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County rezones portion of Ashburn development

Despite a recommendation from county planning staff to deny the application, Loudoun's Board of Supervisors on Sept. 4 narrowly approved the rezoning of more than 13 acres within Ashburn's University Center development from commercial to residential.

The rezoning, which passed on a 5-3-1 vote, will allow 95 townhomes at the site.

Vice Chairman Shawn Williams (R-Broad Run) and Supervisors Ralph Buona (R-Ashburn) and Matt Letourneau (R-Dulles) opposed the rezoing. Supervisor Janet Clarke (R-Blue Ridge) abstained.

-Trevor Baratko

Williams said he doesn't think his constituents are interested in more townhouses in Ashburn.


To the person posting behind the name, “Laugh,” you asked, “I could not help reacting after seeing Stevens Miller’s comment.  How did he vote on Loudoun One?”

I’m pretty sure you are referring to “One Loudoun.” The answer to your question is that I did not vote on it at all. The board before mine approved that project. While in office, I did work with the developers to find ways to make the project more worthwhile to my neighbors. One result of that work was the modification of the part of the county’s zoning ordinance that regulates signage. We found a way, after many others had not able to do so, to bring the signage regulations up to date, so that businesses would not be deterred from investing in Loudoun, while preserving the integrity of our residential areas.

Thanks for asking.

I could not help reacting after seeing Stevens Miller’s comment.  How did he vote on Loudoun One.  I remember that many of that board of supervisors got elected claiming to be against it, and projects just like it, and watch with a total lack of surprise when the board of supervisors voted for it.  Bottom line:  Too many supervisors get into office, and do just the opposite of what they claim they will do.  And from what I saw, Stevens Miller was one of the worst for that.

Watch, the 95 will become 200-300 condo units or they’ll somehow make them less wide and build them taller… At Loudoun one, you can reach out and touch your neighbor from side window to window. I wonder where they’ll build all the new schools, running out of land…

We need to limit the number of Townhouses being built. There should be a metric that says 1 townhouse for every 5 single family homes. That way you limit the population, boost property values, keep out the riff raff, and keep Loudoun from turning into Fairfax or Prince William.

....and what’s up with an “abstain” vote Supervisor Clark?  Were you dissatisfied with the developers “contribution” or are you just spineless?  Either you are FOR or AGAINST.  Reminds me of a Chicago community organizer who liked to vote “PRESENT”

It would be helpful if the reporter provider some details on which developer will benefit from this travesty. 
Not enough commercial development and too much residential is why LoCo has he highest residential property tax rate in the Commonwealth.

I know, first-hand, how frustrating it is to be outvoted on a matter that affects your own constituents by supervisors whose own constituents are largely unaffected by it. Good for these three in standing up for their people.

Williams is right. Traffic in Loudoun County is ridiculous, and there doesn’t seem to be much motivation to fix it. We need a moratorium on residential development until infrastructure improvements are made.

I wager the tax rate goes up yet again, even though all voted to cut taxes…This group of BOS isn’t any different then any of the previous ones. Say one thing and do the opposite.

Why even have the planning staff?  We already know how these votes will go.

Geeeeeeeeee, Ken Reid is at it again.  More residential units.  Grow Big Ken, is what we perhaps should now be calling Ken Reid.  I guess he felt that, being the one who got the Silver Line Metro, and the hundred of millions that cost the County of Loudoun residents, he had to have someone actually get on the subway.  Now, that is planning.

So what happens to the proffers that were given when it was approved for commercial. Is this going to help with Riverside Parkway being extended and is this the pre-cursor to move Blue Mount Nursery out and put residential there?

Basically the 5 morons that don’t live near Ashburn University center voted for the change. What a joke…

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