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Del. Bob Marshall enters 10th Congressional District race

Conservative firebrand Bob Marshall, a Virginia state delegate representing Prince William County, today joined the crowded field of Republicans seeking the nomination to replace Congressman Frank Wolf.

An anti-tax, outspoken social conservative, Mr. Marshall has a lengthy history of news-making comments in reference to the LGBT community, abortion, rape and disabled children. He's served in the House of Delegates for more than 20 years.

Mr. Marhsall will be contested by state state Del. Barbara Comstock, who many consider the front-runner; Stephen Hollingshead, a former advisor in the Bush administration and former chief operating officer for Americans for Prosperity; Richard Shickle, chairman of the Frederick County Board of Supervisors; Marc Savitt, a mortgage broker and president of the National Association of Independent Housing Professionals; Tareq Salahi, best known for crashing a White House party; Rob Wasinger; Brent Anderson; and Howie Lind, former chairman of the 10th Congressional District Republican Committee who recently vacated this year's U.S. Senate contest.

The GOP will select their candidate for this November's election April 26 through a firehouse primary at several locations throughout the district.

The 10th Congressional District in Virginia, which Mr. Wolf has represented since 1981, spans from McLean west through Loudoun and Prince William counties to the commonwealth's border with West Virginia.

Expected to vie for the Democratic nomination, also to be determined April 26, are Fairfax County Supervisor John Foust, Fairfax attorney Richard Bolger and Leesburg architect Sam Kubba. Democrats will hold a convention rather than a firehouse primary or state-run primary.

-Trevor Baratko


“...a significant majority of Virginians would be unfit for public office, as that amendment passed…”

A significant majority of Virginians didn’t take an oath to defend the constitution of the United States, nor is it their job to craft amendments that satisfy that obligation. Marshall failed on both responsibilities.

A man who put unconstitutional prohibitions on personal liberties into Virginia’s Bill of Rights is unfit to serve in Congress.

If you’re referring to Marshall’s support of traditional marriage, Stevens, then a significant majority of Virginians would be unfit for public office, as that amendment passed fairly easily.

A man who put unconstitutional prohibitions on personal liberties into Virginia’s Bill of Rights is unfit to serve in Congress.

They should just place Marshall on the ballot as “Win for the Democrats”. 

I don’t know why these low turnout winners think they can win a higher profile race in a larger district where the population centers are not where they currently represent.

We look at the votes and the money but we also look at who makes disparaging comments. When we find out the comments are from quitters like Palin then we break out the grain of salt and apply it. We all know the Koch brothers back republicans so your newsflash about Comstock getting funds from them is not exactly a defining revelation. Before you tell us we all know that Bob Marshall has some outrageous stances on some issues but you never wonder what they are.

According to a NY Times article, Sen. Black dropped out because all the Koch money was going to Del. Comstock. So, Del. Marshall must not need much money. Sen. Black and Del. Marshall don’t make much of an effort to hide their extreme positions. Del. Comstock, however, is a bit of a chameleon; she projects moderateness and doesn’t say much so to get an idea of her agenda look closely at her votes and at who gives her money.

Like moths to a flame…an open congressional seat attracts the worst sort of people, doesn’t it?  If these are the sorts that want to work on Capitol Hill, is it any wonder we have a completely dysfunctional Congress?

If Barbara Comstock is indeed at the front of this circus parade there’s at least some poetic justice in that…

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