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Cracker Barrel to open in Sterling

Fans of Southern-themed restaurant and gift store chain Cracker Barrel will finally have a Loudoun County location to go to in July.

Cracker Barrel will be opening a location in Sterling near the intersection of Route 28 and Old Ox Road by Dulles International Airport. The restaurant will bring about 200 jobs to the area and will be hiring employees from a variety of different positions including servers, cooks, cashiers, retail workers and more.

“We are looking for enthusiastic individuals to help us do what we do best….please our guests with great country cooking and friendly service,” said Sterling general manager Steve Desjardins.

Cracker Barrel offers up to three pay raises in the first year of employment as well as performance-based pay, eligibility for benefits and a 401K savings plan.

This will be the first Cracker Barrel location in Loudoun County; the store currently has locations in Manassas, Frederick, and Winchester. Cracker Barrel began as a single restaurant in Tennessee but has expanded to 600 locations in 42 states across the country. They are typically located by interstates or other major travel areas, a contributing factor to the restaurant being located by Dulles Airport.

Applications will be accepted online and at the Sterling location at 23030 Indian Creek Drive from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Training will begin in mid-July to prepare the store for its grand opening.

More information about the about the positions available at Cracker Barrel can be found at http://www.crackerbarrel.com/careers.


Chris and Fed Up should have a date night on Monday at O’Faolain’s.

Chris N. I like “O’Faolain’s also but normally stick with the Irish food. I like Five Guys but have been going to Elevation instead since it opened. I really like the meat there better.

Ford’s is great, they also have a steak (really good), chicken sandwich, burger, or hotdog for the none seafood folks. So much there its hard to recommend one thing. Fish and Chips are great, so are the Crab Cakes, fried baskets, and the angry mussels.

Thanks for the recs, Fedupdude. With the exception of Outback, I really haven’t noticed over-salting at the chain, sit-down restaurants. My seafood-hating wife and sons are away at Scout camp next week, so I will finally get to try Fords Fish Shack.

You mentioned that “outside burgers” you mostly prefer the small, independent restaurants. One independent that has great burgers is O’Faolains Irish pub, right next to Regal Cinemas in Sterling (or perhaps its Ashburn by then.) Anyway, my favorite there is the Lamburger, but their “O’Faolain’s Burger” is very good too. (If you check out O’Faolain’s, try to shoot for a Monday when burgers are 1/2 price, with the sad exception of the lamburger which is still full-priced but heavenly.)

What makes a good place to eat is #1 The manager #2 the cook/chef #3 the hired help. Decent help is hard to come by these days because they don’t get decent pay! The employers expect the public to pay the employees with big tips. I believe in tipping but I also believe in fair wages.

Chris N. You and I are the opposites I hate the bland salty food most chains serve. Outside burgers I mostly go to small chef owned places. Fords Fish Shack, At Kaisers, Fireworks Pizza, Monks BBQ, The French Hound, South Side Under, etc. Not all mom and pops are good especially stripe mall places, however the better restaurants are the one offs or local multiple location places.

Looking forward to Family Meal opening in Ashburn

Mom & Pop’s can certainly open a store in LoCo if they wish, but apparently they don’t, so don’t begrudge CB from doing so.

There is a vacant commercial space near my office on Shaw Road in Sterling, which has had four “Mom and Pop” restaurants in the last five or so years. All have failed. While there are a few independent restaurants I enjoy very much, most of my outside dining is with the chains because there are more of them, you know what to expect, and they have a business plan/menu selection that has been time tested.

I don’t think it’s fair to lump Cracker Barrel in with the “craptastic” chains, because they are one of the few that still uses from-scratch recipes. While I can’t comment on this particular Cracker Barrel because it’s not opened yet and I haven’t dined there, I am eager to try it and think it will be good for the county.

200 new jobs, Fred, and you’re complaining about it?  Somewhere around 60% of restaurants, fail within the first three years of opening.  So, it’s no wonder that we have what we have as far as selection.

I so agree with Fred - we need to go back to the nuts and bolts of what ths country was founded on!

I would rather see more Mom & Pop restaurants than chain restaurants with their craptastic food supplied by Sysco.

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