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Delgaudio given $6,000 for Sterling district newsletter

The Board of Supervisors on Wednesday awarded Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio, right, $6,000 for one newsletter for the remainder of the current fiscal year, which runs through July 2014. Times-Mirror File Photo/Beverly Denny.
Loudoun's Board of Supervisors on Wednesday granted Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) about one-third of what he was seeking in funding for three district newsletters.

Delgaudio asked his colleagues for more than $17,000 for three newsletters to “promote fire safety, Sterling Fest on October 12 and Columbus Day parade," among other items.

The board instead awarded Delgaudio $6,000 for one newsletter for the remainder of the current fiscal year, which runs through July 2014. That action was initiated on a substitute motion from Supervisor Ken Reid (R-Leesburg) with an amendment from Supervisor Ralph Buona (R-Ashburn). Reid's proposal passed on a 6-1-2 vote, with Buona opposing and Chairman Scott York (R-At Large) and Janet Clarke (R-Blue Ridge) abstaining.

Delgaudio's request for promotional and informational materials came at the first meeting following a strict reprimand from his colleagues on the all-Republican board. In July, supervisors voted 6-3 to move all of Delgaudio's district funds into a corporate board account. That was in addition to an official censure of Delgaudio and the removal of his staff aides as a result of findings by a special grand jury investigating Delgaudio for abusing public office.

Clarke said she abstained because she didn't believe the board "should be involved" in the issue with Delgaudio. She highlighted the fact she opposed some of the initial punishments for the Sterling supervisor in July.

York could not immediately be reached for comment Thursday morning.

Delgaudio's initial recommendation included in Wednesday's board packet called for more than $3,700 of public funds to go to the communications firm of Donald Ferguson for graphic design work. Ferguson is a staunchly conservative former staff aide to Delgaudio.

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Waste of taxpayer money.

So rather than admit that you people keep electing a guy who is a catalyst for controversy through hate and propaganda, you instead blame the people who raise issue with his behavior and instead,  play the victim, through quotes such as “Right now they are severely punishing the residents of Sterling by denying us the same fully-staffed services afforded every other district.”  You elected the guy; you gotta live with him.

Fedupdude, I understand why the grand jury felt they could not indict. My point is that Supervisor Delgaudio neither had the opportunity to present his case, nor face his accusor. That’s not the way the grand jury is set up.

Unless the Board of Supervisors wants to conduct an investigation of their own, and I’m not sure they want to subject themselves to all that entails, they should reconsider the sanctions. Right now they are severely punishing the residents of Sterling by denying us the same fully-staffed services afforded every other district.

As I’ve written before, I find it telling that the loudest anti-Delgaudio voices live far from Sterling and have root issues dealing with the supervisor’s social views, which have nothing to do with day-to-day Sterling life.

Chris N. He got out of a criminal charge on a technicality, avoiding jail and having to step down, that does not mean the board was not within their rights to punish him.

Did he create the one with the pool of rainbow blood in the doorway?

“First the sentence, then the trial.”
The Queen Of Hearts

It appears that the Board of Supervisors has been reading too much Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland.

They voted some pretty severe sanctions on Supervisor Delguadio, despite the fact that not a single charge warrented an indictment, or that Delguadio has yet to present his case or face his accusor(s).

My gut tells me that these supervisors would be better off accepting Delgaudio’s apology, restoring his budget and staff, and deferring to the voters’ better (or worse) judgement in the next local election.

This is a glass house where a stone fight would get pretty ugly pretty fast.

Did Ferguson create the ad for which Delgaudio is being sued?

York was not available for comment?  He was at the meeting last night.  Why didn’t this dumb reporter ask him then?

Tax money going to degaudio cronies.  Wonderful.  Just wonderful.

A pity. I was looking forward to a year without the newsletter with its loaded wording, polls, and petitions. I’d rather have my share of the $6,000 back. I’d be better off with the fraction of a penny.

$3700? I do that kind of work for a living and that is a massive rip off. Crony capitalism kick back is what that is.

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