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Corey Stewart launches U.S. Senate bid

An outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump who narrowly lost a bid to be Virginia's GOP candidate for governor is now running for the U.S. Senate.

Corey Stewart announced his Senate candidacy Thursday, saying he is the type of Republican "fighter" needed to unseat Sen. Tim Kaine (D) in next year's election.

Stewart is a former state campaign chairman for Trump who lost to former Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie in the GOP gubernatorial primary last month. The underfunded Stewart ran a deliberately provocative campaign, which included outspoken support for Confederate symbols, to gain attention.

He's promising to run a similarly aggressive campaign for Senate.

Several other Republicans, including former Gov. Jim Gilmore and former presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, have also expressed interest in running.


So he lost an election and has decided to use the same approach in the next election, WOW JUST WOW.

Is there a possibility we could see a fair comparison of Stewart and Kaine on an issue basis?
Which will insure Loudoun county gets federal help dealing with interstate commuters clogging the roads? Which candidate will work to bring Dulles Airport parking lots back into Loudoun county from the federal government so LCPS can be supported by these highly profitable commercial lots? Which candidate will work to reduce federal underfunded mandates put upon local schools? Which candidate will work to divert funds from building Afghanistan infrastructure to reinforcing NIH’s ability to cure cancer or other illnesses or any other truly beneficial purpose? What are the candidate views on tax reform (simplicity, fairness, match tax with use/purpose etc)? Which candidate is willing to take on foundations and trusts which are regularly used by super wealthy (GAtes, Buffett and others)to avoid taxes the rest of us have to pay? Which candidate will demand superfund sites like Hanford actually get cleaned up instead of merely studied for another 70 years? Which candidate will support large scale algae to oil convrsion options for the southwest instead of just fracking, shale and other non-renewable use of resources? Which candidate will actually force the core of engineers to “FIX” flooding problems of major rivers instead of building levies that don’t work? Which candidate will emphasize thorium instead of uranium so power plants create power instead of bomb making materials without long term hazardous waste? Which candidate will re-open Yucca Mountain so power plants won’t have to store highly dangerous spent fuel rods on sight? Enough with the party generated political crap - let’s hear real challenges dealt with by these candidates - hold them accountable to DO SOMETHING other than just keep getting re-elected or elected.
Bob O__ Esq.

What to make of a son of Minnesota, wrapping himself in the Confederate flag and tellng the voters of Virginia that they’re just not as dedicated to the Old South as he is.

What a con man…

Just shows you what a swamp Virginia is on the right side, people would actually vote for this dude.  Hope he gets the nomination, he will hopefully take a few GOP House candidates down with him.

“[P]articipation trophies of racist traitors” wins the internet.
Well done, sir.

Thank goodness Stewart is running.  I think we can all agree that the #1 issue facing Virginians today is whether or not we will get to keep our participation trophies of racist traitors.

The choice is between a strutting Bantam Rooster and a duck which should start with a c. No more establishment!

Corey Stewart FTW!

Only problem Stewart has as that he keeps running a campaign more suited for 1860 than today….I’ll vote for him, but he needs to use some common sense in hos campaign this go around….Kaine is worthless and a complete embarrassment.

Campaign slogan: “Save yer confederate money boys, the South’s gonna rise again!”

Jim Gilmore would be the best choice. Stewart and Fiorina to a lesser extent, would be a guaranteed Democrat win. 

Somebody tell Stewart that Confederate support doesn’t win you elections in a nearly divided state like Virginia. You lose a few points over supporting Confederate symbolism and you have just lost the election in a 55/45 rout at the ballot box.

About time we changed our Senators for the better! After Stewart defeats Kaine hopefully Ingrahm will trounce Warner.

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