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Del. Marshall: Seeking Herring impeachment is his duty

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- Republican Del. Bob Marshall says it's his duty to try and pursue impeachment proceedings against Attorney General Mark Herring.

A handful of African-American ministers joined Marshall on Tuesday at a Capitol news conference to denounce Herring's decision to back two same-sex couples challenging state laws. They also criticized Herring's backing of a constitutional provision barring gay marriage in Virginia.

The ministers said Herring had misled them about his views on gay marriage when he was a candidate for office.

A spokesman for Herring called Marshall's news conference a "desperate ploy."

Marshall is the General Assembly's most outspoken social conservative. He wants a House of Delegates committee to investigate whether Herring should be impeached for violating his oath of office. House Republicans leaders have said they do not support Marshall's effort.


FredSanford | Report this comment

Virginia’s law defining marriage is not a violation of the Constitution because the Supreme Court has not declared it a violation.


Maybe you have heard of a term called case law. The SCotUS has ruled on DOMA and refused federal court cases striking down these laws in several states sticking with the lower courts rulings all based on equal protection.

The most outstanding part is states without a law either way are not being sued, those who wrote an and woman laws are being forced to over turn them and provide gay couples with marriages. The haters sped the process up unwittingly. LOL

“Virginia’s law defining marriage is not a violation of the Constitution because the Supreme Court has not declared it a violation.”

No. A violation of the constitution does not happen after the Supreme Court says so. The Supreme Court says so after the violation has happened. Herring saw the violation and acted according to his oath. The Supreme Court will get its chance to decide if he was right, but whether he was right or not is not dependent upon the Supreme Court’s decision. Either he is right today or he is wrong today. The Supreme Court will not make him right or wrong at some future date. It will only tell us if it thinks he was right or wrong on the day he made his decision.

It is, however, refreshing to read a conservative point of view asserting that what is constitutional depends upon a ruling of the Supreme Court. Some conservatives do not believe that the constitutionality of a statute or state constitution is within the jurisdiction of the United States Supreme Court to review.

By the way, my name is Stevens Miller.

What’s yours?

Virginia’s law defining marriage is not a violation of the Constitution because the Supreme Court has not declared it a violation. You and Herring are making an assumption and turning that into justification to violate the actually law on the books. Thus Herring has violated THE LAW and needs to reap the consequences of his actions.

“Whether that amendment violates the US Constitution is only a matter of opinion…”

Some people might say that whether or not censorship of a photograph violates the US Constitution was only a matter of opinion too, since it says “press,” not “camera.”

But they’d be wrong about that.

No doubt huh, yeah look at all those GOP leaders looking to go after Herring, oh wait they are not doing anything because they know he is right and on the right side of history LOL

There can be no doubt that Herring violated his oath of office by refusing to enforce a duly-enacted and ratified amendment to the Virginia state constitution banning SSM.  Whether that amendment violates the US Constitution is only a matter of opinion and the subject of ongoing debate.

Actually Fred the will of the people has changed. All polls show more than 56% of VA folks support gay marriage. I say lets vote again and settle this.

However this is a matter of what is constitutional and gay marriage is winning all its cases based on the 14a now, they have not lost in any state for about 6 years now.

Odd how these “impeach Herring” fellows never spotted any grounds for suggesting Cuccinelli needed to be reeled in…almost makes you think this might be just a partisan thing.

“Herring’s sworn duty is to defend the laws of the Commonwealth.”

The supreme law of the Commonwealth is the constitution of the United States. When that conflicts with any other law, including the constitution of Virginia, his duty is to that supreme law.

AG Herring has kept his oath and followed the law.

Herring’s sworn duty is to defend the laws of the Commonwealth. He does not have a choice to pick and choose what he likes and doesn’t like. He has overruled the will of the people and used the power of his office to impose his own personal beliefs against the will of the people. Herring MUST be impeached for this violation of his Constitutional duty.

Marshall cannot even get backing from his party on this one.

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