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UPDATE: Cooley Gallery to remain in Leesburg

photoChris Cooley, number 47, playing his last game as a Redskin against the Indianapolis Colts Aug. 25. Times-Mirror Staff Photo/Carl Lukat

Update Aug. 30 at 12:43 p.m.

The Cooley Gallery will remain open, despite Chris Cooley being released from the Redskins.

According to Rachel Sherman, the gallery’s manager, the gallery will “absolutely stay open.”

The gallery, which is at 12 S. King St. in Historic Downtown Leesburg has been there since 2010.

This is a developing story.

Original story

Chris Cooley has been released from the Washington Redskins, according to the Washington Redskins’ Twitter account, stating today will be his last day.

Cooley has been the tight-end for the Redskins since he was drafted in 2004. The Redskins held a press conference, according to their official Twitter account, where Cooley addressed the press.

“The Washington Redskins are releasing me today. This will be my last day as a Redskin,” Cooley said during the press conference, visible emotional. “It’s been awesome. I’m fortunate to have worked for a franchise that’s embraced me. I’m very fortunate to have played for a team and a fan base that have embraced me like they have. This organization has changed my life in every way for the better. I’ll take some time and decide what I’ll do moving forward. I have every belief that I can still play football at a high level. It’ll be a tough decision to put on another jersey.”

Cooley said he wishes the team the very best, during his press conference. He also said there are no hard feelings.

“I appreciate all that you’ve done,” Cooley said to the press. “And finally, I’d like to say thank you to our fans.”

photoWashington Redskins tight end Chris Cooley signs autographs after a day’s practice at Redskins training camp in Ashburn Aug. 6, 2011. Times-Mirror Staff Photo/Beverly Denny

“We all know what Chris means to this organization. He’s a guy that we’ve leaned on a lot since I’ve been here,” Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan said during the conference, according to the Redskins Twitter.

Shanahan said the cut was “as tough as it gets” and on-field production and salary were not part of the discussion, according to Twitter.

Twitter also reports that Fred Davis will be the team’s starting tight end.

Cooley, whose become the resident celebrity in Leesburg, owns an art gallery in Historic Downtown Leesburg. There is no news on where Cooley will go or if he will stay in Loudoun.

Here’s Cooley’s address to the press via YouTube.




I attended a few of the Redskin’s open training camps and you could almost tell by the body language of Chris and the coaches that Chris was being phased out.  Sad that a player can’t play his entire career with one organization anymore. Chris harkens back to the old days of the Redskin’s. A dude that throws on a flannel and heads to the park not wearing $1,000 suits. Works hard, speaks softly and produces. It’s a shame the Skin’s could not let him ride out this season to see if all of the hard work and preparation he went through generated results.  I am sure Snyder would have made a small fortune off of continued sales of #47 jerseys. As for Shannahan - I conclude that I don’t like the guy.

operative word: could. past tense. detach your hearts, folks. This is a business, and youth (and less $$) is being served.

Thank Cooley, buy a piece of his art, go to his Redskins ‘ring of honor’ or HOF induction in a couple years in Ashburn, er, Richmond.  But your Skins will be better off w/o him.  He’ll likely latch on somewhere else, earn the vet minimum for a year or two, and that’ll be it. Nice career, Chris.

Chris Cooley has been great to Washington…and Loudoun.  Thanks Chris! Appreciate you man!

Another command decision from Snyder perhaps ?  Remember when Angelos fired Jon Miller, THE voice of the Orioles ?  Still scratching my head at that one.  Owners.  Who needs them ?

Stupid Move.

The skins seem to be at the cutting edge of their industry, in terms of finding innovative ways to disappoint their fans.

A HUGE disappointment. He was my favorite player and one of the few to have a personality off the field.

But I didn’t understand the part of the article that said, “on-field production and salary were not part of the discussion, according to Twitter.”

If it isn’t about money and isn’t about performance, what else is there? Unless there is something else lurking under the surface, it’s wrong to imply that there is.

Good luck Chris Cooley. You deserve better!

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