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Cuccinelli opposes Bi-County Parkway; McAuliffe waivers

When the two major-party candidates for governor stopped by Manassas on Friday morning for a forum hosted by the local Chambers of Commerce to discuss economic issues, it turned out that transportation took center stage.

Regarding the Bi-County Parkway, Democratic nominee Terry McAuliffe said he would like to bring stakeholders together in a room to decide the issue because there is not enough information available about it yet.

He did not take a direct stand on the road that would connect Interstate 66 between Gainesville and Manassas to Dulles International Airport in Loudoun County through western Prince William County.

Saying he's talked to state Sen. Chuck Colgan (D-29th) about the road, McAuliffe said, "I don't think we're at the stage today" to make a decision.

Cuccinelli, however, came out against the current proposal though he did support constructing a north-south alternative to Route 28.

"I believe that a significant connector there must take place," said Cuccinelli.

Moderator Derek McGinty of WUSA 9 News cut off McAuliffe and received applause for asking him, "Don't you owe it to the voters to take an actual position on the Bi-County Parkway?"

Moments later, McAuliffe replied, "That's cute to say but I do not make decisions nor will I make decisions until I have all the facts in front of me."

The criteria he used for supporting the road included whether it eases congestion, encourages economic development and have local support.

Specifically for the Bi-County Parkway, McAuliffe said the conflicting issues including "opening up" Dulles for greater "exports of our products" with concerns about the Manassas National Battlefield Park, land owners and traffic.

While the Bi-County Parkway does have local support, including Board of County Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart (R) and former chairman Sean Connaughton, who is the current Virginia Department of Transportation secretary, its current carnation is opposed by a slew of local elected officials.

Among those representing Prince William County, that includes U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf (R-10th), state Sens. Colgan and Dick Black (R-13th), all western-end state House delegates, and some county supervisors, such as Gainesville District Supervisor Pete Candland (R).

Cuccinelli said the idea of closing Route 234 and U.S. 29 inside the battlefield is "unacceptable."

Regarding the battlefield, he added, "I appreciate the resource we have there but we can not be closing down major arteries."

He then floated the idea of an eastern bypass from Fredericksburg to Baltimore and another alternative for crossing the Rappahannock River.


Loudoun County - You know that McAuliffe and Cuccinelli have basically both lived here the same amount of time right? If one is a carpet bagger so is the other.

Here is what I know, like most of my fellow independents (65% currently) I am voting against the extremist Cuccinelli because the type of destruction he could do in office I fear. McAuliffe will not be regressive at least.

The title of this article is misleading. Cuccinelli did NOT oppose the BCP, in fact just the opposite. The article even quotes him as saying, ““I believe that a significant connector there must take place.” All he opposed was the closing of Rtes 234/29. I have no doubt the developers can influence the CTB and VDOT to either realign the road out of the Battlefield or coerce the NPS to let the road be built anyway. After all, the NoVA CTB representative, Gary Garczynski, IS a developer!! McAuliffe didn’t waffle when he said some of his primary supporters were 3 of the areas largest developers. Either way, it seems to be PWC is screwed.

Route 58 runs along our entire southern border. Not all of it is four lanes.

John Stirrup (then a Republican Prince William supervisor, representing the part of his county just south of Dulles International) and I jointly opposed widening roads that would add more north/south traffic to our districts. But we didn’t do that until after considering the complex traffic patterns in the area, the various options, and the cost/benefit ratios involved.

I’m glad Terry isn’t just taking a position on everything for the sake of sounding like he’s got an answer to every question. Good leadership includes taking the time to study the details. Mr. Cuccinelli is jumping on a locally popular position, but he’s unable to articulate an alternative. What’s that say about how well he’d be able to defend his position when the time came?

I’m confident that Terry will study this kind of question, make sensible choices, and then be able to persuade others with rational arguments. That’s how leadership becomes effective, even if it doesn’t generate a lot of punchy sound-bites.

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