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Delgaudio dropping legal action against board colleagues

Loudoun County Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) will not appeal the dismissal of his suit against Loudoun County, Delgaudio announced at a press conference Friday morning.

Delgaudio was pressing legal action against the Board of Supervisors for alleged lack of due process in the case and punishments stemming from allegations he misused public assets.

A special grand jury examining the allegations announced in June it would not indict Delgaudio. But the jury took the unusual step of issuing a report detailing its findings. The report found that Delgaudio likely misused public resources for personal and political gain, but there wasn't an applicable law in Virginia to bring charges against Delgaudio.

As a result of the grand jury report, the Board of Supervisors censured Delgaudio, prohibited him from serving on committees and placed severe restrictions – essentially removing – his Sterling district budget.

When word first broke of the supervisors' plans to reprimand Delgaudio, he initiated the legal action – the action he now plans to withdraw.

Delgaudio's announcement today can be seen as an olive branch from him to his colleagues on the all-Republican board, several of whom have been outspoken with their disappointment in Delgaudio's refusal to move on from the grand jury's findings.

But many other Loudoun County Republicans were outraged at the board's actions. On Monday, members of the Loudoun County Republican Committee passed a resolution 68-34 urging the Board of Supervisors to return funding to Delgaudio’s office and initiate a board committee to investigate the allegations against Delgaudio, allowing him the opportunity to defend himself against accusations he misused county funds and resources.

Delgaudio said today's statements were “baby steps” in restoring his full abilities as a supervisor.

“I made this decision after the Loudoun County Republican Committee adopted a resolution supporting me last Monday night and after consultation with Senator Dick Black,” Delgaudio said.

“In recent weeks it became clear the lawsuit was a distraction to doing the public's business and mobilizing the Republican Party,” he added. “I accept the board's censure and the loss of my committee assignments. I apologize to the public and the board for the embarrassment this incident has caused. There is a lot of fence mending I must do with my colleagues.”

Delgaudio said he plans to eventually ask the board to revisit its decision to remove his district's budget and staff aides. In the interim, the Sterling supervisor will be asking for specific funding requests in his district, including for materials to promote October's Sterlingfest.

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loving loudoun….the folks in Sterling still have a rep on the BOS…that would be the at-large member.  If Sterling doesn’t like the fact they have no dedicated rep now, they should vote for such a marginal representative.  Someone in Sterling needs to step up and give Sterling some true representation instead of having the rep constantly considered a joke.

Here’s the problem in a nut shell.  Loving Loudoun says that “Eugene did the right thing” and I would guess, is therefore NOT TO BE CRITIZIED.  WHAT!  He did the right thing????????  You have got to be kidding.  If this is doing the right thing, the whole world has spun in a totally different direction.  Let’s be a bit honest.  Supervisor Delgaudio did not do the right thing.  He did bad things.  And for the “moral” republican committee to support him, and point fingers at everyone else, is the real problem.

That’s settled
Re-elect Eugene!

Don’t be fooled, Sterling. This guy should be up on felony charges. He escaped only because of an ill-considered provision exempting part-time employees and officials from a law making Delgaudio’s actions a felony if committed by a full-time employee.

He’s a crook, a liar, and an SOB who called his county aide a f-ing bitch and told her she was stupid, too stupid to go to meetings with aides of other supervisors. His real motivation was to keep her working full-time raising funds for him, instead of doing the job the county was paying her to do, helping the residents of Sterling.

Laugh, forgive me but you’re making no sense.

Eugene did the right thing. Let’s hope the board does too and restores his staff so that he can serve the citizens of Sterling.  They deserve the same representation that everyone else has.

Delgaudio is a joke…we all know that.  Of course, he plays out his clown act at taxpayer expense which should upset the “no new taxes” crowd but for some reason they accept his antics.

This taxpayer is getting quite tired of theatrical acts like Supervisor Delgaudio.  How about this:  You take a government job and a government paycheck…do some work to improve things for taxpayers.  If you want to use the job to just advance your own agenda, well, do it on your own dime.

I think the real story here, is that the Republican Committee of Loudoun County proved to be too radical, out-of-it, and just plain too weird, for even Supervisor Delgaudio.  When you have a situation that your “friends” step up to help you, and you run far away from them, and join the gang that did not like you, your “friends” obviously went too far.

Good words Supervisor Delgaudio. In time your budget will be restored.

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