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Decision day: Loudoun School Board may act on Brewer case Monday

Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent Eric Williams has recommended Dominion High School John Brewer be fired, according to School Board member Debbie Rose. Times Mirror File Photo/Alex Erkiletian
The Loudoun County School Board will hold a special meeting Monday at 5:30 p.m, potentially to finalize whether embattled Dominion High School Principal John Brewer will return to his position or be fired after three months on leave.

The agenda for what is expected to be a mostly closed meeting notes: "Discussion or consideration of disciplining and performance of a specific employee, which is authorized by Section 2.2-3711(A)(1), of the Code of Virginia. Consultation with legal counsel employed by the School Board regarding a specific legal matter involving employment and requiring a provision of legal advice, which is authorized."

Brewer vacated his position last December following allegations that a former band director at Dominion made inappropriate and sexually-fueled comments to students during his time at Dominion. The band director, Brian Damron, resigned from his new position in a Florida school system in late 2016 after similar accusations surfaced.

Brewer and another LCPS administrator wrote letters of recommendation for Damron while he was looking to relocate to Florida, raising questions about whether Loudoun officials were "passing the trash" -- a national practice that sees educators with troubling past incidents recommended for positions at new school districts across the country.

Monday's meeting will be held at the Loudoun County Public Schools administration building, 21000 Education Court in Ashburn.

According to Loudoun County School Board member Debbie Rose (Algonkian), LCPS Superintendent Eric Williams has recommended Brewer be terminated from his position. School system officials have largely remained quiet on the situation, providing few details or updates surrounding an investigative review.

Loudoun County Public Schools officials in late January issued a statement regarding the Brewer case.

“The administration of Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) has received additional inquiries regarding Dominion High School Principal Dr. John Brewer," the statement noted. "While it is not our practice to comment on the consideration of a recommendation regarding the dismissal of a particular employee, the following general information can be provided. Grievance Procedures set by the state govern the School Board’s consideration of administrative recommendations for the dismissal of continuing contract teachers, assistant principals and principals. Several weeks to multiple months may elapse between an employee taking leave in connection with an investigation and action by the School Board on a recommendation for dismissal. The time this process requires is not solely dependent on the timing of actions by LCPS, but instead is also significantly affected by the timing of actions of others, including the involved employee and his/her attorney."

The statement continued, "LCPS acknowledges that situations in which an employee is on extended leave may be very difficult for students, parents, and other employees. LCPS recognizes that much of this difficulty, and the emotion that comes with it, is caused by a lack of information available to the public. Even though the involved employee is entitled to request and receive a statement of the reasons for the recommendation, these reasons are not released by LCPS. Also, no information is made available regarding how far along a recommendation is in the process. This contributes to the difficulty for those involved. Thank you for your continued efforts to support Dominion High School during this difficult time.”

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nope, just the ones that wish to serve themselves at the expense of the people….many out there…

Loudoun4trump-do you include all people who work in a public job in your comments.  Do you included police, soldiers, firefighters, etc or do you only hate educators?

One of 2 things need to happen:

1. LCSB gives a FINAL ruling on Brewer, putting the matter to rest for good.

2. Brewer finally distributes the kool-aid to his followers, putting the matter to rest for good.

can’t Brewer find another job?  it takes dynamite to get some folks off the public dole…

Caption for the Eric Williams photo above: That look when the school board reverses your recommendation.

Reinstate Brewer.

We don’t know the exact charges made against Brewer.  And likely never will.  That won’t sit well with many.  The only person who appears free to disclose such charges is Brewer.

The bigger issue is how LCPS handles allegations of teacher misconduct.  LCPS investigators allegedly wrote a report on Damron following the Nov-2014 incident.  Did the report include a recommendation to fire Damron and/or suspend his Virginia’s teachers license?  We know the license still has not been revoked.  Had the license been revoked or Damron formally fired instead of being allowed to resign by LCPS (vote in Jan-2015 by the school board), Damron would almost certainly not have been hired by the Florida district.

So after this whole investigation of Brewer by LCPS and LCSB is completed, who investigates LCPS/LCSB regarding their actions against, or rather the potential lack of action against, Damron?

Make a definitive decision and let’s all move on—this has gone on way too long, too much damage has been done, opposing camps will need to come together, and the community needs to heal. 

End it tonight.

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