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Delgaudio compares former opponent to Hitler, calls York a ‘bully’

Within the past five days, Loudoun County Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio has compared a former opponent to Adolf Hitler and called board Chairman Scott York a “hypocritical bully."

On the July 4 holiday, Delgaudio (R-Sterling) provided email commentary on the previous night's board meeting during which several speakers attacked the Sterling supervisor for his alleged use of county resources for political fundraising.

In the email, Delgaudio says his former opponent, Al Nevarez, “is like Adolph [sic] Hitler in WWII or similar to Saddam Hussein in the Gulf War claiming the Coalition Forces were not fighting for freedom. Extremely twisted.”

Responding Tuesday to Delgaudio's comments, Nevarez said he doesn't want the conversation to be framed around him and Delgaudio.

“I'd prefer to have it that everyone understands how Sterling is being under-served and Loudoun County in general is being dis-served by having someone so corrupt,” Nevarez said.

“That said, it's pretty outrageous to have these comparisons out there,” he added. “… comparing someone to Adolf Hitler is incredibly offensive to those who were victims or families of victims. It's incredibly disrespectful.”

Nevarez was one of seven speakers July 3 who specifically addressed Delgaudio during the board's public comment. Nevarez, who lost to Delgaudio in the 2011 election, called the supervisor a “criminal.”

“You must just not have any shame in your body whatsoever,” Nevarez said to Delgaudio, a recent subject of a special grand jury investigation. “It's embarrassing. We're tired of it … At some point you have to feel it in your body that what you do is wrong. You dis-serve our government. You dis-serve your country. Take that flag [lapel pin] off, you don't deserve to where it. You're a criminal.”

Days later, on July 7, Delgaudio touched on state Del. Tim Hugo's comments about York (R-At Large). Hugo, also a Republican, said York should resign from the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority because of comments York made -- via his legislative aide -- to Leesburg Town Council.

Delgaudio wrote: “York is hypocritical bully who opposes commuter lot for poor people while supporting Metro and giant truck highways for air cargo."

York on Tuesday said he doesn't need to respond to “the clown's comments.”

On the issue of the commuter lot, York said the county has traffic concerns in that area, given the lot is near two residential communities, which is why the opening has been delayed.

Delgaudio's emails, while using a “Sterling District” banner, are not from the Sterling supervisor's Loudoun County email address.

Delgaudio would not comment Tuesday on the "Hitler" email.

This story has been updated from an earlier version.

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Who is apologizing and why? If anyone should be begging our pardon it’s Stevens Miller for wasting our Commonwealth Attorney’s time along with the staff hours that went into the Delgaudio investigation. I mean he had the information, didn’t Stevens to his homework? Along with Liz, Al the Weintraubs and others Delgaudio was made out to be the most heinous person this side of O.J. Stamos kicked him out the door cause he had nothing all that was accomplished was a waste of taxpayer money and another defeat for Miller, he’s the one who should apologize, especially to Eugene at a BoS meeting! Where’s the ethics pledge I am going to need some paper soon.

Ha. It just dawned on me. The only good news Eugene gets these days is when he sees more Internet news articles being posted above his so that the stories on him roll of the front page.

And we all know he watches his press clippings including comments and blogs.

“Hi Eugene. I am looking forward to your next news story”. More meltdown entertainment is sure to be right around the corner.

People like Eugene and Dick Black are almost always a result of low turnout.  A 27% turnout gave Loudoun these guys.  Turnout in the 70’s gave wins to Obama and Kaine.  Clearly these men do not reflect the values of the population as a whole.  It is just the apathy many people show in response to local elections. 

I guess the bar is low for “Delgaudio apologist”, when a post referring to him as a bigot, hate monger, and lacking ethics where I say I hope this is his last term is construed as somehow supporting the guy.

Can’t we yell about York as well as Delgaudio?
We forgive Weiner if he’ll run for President with Holder as his Vice-Presidential pick so we can have a Weiner-Holder Ticket.
The report has enough in it to get some changes made by the BoS and he might be censured but the majority of his constituents find that he does a admirable job as witnessed by his election majorities. I think you need to have a whole bunch more people who enjoy the LGBT lifestyle move to Sterling and cast their votes before Eugene is ever defeated. It’s all about the money as evidenced by the Joe May’s defeat and as long as Eugene votes for smaller government he will retain his Supervisor position maybe even jump up to Chairman of the Board!

Why more screaming about York’s actions than Delgaudio’s?

If you just claim to pray or declare actions as “youthful indiscretions” like Hyde, Craig, Vitter, and Sanford did, all is forgiven? Then why the unwillingness to forgive Clinton, Edwards, and Weiner?  Social issues don’t bother us unless they’re negatively attributed to liberals?  One party should be immune from criticism?

“Would he of (sic) acted different if he was a full time official? We’ll never know.”

Delgaudio’s core “un-principles” would not change whether he works 30 or 40 hours.  No amount of hate can be misconstrued for love.  As far as incompetence and misuse of personnel goes, the report says it all.

Why does the Loudoun Times give a totally evil, ignorant scumbag like Delgaudio the time of day?

The grand jury investigation said that Delgaudio ignored constituent service, focusing on fundraising using county-paid staff.  Delgaudio’s newsletters are always a rant against those who don’t agree with his social positions.  If you live in the sterling district and aren’t anti-gay, you do not have any representation in local government.

Delgaudio apologists like “Laugh” and “Troy” and “Oranges” are to be pitied.  Confronted with an ethically-challenged politician like Eugene Delgaudio, they can’t bring themselves to say he is a disgrace to Loudoun.  Of course, were he a Democrat they’d be in frothy-mouth-bellow mode. 

Let’s just say that it seems like lately we have a number of politicians who may be able to skirt the letter of the law but are ethical disaster zones.  Eugene is clearly one of them, as is our dear Governor.

Are we unable to call for a housecleaning because we worry about what their party affiliation might be?

Anyone else love the irony of anti gay Eugene and his personal hate mongering calling someone else a bully and comparing them to Hitler?

Troy you are correct but I don’t care about his day job. I want him to be a good supervisor his social issues bother not at all. The Millers, Weintraubs, Al and even Barney advocate for tolerance but they are the most intolerant posters around. Would he of acted different if he was a full time official? We’ll never know. For those who are embarrassed by his antics there is skin toughener at the CVS. For Dan I think the clown part fits if he will vote for anyone not named Delgaudio.

Godwin’s Law. Eugene, you lose.

On a more basic point of who is a bully, I wonder (yes I do) why the press seems to have failed to point out that Katie Hammler was the recipient of the e-mail chain that included Mr. Chase’s threats against the Town of Leesburg.  Clearly, Katie Hammler was a part of the discussions to threaten the Town of Leesburg, and yet, Katie Hammler did not put a stop to it, and appears to have been a part of it all.  Clearly, from Ms. Hammler’s stunned expression when she learned she had leaked by mistake the emails containing the threats, she did so unintentionally.  Some mistakes are soooooooooooo much fun, aren’t they.

You know, if Eugene could lose the whole anti-homosexual obsession, I’d probably find him to be one of the better supervisors.  He is 100% right on York.  He was right on Metro.  He is usually the only one pumping the brakes on these developer giveaways that the others can’t vote “Yea” on quickly enough. 

But unfortunately his day job is a professional bigot and hate monger, who plays loose with ethics as a public official, so I hope this term is his last.

Gaudy and Yorky gotta go !  Forget party lines, people.  Oust these two jokers next election !

Well, I guess it was only a matter of time before true corrupt politics hit Loudoun County.  With that being said, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors needs to step-up and clean-up their image.  Right now with Delgaudio performing the actions he’s doing and York responding with equivalent child-like quips, the County is going in the wrong direction.  I grew-up in Loudoun County and have always been proud of this area and the residents, but Delgaudio has really put a bad taste in my mouth.  I wonder how his actions are perceived by prospective businesses, or what else has he gotten away with that we don’t know about?  He’s a joke, a disgrace, and an embarrassment, not only to the county and himself, but to his family.  He just needs to go.  How sad.  I look forward to his replacement.

WoW!  I guess the big bear hug these two guys (York and Buddy of York) gave each other, just a little bit ago, had more meaning than I thought.  I guess each was actually looking to where the knife should go.  This is soooooooooooooo much fun!

“Hitler”? “Clown”? Getcha popcorn ready.

I still say this hit the press way too early to do Delgaudio’s opponent (is it going to be Al again?) much good. It’s going to be a tough and expensive slog to keep this in the mind of my fellow Sterling voters until ‘15. Still, I’ll vote for anyone not named Delgaudio when that time comes.

How pathetic. Told you so, Delgaudio’s meltdown has started and it promises to be epic.

And Delgaudio is the same guy who calls TSA agents child molesters. This clown needs to be kicked off the board. Such an embarrassment to Sterling and Loudoun.

Delgaudio is the pot calling the kettle black. That guy is a sick joke on Loudoun Co.

Delgaudio is staying out of jail on a technicality.  If he wants to make crazy ranting accusations, that’s fine.  We expect it. 

But we also expect him to step up and refund to the county the money that was shown to be misappropriated or misspent during the course of the limited investigation. 

The current BOS should demand nothing less.

I think that Al referring to Eugene as a criminal may make real criminals upset. Is Al a poor loser? I don’t know but he and Stevens can commiserate about it together, they do seem to have the inside track to defeat it’s in their dna.
Al is going to be angry at York for calling him a clown.

“...Nevarez said he doesn’t want the conversation to be framed around he and Delgaudio” should be “...him and Delgaudio.” Where’s the copy editor?

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