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    Crime down in Loudoun; violent crime up

    A chart comparing crime in 2013 to crime in 2009 and 2011. —Times-Mirror graphic/Kurt Samuel
    Despite slight upticks in violent offenses in 2013, crime in Loudoun held steady from the prior year, while actually decreasing overall in the past five years.

    The annual “Crime in Virginia” report, released June 2 by the Virginia State Police, shows an increase in arrests for murder, going from one arrest in 2012 to three in 2013; aggravated assault, going from 58 to 70; and forcible sex offenses, increasing from nine to 13. Still, Loudoun County Sheriff's Office deputies arrested 6,191 people, consistent with 6,263 arrests in 2012.

    Data for the overall report is compiled by the Virginia State Police through an incident-based reporting system submitted by participating law enforcement agencies.

    In Loudoun, participating agencies are the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office, Middleburg Police, Purcellville Police and Leesburg Police.

    While sexual offenses were up since 2012, they were down compared to 2009 and 2011, three and five year increments, respectively. Aggravated assault was down since 2009, but some a 20.7 percent increase since 2011. Larceny is up from both 2009 and 2011.

    The two most common offenses in Loudoun are driving under the influence and drug-related offenses. While DUIs have dropped by nearly 100 since 2012 and nearly 31 percent since 2009, drug offenses are holding relatively steady, with close to 300 people arrested every year.

    Still, the crime report showed several bright spots, with consistent decreases in both one, three and five- year increments in simple assault, counterfeiting/forgery and vandalism.

    Additionally, 172 fewer juveniles were arrested in 2013 as compared to 2012, and in the last five years, there's been a fairly steady downturn in crimes committed by minors.

    Of all of the town offices, Leesburg, which boasts a significantly larger population at more than 45,000, had the most crimes with 2,256 incidents. Middleburg, with a population of 724, had just 23 incidents.

    Leesburg had a decrease of 156 crimes, including close to 200 fewer simple assaults and 100 fewer larcenies. However, there was a significant increase in drug arrests, going from 328 in 2012 to 503 in 2013.
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    Loudoun lifer,

    Your right, its so bad now even new guys are quitting.  One of our brothers left to go open a gym.  We are sick of it and sick of the way Chapman treats us.  He even treates civilian employees so bad that they’re leaving too.  2015 can’t come soon enough to vote this guy out.

    Everett - If you think 2 deputies in the west at ANY given time is appropriate, you must be a newcomer to Loudoun just like Chapman.  Your Sheriff can’t even navigate main roads in Western Loudoun without a road map.  He has no conception what Western Loudoun needs in terms of law enforcement protection than he does in the east end.  As more light begins to illuminate Chapman’s incompetency’s in the year to come it will get more and more embarrassing for you to carry his water.

    Alcohol arrests down dramatically even as the County continues to grow substantially.  Could it be true that motorists and others are so enlightened now that they no longer abuse alcohol?  Or perhaps with the lack of narcotics enforcement, they’re too busy smoking weed.  I suspect however that deputies are just done with Chapman, done with working without backup, done with the County threatening their sick and annual leave benefits, done with flexing their work schedules….


    If there is actually 2 deputies in the western section of the county there is a reason. Maybe the reason is because that is enough because the lower volume of calls and crime?  The Sheriff has decided that number should suffice and we need to trust his leadership.

    Hey Everett - Think about what you are saying!  You see deputies in the medians looking for speeders most of the time.  YEAH THATS CORRECT! That means that the deputies are not out in the countryside in the west particularly patrolling because they are spread thin and know that a majority of their calls emanate from in around the Rt. 7 corridor so they stay close in to improve response times.  Two deputies in the west from time to time and in the recent past is factual and can be proven from LCSO own documentation.  If you live in the West end don’t fool yourself.

    Yosemite Sam-

    Are you part of LCSO or associated with them ? What basis do you have to say 2 officers patrol western Loudoun at times?

    Most posters comment on how shorthanded the patrol unit is, I am not sure where they come up with this. In my simple observations driving around the cops are EVERWHERE. They hide in medians looking for speeders ALL the time.

    Everett, instead of assuming, you can look up actual incidents online:


    Most folks in Loudoun would be amazed to know how few deputies are actually patrolling the County at any given time.  Due to sick and annual leave, some of which is due to very low morale, and the archaic patrol staffing plan dreamed up by Chapman, it is not uncommon to find three sometimes two deputies working the 300 sq. miles of Western Loudoun County.  Chapman has gutted the Patrol Division both literally and figuratively speaking and stats are down not because crime is down but because deputies are doing little or no proactive police work to detect crime.


    “...only 3 murders in a county of 300,000+ people is pretty good.”

    Would you make this statement if it was your mom, dad, sister, brother, cousin, etc that was murdered ?

    I bet most of this crime is committed in Sterling Park, and the “diverse” section of Leesburg around Plaza Street.

    I would say that only 3 murders in a county of 300,000+ people is pretty good.

    Traffic offenses like DUIs aren’t down, traffic stops over all are down. Less traffic stops in general equals less traffic tickets and summonses and arrests for other offenses like DUI. Giving the impression that DUIs on the road are down is incorrect, just not as many getting stopped. Deputies are over-worked, under-paid, and continue to lack in the staffing necessary. Surprised LTM didn’t notice the drop in the over all stats published last year after the Sheriff’s Office gutted the patrol division and went from 3 overlapping shifts to just 2 shifts. Just means more calls for service, less time for patrol productivity.

    When you are talking low numbers it does not take much to uptick the rate. Yearly variations will happen. I see nothing to panic over, this has not been an uptick in random crime but a slight uptick in domestic violence problems.

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