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Cuccinelli remarks on contraception, Obamacare at Ashburn forum

Times-Mirror Photo/Trevor Baratko Ken Cuccinelli, the attorney general of Virginia and Republican candidate for governor, addressed an audience of more than 100 people at Ashby Ponds senior center in Ashburn Tuesday.
Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, the Republican candidate for governor, raised the eyebrows of his opponents Tuesday by saying “government legislation shouldn't address contraception.”

Speaking at Ashby Ponds retirement community in Loudoun County, Cuccinelli said he doesn't “think government should be doing anything about birth control or birth control devices.”

The Republican's comments were seen as deceptive by Virginia Democrats and the campaign of Cuccinelli's prime challenger, Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

A fervent conservative and pro-life advocate, Cuccinelli in 2007 cosponsored House Bill 2797 while serving in the Virginia Senate. The bill, which died in the House of Delegates on a 43-53 vote , would've provided “that 'the right to enjoyment of life' guaranteed by [the Constitution of Virginia] is vested in each born and preborn human being from the moment of fertilization.”

Last year as attorney general, Cuccinelli lobbied for House Bill 1, a similar “personhood” bill that would've provided “that unborn children at every state of development enjoy all the rights, privileges, and immunities available to other persons, citizens ...”

One interest group, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), has stated personhood measures “erode women’s right to privacy and bodily integrity, deny women access to the full spectrum of preventive health care including contraception, and undermine the doctor-patient relationship.”

Cuccinelli was first asked about so-called “personhood legislation” at Ashby Ponds by an elderly resident. The woman asked whether “rumors” in TV ads claiming Cuccinelli would limit access to women's reproductive rights were false.

“I wouldn't call them rumors. I might call them lies,” Cuccinelli told the audience of more than 100 people. “I mean, let's be accurate.”

During a press conference following the sanctioned program, the attorney general reiterated his statements.

"I've never supported legislation that invades people's choices about contraception,” Cuccinelli said. “People can argue what they want about personhood. I'm telling you now and I've said it before: Contraception is not something we're going to regulate. Period.”

The McAuliffe campaign and many on the left decried Cuccinelli's statements as misleading.

"After sponsoring legislation in 2007 that would ban common forms of birth control including the pill, Cuccinelli is intentionally making false statements to hide his beliefs and record," said Josh Schwerin, press secretary for the McAuliffe campaign.

There are conflicting viewpoints, however, over whether personhood laws eventually ban or limit the pill and other forms of contraception. A 2012 story on the nonpartisan PolitiFact.com states "we have not found that [personhood] laws bar the use of contraceptives -- at least, certainly not the most common forms." But "personhood laws could limit some forms of birth control," the story notes.

Also during his speech Tuesday, Cuccinelli voiced his desire to see the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act dismantled. He said the health care law, commonly called Obamacare, attempts to “redefine what it means to be middle-class in America” by dropping the work week from 40 hours to less than 30 hours.

The attorney general was referencing a provision in the law that requires employers by 2015 provide health insurance to employees who work full-time. The current 2015 deadline was recently pushed back from 2014.

“It is the most economically disruptive rule that I have ever seen that I can think of,” Cuccinelli said of Obamacare.

Ashby Ponds will host Republican state Sen. Mark Obenshain, the candidate for attorney general, Wednesday.

This story has been updated from an earlier version.

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BANprincesseswhosharenonsense -
“It’s not prudent to admit you’re a hater in a public forum.”

Tell that to Cuccinelli - The hater:
of Virginians who want affordable healthcare
of scientists who believe in climate change
of women who undergo domestic violence
of medical experts who serve on Board of Health
of SW VA property owners
of rules for political ethics
of anyone who has xes in other manner than he prescribes
of women who desire contraceptive and family planning services
of benefits of public education
of victims of gun violence
of our symbolic state seal
of equality

Nah Banphrionsa Siobhan, I hate all politicians becuase they’re all corrupt. Why do you need to bring religion into a political article??? Perhaps Jesus was wrong about the definition of Hate. By the way, where has it been stated the govt should be in everyone’s bedroom??? Maybe the govt should control who does and doesn’t have kids and how many. That makes more sense the old white men telling women what they can and can’t do…

mephisto:  “Simple, and as simple-minded as that” ... a group of “die-hard partisans…”  Are you kidding me?!?!  Look no further than to include your obvious candidate of choice for govenor as “some idiot” who can “manage to get himself on the ballot,” riding on the corrupt coattails of the well-monied and political machine known as Democrats.  And as far as “...the need for someone to run our private lives,” how do the NSA, IRS, ObamaCare, EPA—all tenants of the Obama administration and McAuliffe’s party—strike you?  It just simply doesn’t comport with your positioin now, does it?  You can’t have it both ways.

Hey, all you McAuliffe acolytes out there, read it and weep .. and published by the Washington Post, no less!!  http://www.redstate.com/2013/07/24/alejandro-mayorkas-anthony-rodham-greentech-terry-mcauliffe-hillary-clinton-eb-5/

“Your” guy is nothing but an elbow-rubbing, fund-raising, opportunistic sycophant, who figures that it’s his time for payback, and is calling in all his chips for the Democrats he’s prostituted himself for, all for his own personal glory and gain.  Gee, what a guy, with none other than Hillary Clinton’s brother as a business partner.  Transparency, anyone?  This man typifies the well-connected and Democrat-funded empty suit that we’ve all come to know; haven’t you had enough of these amateurs and charlatans yet?  Ken Cuccinelli is a seasoned, well-respected voice for common sense, morality and decency in OUR Commonwealth, and is hands-down the better candidate to bring us back to our roots as a civil, law-abiding society with a moral conscience.  No apologies from me, my friends.  What exactly will it take for you to see the glaring differences between these two men?  Choose wisely if you want to continue to be proud of Virginia, and not let it get sucked down into the hell-hole of what’s becoming of our country overall.

@cowbell - “The more I hear about this guy the more I hate.”

You know, Jesus said that if you hate a man, you’re actually guilty of murder.  Would you like to take back that statement, cowbell? It’s not prudent to admit you’re a hater in a public forum.

Ideally I’d choose neither, but I’ll take the sleazy business man any day over the religious fanatic who has spent 4 years proving to everyone that he is the exact opposite of what he said at this event.

Don’t talk like Cuccinelli is some beacon of ethical perfection vs. “scandalous” Terry.  The guy had his hand out to Johnny Williams for trips and perks, all while a case involving Star Scientific and the Commonwealth crept into the court system.  If anything Ken’s graft is more troubling, as he was holding public office at the time. 

Then of course there is the natural gas case where a federal judge felt so disgusted by the display put on by the VA AG’s office in defense of the natural gas company vs. a Virginia resident that she included it in her opinion.  Naturally that gas company was a Cuccinelli donor.  I wonder if they’ve cut their check to his governor campaign yet, or if like other GOP donors, they are even staying away from Kenny and Co.

I’m surprised Ken could respond to this woman with a straight face.  Heck, I’m surprised he takes questions from women.

If you remember the race between Chuck Robb and Oliver North, you know how this one is going to turn out. 

By election day, there will be more than enough Virginians who don’t really want risk putting an ideologue in an important government position. 

SkidRow is the kinda person who said Bob McDonnell was not going to get all crazy conservative on social issues last time too; yet he did with the ultrasound bill and his support of medically unnecessary rules, spoken against by all major doctors association, on women’s clinics that are nothing more than a backdoor abortion ban attempt.

Don’t be fooled again. Cuccinelli’s whole focus as AG has been social issues mostly limiting abortion, forms of contraception, and suppressing gay equality.

The personhood bill would in fact ban most forms of the pill and the day after pill because they prevent a fertilized egg from attaching tot he uterine wall. Under his bill that egg has the rights though it is nothing more than a clump of cells.

Not to mention it would ban all forms of currently legal abortion even is stages before the fetus has formed a brain or other organs.

All based in his personal religious belief; that would make this religious based law. We don’t need the state wasting money on this sort of thing as clearly it will all end up in major court battles.

I will take the risk of minor tax increases (unlikely) and pick the guy talking about roads, metro, and paying teachers a little more.

Also notice the lie about the federal investigation of the green tech firm McAullife is part owner in, he was cleared more than a week ago of any poor dealing. Lets be clear Cucc has is own problem with legal use of political power for money.

Disgusting. And lets castrate rapist, and anyone that has sex with someone other than their wife. And throw in castration to anyone having sex and not married.
Ken, does this mean I can claim about 20 extra dependents every year on my income tax????? The more I hear about this guy the more I hate.

I’m going to write in Charles Manson and feel good only because he can’t screw up VA while in California prison…..

You people need to relax. Everybody is fussing about social issues, as if the Governor has dictatorial powers to implement social change. Least we forget, there is also a General Assembly and Judicial system to keep checks on power.

What we should be concerned about is the DNC putting up a candidate that is a soon to be felon waiting to be hauled into court for his business dealings.

Before you Democrats cast stones, take a look in the mirror.

This from the crazy man who wants to make oral s* x a felony, supports christian clinics that tell married women condomns don’t work and contraceptives cause cancer and if married couples don’t want babies, don’t “do it”.  He wants naked paintings and statues covered up or removed.  He is so hung up on what people do in their bedrooms that there is no way he can govern effectively. He won’t “personally” ban contraceptives, but he supports legislation for “personhood” which would make contraceptives illegal.  Liar, liar, kooky Ken is on fire.

Apparently Ken has changed his mind from 2007….what’s to say he won’t change it back if he gets elected.  Not sure I’m buying what he’s selling. 

There’s no law of nature that says an idiot can’t somehow manage to get himself on the ballot representing a major party for an important office like governor.

There is, we hope, a reservoir of common sense shared amongst Virginia voters such that this odd happenstance won’t go any further. 

I know, there is a group of die-hard partisans who want him as our governor if for no other reason than to say their side won.  SImple and as simple-minded as that.

The rest of us are thinking we need someone to run the state government…and only the state government.  We really don’t feel the need for someone to run our private lives.

Agree.  We’re told the government should stay out of the bedroom…except when it shouldn’t.  So which is it?

The Republican candidate for Attorney General, Mr. Obenshain, also patroned HB 2797 in 2007. See http://leg1.state.va.us/cgi-bin/legp504.exe?071+mbr+HB2797

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