoun’s jurisdiction, yet that is what he is a lightning rod for, and we spend so much time discussing in reference to him…yet, he has no effect on those things (as Ms. Munsey has clarified thoroughly in another article vs. Eric the troll, I believe) on the Board.

HERE we go….because being gay is a ‘choice’, but being created (fetus) is involuntary??  So the value of an involuntary creation is greater than a presumptive human choice to be a sinner according to the Catholic Church??

Are these Weintraub guys brothers??

Everyone’s caught up in the door image and no one seems to think a thing about the disturbing abortion image that was sent out by NARAL. I’m personally offended by it and I’m more offended that people on this comment string seem to care more about the rights of a gay person than they do about a completely innocent unborn baby.

nothing says America quite like hatred and bigotry!!!!

I have Gay friends, lesbian friends , black freinds, I have a white collar career, college education, and I am voting Delgaudio because there is so much vested hatred torward him. He must be effective to garner so much critisism. Oh yea, and my knukles don’t drag on the ground either. Suck it up Dems, you thin skinned wimps.

“Delgaudio said he’s attacking conservatives that he feels have attacked him and his beliefs and said that the homosexuals are “flooding in.””

That really tells me everything I need to know about Delgaudio. He’s so extreme that conservatives are attacking him. And he sees homosexuals as a threat that needs to be kept out of Sterling. In camps somewhere maybe. Dunno.

Keep in mind, this is the same guy that thinks the TSA is part of the “gay agenda”.

2011 Calling - you’re right. In vasts swaths of our great country, a politician being the well-paid President of a group like “Public Advocate” would be the end of their career. Unfortunately, Sterling has been the exception.

Eugene, forget about the gays for 10 seconds, alright? We ALL know who are “flooding” in ,and it’s not Priscilla Queen of the Desert.


Both sides on the isle are known for tasteless adds like this, not going to change my vote one way or the others; I just wish they would stop engaging in this nonsense. Have a little class people, debate the issues in a rational way.

This is a clear and concise display of the Republican thinking in Loudoun County and certainly shows they all need to be voted out of office next week.  What a bunch of misfits!

This just in….The FBI is quietly watching citizens like Delguido because they are a real threat to the freedoms and liberty that are the backbone of our constitution.

The dude has issues that border on a Hitler like order of government control.  Think about it!!

Hey, Dellgotago! I live in your district, I’m gay and I’m going to vote you out of office.

I did a search for the “blood door” and one of the top search results showed a version of the image that had been posted in 2009! http://spikeshinizzle.deviantart.com/art/Mike-Blood-Door-126966713
Me thinks he lies.

Should have been Bush,who started an unnecessary war, and didn’t have the guts to pull a trigger in 1968 for freedom and democracy.


Barbara. I do not want you to hate anyone.

And it will be better if I hate him, whether (like you) I can vote for him or not?

You have certainly let everyone know in no uncertain terms that the one thing you and Mr. Delgaudio do NOT want talked about is Mr. Delgaudio’s encouragement of hatred and your defense of it at every turn.

I can understand that, perfectly. This act, and trying to lie about it, was ugly.

2012, turn off Fox News and read some of the comments on the many other websites that have picked this story up. 

A whole lot of “redneck Virginians” talk from everyone else in the country who is appalled that a legit branch of the GOP would put out that drawing.  Even among other DC area commenters on the Post, Loudoun is being laughed at as being some throwback to the “old South” full of good ole boys.

I know Delgaudio didn’t send out that zombie drawing, but my point is that having some cheerleader for a group that’s mission is to deny Americans equal rights in an elected position is a sad state of affairs for Loudoun residents who get lumped in with someone like Delgaudio.  People like him are embarrassments to America, let alone Loudoun County, VA.

David, I know I’m supposed to hate and despise him, but I don’t do that well on command either.

I can’t vote for him or against him, so be happy.

But you can’t either, so there’s that.

And you don’t really really want to:  you like where you live, and your land, and your animals, and your land use deferrals, and the freedom that comes with creating your own world on your own acreage in protected low density countryside.

I don’t begrudge you that, either.

It won’t necessarily get people to vote the way you want over there where, as Chris N notes, people are more interested in non-social issues at the local level.

“People wonder why Loudoun gets disparaged as “backwoods” and “redneck”?”

Loudoun is the wealthiest county in the United States.  No one is saying that.  In fact, all I hear is the opposite—Loudoun is stereotyped as hoity-toity fox hunt country.

The only people saying that just started saying it a few minutes ago because they can’t accept the fact only a total wacko would think that picture communicates violence. 

You do realize everyone who’s ever met Delgaudio, and isn’t agenda-driven, disagrees with everything you just said?

We’re seeing Loudoun’s liberal establishment crack apart at the psychological seams.

I didn’t even NOTICE Obama with a hole in his head.  I was rolling on the floor laughing at Nancy Pelosi pre-face lift.

This is the part that continues to amaze me. Barbara likes him. Who likes the kind of person who does this?

Why does anyone but homophobes vote for Eugene Delgaudio?
While this was likely rhetorical, I’ll take a crack at it. I don’t consider myself a homophobe and I plan on voting for Eugene Delgaudio. And if signage is any indication, a lot of others plan to do so too. While I don’t presume to speak for others, I am guessing that they are:
—People tired of rising taxes who like the questions that Delgaudio asks during budget hearings;
—People who have called him for a constituent service who appreciate the prompt reply and effective follow-up;
—People who are frustrated that Al Nevarez skipped the debates and has yet to make a strong case for his fitness as a Supervisor, beyond not being Delgaudio;
—People who are tired of the anti-Delgaudio rhetoric coming from those who don’t even live in the Sterling district;
—People who don’t see homosexuality as a major issue and are much more concerned about Delgaudio’s views on taxes, illegal immigration, and the future livability of Sterling.

In parts of the country that aren’t in the stone age, a politician being associated with something like “Public Advocate” would be the end of their career. 

In Loudoun, it is apparently the key to a long career.  People wonder why Loudoun gets disparaged as “backwoods” and “redneck”?  Well the fact Eugene Delgaudio is an elected official is exhibit A. 

I can’t imagine anyone who has friends or family that are homosexual voting for this guy with a clean conscience.

aeg, I’m so sorry, but I just don’t shut up well when told.

I read Liz’ link at progress, and have been looking to see if I can find the original.

I’ve found a lot of photoshops on the way, and most seem to be about something coming IN, including one with Red script added in the doorway saying “Can I Come In?”

I also found this:
so ActBlue is on the job for Al nevarez in Birminham AL, too.

Try to stay calm if Eugene wins on Tuesday.

You worked hard.

Is anything different between what Delgaudio and hs homophobes put out and the propaganda of the Klan or other hate groups?  If you ask me, Delgaudio’s mailer suggests death for the “rainbow” community of GLBT folks. 

Let’s see any other group suggest that about another group and see how long it takes for the police to knock on their door.




(Click on the “likes” button on the Facebook link to see what kind of people would “like” this kind of video.)

Now all of you who think the above is offensive, raise your hands.  Or maybe you like it.  Come on now, don’t be shy.

Just what do any of you expect fom Loudoun County Republicans who are led by Dick Black and Eugene Delgaudio?

Original post at Pam’s:


Pam’s House Blend is where I read the original post on this, which I shared with David and others, and this led to where we are now.  Laurel, the poster over at PHB, included a screenshot of the image complete with URL pointing to “traditionalvalues.us,” the Public Advocate for the United States’ (snicker) website.

I’m also the person who found the original source image, which shut Barbara up, for a little while, anyway. Now obviously there’s no way to prove who Photoshopped that bloody door.

Perhaps it was someone who has nothing to do whatsoever with Loudoun County and rather randomly decided to fabricate an email complete with Photoshopped image from Eugene, and then when she did, she didn’t do anything with it except write a blog over at Pam’s about it. She kept quiet otherwise, because, you see, her evil plan was to let it get picked up and go viral.

Uh huh.

That’s what The Public Advocate (snicker) would have you believe, anyway.

Or… it was a man who in the past has referred to trans people using the pronoun “it,” has a history of ranting and raving about homosexuals through his “advocacy” (snicker) group and his position on the BoS.

I dunno.  I’m not as stupid as Delgaudio seems to think his constituents are.


“What the White House ‘Likes’”
Garry Owen

FTA:  “It seems that the White House will be working on a new mission for the military as OPERATION NEW DAWN wraps up.  How does OPERATION KILL REPUBLICAN ZOMBIES (OKRZ) roll off your tongue?  At least until we have a mission to do until we go back to Iraq to fight the Iranians. And the First Lady can dabble in something other than dictating what we can eat.  Maybe Republicans have a use after all as Zombie Soylent Green.”

Delgaudio’s offensive piece is called an “image” while the pro-Mitchell piece is called “proganda”, by which I assume the caption writer meant “propaganda”.  What an absurd dichotomy of words chosen to describe the images.  There should be no doubt that this paper favors Delgaudio.

Thank you Ms. Peters and Ms. Wagoner for bringing this information about Mr. Delgaudio, including his shocking attempt to deny what he’s done, to the attention of the general publc.

The caption on the Delgaudio rainbow blood image in the Public Advocate email is:


Given that context, what could the image mean?  Here’s my hypothesis.

“The tairtors let them in so I (Eugene Delagudio) had to eliminate them and drag their bloody bodies out.  It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it, so send money.”

There are many words in the English language, and many that describe horror.  I find this action to be something that is truly evil.

Yes, Barbara, it is. And the version that Mr. Delgaudio chose to use in his email header depicts rainbow colored blood.

Thank you, Jana! Much appreciated.


It’s clearly a crime scene and a pool of blood, and it’s beyond disgusting to use it for anything to criticize anyone about.  Delgaudio is a cretin.

It’s free downloadable wallpaper David, and if you look through the images, you’ll find other photoshops of it.

I found one of a sad looking black man holding the door open that seemed to be decrying neighborhood violence coming into the community, but that’s only the interpretation that version seemed to suggest to me.

I found another with a link to the homepage of the person who photoshopped their friends into it, like “Mike after ruling Mortal Kombat!”

I still haven’t found anything on who created the original, and what their intent to say was.  But if it’s free on the internet, anyone can alter it at will, and anyone viewing it can see what they see.

Oh, and what I actually said to the reporter was this:

When you express something like that about a hypothetical person as the member of an identified group, it’s directed at the real members of that group, real people.

Members, not numbers. Easy to hear wrong when you’re on deadline.

I suppose it shouldn’t be shocking that Mr. Delgaudio would tell such a ridiculous lie to the reporter. She seemed almost speechless when she did what I suggested and searched on google images for “blood door.” The original blood image comes up as the first three or four. I wonder who holds the copyright.

I am surprised Mr. Delgaudio has not seized this “photo op” as an opportunity to promote his day job so that fearful people can donate to help him fight, castigation, denigrate, intimidate, trash, put-down, vilify, belittle, dishonor, degrade, calumniate, and oppress gay folks.  He makes a healthy living off of doing all of this to a viable segment of our society.

Maybe Mr. Delgaudio can start a new cash raising campaign. Something along the lines of attacking straight parents who are having all those gay kids. Might as well go to the source.

Delgaudio’s “it looks like paint” response is awfully weak. 

So he sent out a mailer with a door with rainbow paint running into it?  What is that supposed to mean?  He offers no insight as to what the intent of his “non-photoshopped” mailer showing rainbow “paint” is supposed to be saying.

Come on Eugene, what was the real intent of the graphic, if this one is doctored?

Why do people keep posting that mailer with Jill Annette Turgeon’s address on it? This is the third instance I’ve seen the same address (35793 Park Heights, Round Hill, VA) circulated around the web.

Why does anyone but homophobes vote for Eugene Delgaudio?  Sterling just keeps getting worse, and this guy consistently embarrasses the residents of Loudoun County.

Thankfully, Dick Black has already been rejected by area voters once, and will be again.  All Dick will be left with is a crappy Pulte house in Red Cedar that he doesn’t even really live in.

...0 and he didn’t.

And David Weintraub will throw himself in the midddle of this in 5,4,3,2….

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