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    Del. Comstock under fire from liberals for Penny Nance fundraiser

    State Del. Barbara Comstock, the front-running candidate to succeed Congressman Frank Wolf in Virginia's 10th District, attended a fundraiser Saturday night at the Fairfax home of Penny Nance, a controversial leader of a conservative social issues advocacy group.

    Nance, the CEO of Concerned Women for America, is known for her outspoken and fire-raising comments defending the pro-life movement. Nance opposes abortion in the cases of rape, has compared same-sex marriage to “counterfeit money” and likened legal abortions to the Holocaust.

    Virginia Democrats and liberals used the fundraiser to take digs at Comstock, claiming the third-term delegate is outside Virginia's mainstream.

    Anna Scholl, executive director of the liberal advocacy group ProgressVA, said she would have expected Nance to be more in Del. Bob Marshall's corner, referring to Comstock's top challenger, a well-known, hard-right voice in Virginia politics.

    "With Comstock's record of voting for mandatory ultrasounds and personhood, it should be no surprise she's embracing the support of far right-wing extremists who oppose the Violence Against Women Act and compare a legal medical procedure to the Holocaust," Scholl said. "Bob Marshall better watch out. Comstock may profess to be a moderate but it's clear she's completely in line with Marshall and Nance's radical, anti-women's health agenda."

    Earlier this week the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee launched to highlight the similar voting record of Marshall and Comstock.

    Susan Falconer, Comstock's campaign manager, responded to the attacks by saying her candidate is having dozens of events throughout the 10th District "bringing people together and building a strong coalition for victory."

    "Liberal outside groups have constantly attacked Barbara Comstock in every election she has had and she continues to beat them time and again as a common sense conservative," Falconer said. "That is why she is the best Republican candidate in this race. She has stood up to the big spenders and big taxers and prevailed."

    Comstock is being challenged by five Northern Virginia Republicans for the GOP nod, which will be decided through an April 26 firehouse primary. The Republican nominee will face Fairfax County Supervisor John Foust (D) in November's election.

    This story has been updated from an earlier version.

    Contact the writer at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


    Tom Seeman |

    “Wendy Davis, champion of late-term abortion, is basically the poster-child hero of liberal women’s groups and Democrats*”

    Keep on lying. Davis was fighting against regulations on clinics to make them hospital which all major doctors groups in America are against. Late term abortions had nothing to do with the recent Texas debate on women’s rights. But I know facts mean little to the far right religious extremists.

    I see there is a fundraiser for LAWS, a battered women’s group on the 25th of April will she attend, it’s called “Casino for a Cause”? Since I have asked her twice on Facebook and once on the site I feel that maybe she reads this site and we’ll get a answer.

    What about Foust’s fundraising with Nancy Pelosi this past Wednesday in McLean? If the LTM is going to report on Comstock’s supposed “controversial” fundraiser, perhaps there could be some equity when the highly controversial CA House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi comes to town to fundraise for Foust?

    TroyMcClure wrote “Know why this gets written up when a NOW fundraiser doesn’t? Because these positions are so far off the rails for most Americans that it is notable to point out.”

    Liberal women’s groups fought tooth and nail against The Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003.

    Liberal women’s groups fight tooth and nail against provisions to make late-term abortion illegal

    Wendy Davis, champion of late-term abortion, is basically the poster-child hero of liberal women’s groups and Democrats*

    Partial birth abortion and late term abortion is just about infanticide.  There’s plenty of extremism on your side, so take the log out of your eye before complaining about the spec of dust in mine.   

    *or was your poster child until she started changing her position on everything

    Keep lying to yourself guys.  The population centers of the district have gone for McAuliffe, Obama, Kaine, and Warner.  Maybe it used to be a safe GOP seat, but the demo of the district is changing and the GOP keeps nominating social conservative hardliners.

    The losers are the true conservatives, people who resemble Reagan more than any “faces” of the GOP here in VA.  People who lean libertarian and desire fiscal conservatism that doesn’t mean reckless austerity measures that would make any decent economist fearful.  2A supporters who simply don’t care about gay marriage or what a woman does at the doctor.

    Outing CIA agent, not = strength; just snitch who puts US in danger. Barbara (not moderate) & buddies out w/ illegal signs. Groan.

    One would note that the LTM didn’t make a big deal out of some of the extreme groups that supported and funded Jennifer Wexton’s successful bid for the state senate. It wasn’t like it was hard to find, as she promiently featured these endorsements on her website.

    I agree though that with as much of head start as Barbara Comstock has, “guilt by association” is really the only play her opponents have left in their playbook.

    Liberals forget the 10th has been gerrymandered to be a Republican Bastion. They are grasping at straws in their zeal to tarnish Comstock who is pretty much a Moderate Republican. Just like Wolf, whom she’s replacing.

    Know why this gets written up when a NOW fundraiser doesn’t? 

    Because these positions are so far off the rails for most Americans that it is notable to point out. 

    Keep your heads in the sand and tell yourself that the majority of people think forcing a woman to keep a rape pregnancy is generally accepted. 

    If you were to ask the majority of Virginians, particularly Northern Virginians, these positions are absolutely more controversial than anything pushed by NOW or Planned Parenthood.

    I know you can’t possibly wrap your heads around this idea, but I assure you it is true.  It isn’t a “liberal conspiracy”.  It is the majority of people rejecting a fringe element. 

    If the average Virginian agreed with these positions, you’d have Governor Cuccinelli right now instead of a guy no one seemed to actually want to vote for, but were forced to because Cuccinelli was such a bad choice.  You wouldn’t have seen the state go for Obama and Kaine and Warner. 

    And Frank Wolf won because he was never dumb enough to align himself with people like this and fringe positions.  Why the state GOP can’t learn that this is a loser strategy is beyond me. 

    Keeping running these social conservative extremists, especially in Northern VA, and keep tacking up the losses.  We’ll get another lackluster Democrat by default because Virginia has already told the GOP they don’t want these candidates. 

    Frank, I guess with the outing she’s running as the strong national security candidate.  ;)

    we’ll accept Pro-death as soon as you accept “only interested in fetuses prior to birthers”

    I think people who support a womens right no choose are not pro-death (thats ridiculous by the way), but I think they should be called pro-Benghazi.

    If people who think abortion is wrong are considered “pro life, ” would it not be fair to label people who insist that abortion is a god-given right that the governemnt must pay “pro death?”  Just wondering….

    If you want more gridlock in DC, no compromise, and people obsessed with 90’s Clinton Scandals, then vote Comstock.

    If you also think its ok to out a undercover CIA agent, then vote Comstock, bc she was the chief fundraiser for said outer.

    Also, Benghazi!

    When Democrats have to use Conservative Fund Raisers as ammo to defeat a Republican, they know the odds of Democrats winning the 10th are slim to none.  Wolf held a 67% win streak for decades. There is little chance Republicans will lose that margin with Comstock.

    The GOP nominee will be the unofficial new Congressperson until it’s made official in November.

    I just hope the Loudoun Times Mirror writes similar stories when the Democratic nominee holds fundraisers or events at the homes of liberal social activists. 

    For that matter, is the Loudoun Times Mirror going to write an article every time Del Comstock says or does something that the Democrats object to?  And if so, will they do likewise when the Democrat nominee says or does something that we Republicans don’t like?

    Of course Del Comstock is “under fire.”  This is what campaigns are about.  Each side attacks the other. 

    It’s not as if the CWA is any more controversial than any number of liberal groups such as the National Organization for Women, Emily’s List, or Planned Parenthood.  I just hope the LTM treats them likewise. 

    If you mean by agreeing with the group that abortion (a personal decision involving a person’s body) is the same as a government deciding to eliminate a race of people…then yes.

    You can have your opinion that abortion shouldn’t be allowed and not agree with the reasoning of the group. 

    Not saying you, but people who have that stance, often have no problem placing a restriction on a person’s freedom (I.e. forcing someone to carry to term) because it ends a “human life” but find it curiously freedom destroying to place ANY restriction on firearms.

    Compare that to the limits on abortion that have been put in place and the limits/restrictions that are being put in place on abortion and you might begin to see why SOME people may have a problem with the way you think. 

    label away, but PRO-GUN/PRO-CHOICE here… but I still think the logic employed by one side is VERY dishonest.  You can tell someone what to do with their body if there is a tiny potential human inside, but you CAN NOT tell me to restrict my gun. 

    Again, not saying you DO agree with the above completely,, but you may… so there it is.

    According to this article and libs I guess abortion or the murder of an unborn child is not controversial or that Same sex marriage is the norm in society. But for having this opinion I am considered controversial and also a bigot.

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