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    Video: ‘I’m thankful this long process is now over,’ Delgaudio says

    Loudoun County Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) on June 24 held a press conference to address findings released earlier in the day by the special grand jury investigating claims he abused public office.

    Stamos said she would not seek indictments against Delgaudio.

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    Oranges is right.  Another political sideshow by rivals to defeat Delgaudio.  The Sterling Democrats will try anything…and they just proved it.

    I agree with a lot of what Al said. The fact that the jury found insufficient evidence to support an indictment is a far cry from not doing anything wrong. It appears, in my laymans reading of the report, that they did not bring charges due to a narrowly defined statute.

    According to this, he’s certainly not a model employer. I’m also unclear how they could say that there was “no evidence” of the $5000 donation. They jury had the returned check and presented it to the witness. The witness had to change his testimony or else face perjury charges, according to the report.

    In any case, let’s all take recommendation 6 to heart. It’s my hope that every Sterling voter (of which I am one) gets a copy of the report and watches the video above and make up their own mind. And, most importantly, show up to vote!

    Al is good at one thing and that is complaining. He complained when he got defeated at the polls by a resounding margin. Now that Eugene has been vetted by the Commonwealth attorney and the FBI, you guessed it Al complains. Smear the winner even though he has been found not wanting by Stamos Al. Loopholes to you laws for the rest of us. What we hate is the never ending spending by the politicians. Go ahead try your feeble recall effort with the other losers. Then you can whine about that failed effort!

    The people of Sterling will hold him accountable. Just to be clear, this report did not say that he did nothing wrong. It stated that they were not allowed to deliberate whether or not to indict Delgaudio, and that he will likely escape prosecution on technicalities.

    The report did, however, spell out quite explicitly what he did wrong:

    “Witness testimony revealed that an individual volunteered to help Delgaudio in 2010 or 2011
    compile a list of campaign contributors from publicly available information utilizing the Virginia Public Access Project website (vpap.org). The individual who created the list testified that the list, referred to within Supervisor Delgaudio’s office as the Igor list, was intended to identify potential campaign donors.”

    “One of De|gaudio’s aides, Donna Mateer, testified that Delgaudio instructed her to call
    people on the Igor list with a prepared script and schedule what he called Loudoun
    appointments or Loudoun County meetings, presumably to discuss concerns about the future of
    Loudoun County. Frequently, those that were contacted lived outside the Sterling District and
    even outside of Loudoun County. According to testimony, Delgaudio told Mateer she would get
    five percent of any large donations he received as a result ofthe meetings or calls.‘She was also
    promised a bonus for expanding the list or collecting additional donors”

    “After the start of 2012, Mateer was told to dedicate more time to the lgor list and draft letters in addition to making calls. Testimony indicated that she was unsure of the purpose of the list, but several other witnesses testified that they believed the Igor list was used to reduce Delgaudio’s campaign debt.”

    “Multiple witnesses testified that there was behavior within Supervisor De|gaudio’s Loudoun
    county office, particularly between Fali 2011 and Spring 2012, that resulted in a hostile work
    environment. These incidents included acts of verbal abuse that on multiple occasions brought
    his aides to tears and led to the departure of several employees. “

    “The witnesses who had been contacted from the Igor list testified that they met with Supervisor
    Delgaudio after receiving a call from his office to set up the meeting. One witness said that
    during their meeting, Delgaudio provided a pamphlet of his campaign and supervisor activities
    and discussed both county and more controversial issues unrelated to Loudoun County. Toward
    the end ofthe meeting Supervisor Delgaudio turned to the back of the pamphlet where there
    was an envelope and card soliciting money to “Retire Delgaudio Campaign Debt” and said that
    no amount is too small. Another such witness testified that after meeting with Delgaudio this
    individual believed the only purpose for the meeting was for Supervisor Delgaudio to solicit a
    campaign contribution.”

    So despite the fact that the Grand Jury documents, quite clearly, everything that Eugene Delgaudio did wrong, he refuses to accept any responsibility, and blames the residents of Sterling who have pushed for accountability for his problems. The man learned nothing from this, and Sterling will be a lot better off when we remove this corrupt public official from office.

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