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Decision looming on 130-acre development proposed for Purcellville

A proposed 131-acre development has an application before Town Council for an annexation on Rt. 611 in Purcellville.

Known as Warner Brook, the developer is led by Jim Herbert, who is representing Scott, Tina, Paula and Bruce Warner.

The proposed addition would bring indoor and outdoor sports facilities for recreation, mixed commercial town center development, and single family detached residential housing neighboring Wright Farm, Herbert said. It is located north of Hirst Road and Rt. 7, and adjacent to Mayfair and the Valley Industrial Park, which is within town limits.

The current proposal includes 24 acres for industrial use, nine acres for an indoor sportsplex, 22 acres for outdoor sports fields, 11 acres for a mixed commercial town center of 70,000 square feet, and 65 acres for residential use – up to 165 detached units. There will also be 44 acres of open and park space.

At a public meeting to discuss the plans with neighboring communities, there was a “vocal response” from neighbors in Wright Farm who would prefer to have residential space border their neighborhood, instead of sports fields.

Herbert said they listened to these concerns and have since made adjustments to the proposal by adding residential areas to the space adjacent to Wright Farm.

Herbert said the development would also include fast-casual restaurants, which “would deliver a benefit to the town from outside sports traffic and travel team tournaments.”

Robert Charles Lesser & Co. calculated the fiscal impact to the town would be an annual net benefit for commercial use of $586,050. The annual net benefit for residential use is $376,385, Herbert said. Total one-time fees to the town are $10,906,093.

The Warner family has lived in Purcellville since 1830 and are “long-time” supporters of family recreation, Herbert said.

“They want to leave behind something good for Purcellville,” he added.

The application has been formally submitted to the town and is under staff review. Herbert said he is anticipating it will be added to the Town Council agenda for discussion this fall.

Clarification: The Warner Brook application has been submitted to the town, but has not been formally presented to Purcellville Town Council.


Why exactly are we in favor of making Purcellville into Leesburg or Ashburn?  We definitely need some people on the Town Council who actually care about the town and rate of growth.

BobO you make excellent point. Western Loudoun high schools Woodgrove and LoudounValley are at capacity.  With 1,000s of homes coming to Round Hill, Lville and these proposed in Pville, why haven’t BOS/SB taken proactive step to land bank for the 3rd secondary school cluster Western Loudoun will clearly need? Bond funding was approved by voters for land acquisition for MS/HS-10 many years ago, then under everyone’s noses it was reallocated to eastern Loudoun. BobO - have you considered running for SB or BOS? Sure could use your vision!

Its a good starting point, but I think the development could use a few hundred apartments/townhomes and a data center.

I say what’s good for eastern Loudoun is good for the rest of the county too.

The owners are requesting “annexation” which grants new rights and benefits. What in VA property law entitles these people to new uses of their property “by right?”

This just sounds like a pitch for a liberal government subsidy for personal enrichment.  It’s certainly not a display of conservative values.

The “vision” has already been in place for this land for many years.  Let’s maintain it.

Have any of you ever heard of “private property rights”? This family is about as old as they get. Many before them have SOLD OUT to developers - if you live IN Purcellville, where do you think your land came from? a farm, an open space, the very things you want OTHER people to preserve for YOU. Put your moneys where your mouths are, put up a better offer to the Warners. Buy them out and keep your vision of the world right like it is. I’ll wait for the news article about that, mmm’k.

“get out of debt?”  The town should not have to sacrifice precious open space and it’s heritage for the simple purpose of getting out of debt.  It’s a bad trade-off. While debt can be solved in a limited time-frame, the loss of quality of life, loss of open space and the change in the town’s environment is, regrettably…..permanent.

Sounds like an excellent idea & profitable for P’Ville - helping them get out of debt, which will be beneficial to town residents.  I would like to see a added section devoted to affordable senior living.

that sounds great I can’t wait to add more traffic. Also, who doesn’t love how asthetically pleasing industrial developments are? If Purcellville approves this , they will be doing the same think that ruined Leesburg. Build and build until the Town you once loved for it’s small Country charm is one strip mall after the other.

Perhaps “ONLY” after the BOS fulfills the natural and expected land banking exercise for an educational campus for the schools needed by approving such higher density residential developments such an application could even be considered. Don’t wait until schools are packed to begin the search for appropriate land.
Bob O__ Esq.

And after this is approved. This will change to 5-10 times the number of condos/apartments/TH/Single family homes.

Why is Purcellville hellbent on ruining the town it was meant to be? What is wrong with the town being the same as it was when people moved there? This only makes sense for the people who will make the money off this poor development idea. Shame on P’vill…

How about some reasonably priced housing for seniors in our area?

let’s see, one time fees of nearly $11 million dollars?  What are the ongoing expenses after that?  This sounds like the Warners might be trying to hang one on Purcellville…

“Benefits to the Town” does not translate into “benefits for the residents.” 

Purcellville should think long and hard about whether they want the community to be altered in this manner.

I’d like to see another educational institution, post secondary, to elevate our offerings instead of a one-dimensional (sports)focus.

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