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Courthouse Square proposes public-private partnership

Courtesy art/L4 Capital Partnership The new Courthouse Square from the Courthouse Lawn along East Market Street. Courthouse Square is a development encompassing the current 1.7 acre Loudoun Times-Mirror building and parking area.
The lead developers of Courthouse Square have started the process of allowing the county government to lease space in the long-awaited development.

Landmark Commercial Real Estate submitted a public-private partnership application to the county's purchasing department June 3.

Bob White, lead developer and president of Landmark Commercial Real Estate, explained the reasoning behind submitting the proposal.

“We submitted a public-private partnership application to Loudoun County in response to the study they did to identify certain needs in the County Courts Complex over the next 12 or 13 years,” White said. “That was unsolicited and not in response to a request for proposal, but in an effort on our part to engage the county in dialogue on how we can help them meet their needs.”

A public-private partnership is a joint venture between a government and the private sector involving the provision of public services or infrastructure.

If the county agrees to the partnership application Landmark would agree to ultimately help solve the county government's battle with available office space.

“The proposal details the timing and the method by which we would offer them temporary space in Courthouse Square after it is constructed,” White said.

According to White, his development team has offered to provide between 30,000 and 50,000 square feet of office space for the county's use.

The space would serve as an interim solution for the county as they prepare for the development and expansion of the County Courts Complex at the old jail site.

Cassidy Turley, a leading commercial real estate services provider with more than 3,700 professionals in more than 60 offices nationwide, has been selected for leasing Courthouse Square’s office component.

According to White, the application has been submitted in conformance with the statute and the statute clearly states the requirements the developers must comply with in order to be considered.

“There should be a period of review related to the technical merit of the application,” White said. “If staff is directed to do so, and I believe they will be, then they will review the application for technical compliance with the code and assuming we pass that hurdle, I believe it would be taken up by the Board of Supervisors.”

White doesn't expect the supervisors to review the application until July at the earliest.

Courthouse Square is a development encompassing the current 1.7 acre Loudoun Times-Mirror building and parking area.

The building, which will contain approximately 113,600 square feet of by-right office, commercial and retail space, will keep the red-brick facade of the current historic building, while severing the backside of the building to make way for an elevator lobby.

“We have no expectations whatsoever that they would want to use any of our space for courtroom space or specialized judicial type purchases,” White said. “If they do elect to take any amount of the square footage we have offered, it would only be for administrative office space. That means this is not intended to be in place of the development of the old jail site, It's intended only as an interim solution for them.”

Editor’s Note: The Arundel family, which owns the Loudoun Times-Mirror, is currently the majority owner of the property.


A “partnership” implies give and take from both sides.  So if they are offering space, what do they want in return?  If nothing, then how isn’t this just a “lease”?

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