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Del. Tag Greason: Show me a budget, I’ll show you a razor

Del. Tag Greason (R-32nd), pictured, has embarked on the “No budget, no shave” journey with fellow Republican Del. Greg Habeeb to call attention to the General Assembly’s failure to finalize a two-year state budget during the 2014 regular session. Courtesy photos
Local state Del. Tag Greason (R-32nd) can't be concerned with shaving. He's got a state budget to help craft and pass.

Now a half-month into his “No budget, no shave” resistance alongside state house colleague Greg Habeeb (R), Greason is looking a little grizzly.

The 2014 General Assembly session adjourned March 8 without passage of a budget, leaving open the possibility of a state government shutdown this summer. Virginia Republicans for weeks have condemned Gov. Terry McAuliffe and other pro-Medicaid expansion Democrats for their efforts to tie the health care expansion to the state's two-year spending plan.

"'No Budget, No Shave' stated innocently enough, but it has turned into a much more serious daily and visible reminder that we don't have a [fiscal 2015-2016] budget here in Virginia,” Greason, a House budget conferee, said. “It is a visible reminder for others and sparks a conversation when I get the obvious question, 'what's with the beard?”

McAuliffe has called a special General Assembly session beginning March 24 to finalize the budget.

Greason said convincing the governor “to separate Medicaid expansion from the budget” would essentially guarantee approval of a spending plan from both chambers.

“And it would allow me to shave … which my wife would certainly appreciate," he added.

-Trevor Baratko

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Really headlines for TAG because of facial hair??

How about some headlines from TAG showing leadership that leads to a bipartisan solution rather than digging heels in.

I so proud that they’ve sacrificed so much for their principles.

“I’m sure if a Democrat was doing it, these folks would be cheering you on and holding soapbox rallies in your name.”

Considering who the Democrat was that ran against Mr. Greason, I have to say I’d find a beard on that person to be, uh… disquieting.

Calm down you ninnies.

The Grey beard makes him look old.

Next up, holding his breath until a budget passes. And I’m a Republican.

Tag is an awesome Delegate. I’m sure if a Democrat was doing it, these folks would be cheering you on and holding soapbox rallies in your name.

If the Red Sox can do it, so can you.

Tag, you look terrible.  Shave off that beard!

Greason I voted for you…come on man don’t make me regret my vote.

A truly artisinal goof-ball. 

What is the world coming to when we pay a fellow like this to make laws for us?

Show me a Delegate, not a gimmick.

Show me compromise, not a gimmick

Show us leadership, not a gimmick

Greason does show todays GOP though.  Full of social media rhetoric and gimmicks, light on real ideas. 

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