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Cuccinelli to make campaign stop in Loudoun on Monday

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, the Republican gubernatorial nominee, will lead a campaign rally in Sterling Monday, where he'll tout support from several southern-state attorneys general.

Joining Cuccinelli for the 1:30 p.m. event at 21430 Cedar Drive off Route 7 will be Republican attorneys general Pam Bondi or Florida, Luther Strange of Alabama, Sam Olens of Georgia and Patrick Morrisey of West Virginia.

Cuccinelli campaigned this weekend in Lynchburg and Goochland with former Arkansas governor and popular conservative pundit, Mike Huckabee.

-Trevor Baratko


did you read the list of violations? look at june 27th for clinics


oranges869 - Violations of the health have nothing to do with making bogus regulation on such clinics that have not added value in safety they are only meant to back door shut down the clinics. All major doctors groups have spoken out against these regulations calling them not founded any good medicine, science, nor medically necessary. These doctors groups even showed statistics to back up their claims. You are more likely to die from an elective plastic surgery which is done in a clinic also than a complication from an abortion, where is the outrage there?

I will take doctors opinion over a religious zealots any day of the week when it comes to

Spell check, capital E in Erickson and a Mr. in front of it if you talk to me.
Women’s clinics that had violations of the Virginia health code, look it up 80 instances even when the inspection was announced. Thankfully the restaurants we eat at have better rating then these “Health Clinics”.
Cuccinelli-eminent domain—homeless heath care—transportation bill—big pharma—domestic violence—human trafficking—gangs—mental health—usury—veterans affairs—anti-trust enforcement
McAuliffe—Global Crossing—SEC investigationS—Green Tech Visas—bankrupt companies—wood pellets

I don’t always think.
But, when I do, I’m drink a Dos XX’s.
Stay thirsty, my friends !

I guess if you think an Attorney General should be taking $18,000 in gifts from someone and not telling anyone about it, then Ken Cuccinelli is your guy.

when I think of oranges869, I think of erikson

When I think of Cuccinelli I think selling out the AG office to our of state oil companies. I think of attempts to close women’s clinics that have no medical reasoning and no supported by doctors. I think of his office refusing to take up the Openband case for the Southern Walk HOA like it should against MC Dean who is a big support of his campaign.

oranges…really that’s all you can think of when it comes to Cuccinelli?

When I think of Bill Clinton I think perjury.
When I think of Hillary I think of Benghazi.
When I think about McAuliffe I think SEC, Green Tech off shore account, tax returns and terminally ill people.
When I think of Cuccinelli I think Attorney General!

Monday at 1:30…Hmmm….most people are working that time of day.  Maybe he’s busing in his own crowd ?

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