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County releases letter on Delgaudio investigation

Loudoun County today released a letter from County Attorney Jack Roberts sent to the two investigators hired to look into allegations brought against Loudoun County Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling).

The investigators, former FBI agent Dan Wright of Ashburn-based National Consulting and Investigative Services and Amy Hutchens of Watermark Risk Management International, were released from the investigation Nov. 9 through no fault of their work.

On Nov. 12 the Times-Mirror exclusively reported Wright’s name was on one of Delgaudio’s fundraising lists, according to board Chairman Scott York (R-At Large). Considering this, as well as the disclosure of new documents pertaining to the allegations that Delgaudio used county resources to conduct political fundraising, the case was transferred to the Arlington commonwealth’s attorney for further examination on Nov. 8, York said.

Roberts’ letter appears to line up with York’s statements, though it’s not explicit.

The letter, dated Nov. 9, states “this will confirm the discussions in our meeting yesterday concerning the investigation of the complaint by a staff aide regarding” Delgaudio.

Roberts writes to Wright and Hutchens: “You conducted a thorough review of those docuements this week and concluded that there is an evidentiary basis for referral to the appropriate law enforcement officials for further investigation. I have met with Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Plowman, and he has secured an order appointing the Arlington Commonwealth’s Attorney Theo Stamos as a special prosecutor to investigate the matter further.”

The letter continues, “You have also advised me that review of the evidence produced a basis for your recusal from further involvement in the matter to avoid any appearance of conflict.”

In September, Delgaudio was the target of a Washington Post report that featured one of his former aides, Donna Mateer, saying she was directed by Delgaudio to initiate meetings for potential political donations while being compensated by the county.

In early October, the Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to initiate an investigation into the accusations against Delgaudio. On Oct. 26 the county hired Wright without an announcement or information of the case’s advancement.

Then in a surprising shift Nov. 9, two days after it was reported that Loudoun officials retained Wright to lead the probe, county leadership announced Stamos would again review the case.

Stamos surveyed Mateer’s accusations in the spring after the former aide first reported them to county officials. After her review, Stamos said there was not enough evidence to pursue a case against Delgaudio, but since then more documentation has been disclosed, according to a Nov. 9 press release from the county.

It remains unclear what the new material contains. York said he was not at liberty to discuss specifics of the new documentation, noting only it includes additional details of Mateer’s complaint against Delgaudio.


“oranges869” has posted the exact same comment as posted by “joe brewer” at ashburn.patch.com. Both are badly confused about the facts. Harsher sanctions are possible, including reduction or elimination of a supervisor’s $100,000+ office budget (which, among other things, pays for staff aides).

The investigators did not “withdraw.” Pursuant to the work order Jack Roberts gave them, upon finding evidence of criminal conduct, they were required to suspend the investigation and turn over their findings to law enforcement officers.

If Mr. Delgaudio is actually found guilty of a crime, he can be removed from office altogether. Even without such a conviction, § 24.2-233 of the Code of Virginia authorizes a Circuit Court judge to remove him upon a petition signed by about 500 voters in the Sterling district, for (among other things) “misuse of office.”

Mr. Williams is only doing what is appropriate now that the investigation has, as ordered, turned over its findings and a formal criminal investigation has commenced.

Supervisors have power that affects the citizens they govern, just as police officers have power that affects the citizens they protect. Any police officer subjected to criminal investigation would be moved to limited duties, pending the outcome. The rest of the board should see that what Mr. Williams is suggesting is just as appropriate in this context as limited duty is for a police officer in a similar situation.

The measures Shawn Williams is calling for are the harshest ones possible if Delgaudio is found guilty. So we predispose a judgment in this case because of publicity instead of waiting for the facts. Now that the investigators had to withdraw do we hire new investigators for an additional 15 thousand dollars. Cost would then be doubled for what end result, a reduction in job duties? If cleared I only hope that Mr. Williams will show the decency and come out with a 176 word statement acknowledging his judgment error

I think Supervisor Williams’ statement is very telling on the undoing of Delgaudio.  It isn’t too often that a sitting Sup is stripped of his Committee roles.  I suspect this is going to end very badly for Delgaudio and probably York.  I seriously doubt that Delgaudio is going to go away without taking a few of his board members down with him.

Did the pricetag just double?

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