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Delgaudio: ‘Liberals blow themselves up’ with ‘fantastic lies’

Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling), in the moments Wednesday leading up to a vote on whether the county should hire an independent investigator to examine allegations brought against him, gave a speech denigrating the media and “liberals.”

Delgaudio is alleged to have misused county personnel and resources for political gain. The full board – Delgaudio included – voted unanimously to proceed with an investigation from an outside group at a cost not to exceed $15,000. Additionally, the board voted to have the county’s finance committee review the policies relating to the county aides of the supervisors.

Below is a snippet transcript from his comments Wednesday:

“I’m glad we have supervisor elections every four years, isn’t it great? You know, every four years we decide that election; and The Washington Post promptly forgets about it, and cancels that election.

What an honor to be a substitute for Sarah Palin and Chick-fil-A in the media. The suicide bombers of the political left pull their own rings on their detonation devices as they advance on me, and Sterling, and all honest-to-God conservatives.

Liberals blow themselves up as they approach me with their fantastic lies about what I do, and what all normal God-fearing Americans do, and I’ll explain that.

The liberals destroy themselves with misrepresentations, mistruth, libel, slander, exaggeration and outright falsehoods, and victimize many innocent victims. This form of propaganda madness does no one any good. And they have failed and they will fail – four times with me.

In my style, I often give you a hyperbole alert. OK, here it is, hyperbole alert: Around here in Washington, all you have to say is quote, ‘The Washington Post reports.’ Quote, unquote.

The Washington Post has printed attacks on me for years; when I first came here in 1982, and probably a dozen times since I’ve been elected as supervisor.

They oppose me and all Christians for taking a stand in support of the Boy Scouts traditional marriage and, yes, even eating chicken at the restaurant of your choice.

There’s nothing new in this latest slander against me, which the Post is simply repeating, and that other organizations are simply repeating. And some well-meaning liberals have come forward to do the same thing.

This is more than an attack on my simple methods at finding support for youth sports leagues, more than an attack on noncontroversial and straightforward record of winning four elections in Sterling.

In the case of the small sports youth league, it’s an attack on the accomplishments and dreams and character building of 10,000 young people who have come through the youth football system in the past 40 years, or the 10,000 that will come in the next 40 years.

There’s a spot lamp on what I do, and how I do it. That’s great. Thank you, Chairman York, thank you, colleagues.

I welcome the spot lamp on the county policy and on me, and how I conducted myself with the county policy. I hope it does come to light that some of the requests that I’ve made and some of the guidance I’ve received can now come to light in the public eye; that I’ve been following that advice. That advice has been given to me, and I appreciate it, and I’ve taken it to heart. And I’ve ask for it as early as 2007.

What makes the liberals really mad ...

[Chairman Scott York interrupts Delgaudio, informing him that his allotted time has concluded. The chairman grants Delgaudio a short time to finish his remarks.]

… the fact that I have fought them and their liberal friends for 30 years unceasingly and apologetically.

The elitist liberals demand my minority majority—the fact that my district is filled with minorities by 55 percent— they demand that they stop voting and demand a dictatorship like an occupying hoard to be installed and imposed on Sterling as punishment. I represent a neighborhood with 60 percent minority while helping a community to survive.

But the fact that I largely ignore the Washington Post is the most annoying thing to them. And that Loudoun itself ignores the Washington Post, too. The work of raising families and keeping the peace so that families can be raised – that is the mission of this Sterling supervisor, and of every supervisor, yesterday, today and tomorrow. That is a lesson bigger than all of us.

That is what The Washington Post and the liberals in the media are attacking. People in Sterling, Loudoun and Washington ignore the Post. That’s why the Post and the liberals in the media are ignored and irrelevant.

Helping Sterling like their life depended on it, like America depended on it, like Western civilization depended on it, like all humankind depends upon it – that’s what I learned from the many men and women who devote their lives to youth sports leagues, like the Lower Loudoun Football League and so many others. Many families have full-time parents, but let’s take a minute here, understand that these sports leagues for every sport require an army of full-time family members pouring 40 to 80 hours each week to make the entire youth sports operation function.

My last sentence – for 30 years, I stand as a bright marker to the rest of the county and the country right here at your doorstep. For four terms, and God willing more terms, I stand as a small David against the foul-smelling, decaying corpse of the Washington Post. I trust the good people of Sterling to know the truth by simply talking to me. I won’t let misguided liberals come between me and the people. Thank you.”


Wow… who knew that simply going out and doing my civic duty makes me a “lunatic,” according to TroyMcClure.  I don’t live in Eugene’s district, but apparently enough residents there like the way he does his job because they keep voting him into office.  How about instead of calling good citizens who vote “lunatics,” why don’t you call residents who don’t vote “apathetic losers”?

Let us use the 25k investatigation money on the other wrong doers that Dennis Martire said there was on the MWAA board. York and his smoke screen of Delguadio while he spends 25k here and increases tolls $1.75 by 2015. This is the Chairman of spending not counting the Babe Ruth series.

Instead of Giveitaway Kaine maybe Eugene could bless us and run for Senator!

Why isn’t there any outrage at York for being willing to waste 25k on a investagation? If we cannot trust our counties attornies then why do they have their jobs. Think about it people there are many times that the shinning light of the BOS has been Eugene! Seems like whinnytribe and the boys are at their best when they are trying to smear a elected offical who has beaten all of his opponents. .

allegations. Some of those posting here should look it up. As well as a healthy dose of the law in America. We are presumed innocent until proven guilty…..not the other way around.

Is there any proof that he broke a law. We know we can’t trust John Roberts otherwise York would have him and his unworthy staff run the investagation. I guess Roberts is our suituation attorney not to be trusted in this instance. Don’t spend 25k looking at eugene when there is nothing you can do about the findings.

Notice how when Eugene goes “I welcome the spot lamp on the county policy and on me…” Scott York cuts him off?  Delgaudio, from the planet he lives on, was sending a signal to the other Supes…throw me under the bus and I know some stuff…

Oh, how I look forward to the day the perp walk empties the County building.  GOP government you can believe in :)

No Gramacat, it is called lazy voters and people who don’t care.  Yeah, plenty of folks are fired up this week about this story.  How many will be in two weeks?  10%? 

Look at the voter turnout numbers for BoS elections.  I think it was somewhere in the 30s last time.  So 30-something percent of the county’s voters decided to get off their duff last election and vote.  Eugene likes to point to Sterling’s minority population (so many, it went from 55 to 60% in two sentences), but I’d love to see the breakdown of Delgaudio voters.  I’d bet money that the 30-something percent of registered voters who showed up in Sterling last election were not exactly the most diverse group.

A lot of elections these days are won due to apathy.  That is why the GOP has gone so far right.  The lunatics vote.  The lunatics donate money.  The moderates might not bother, and certainly won’t open up the checkbook.  So they get a lunatic candidate for the lunatic voters, and the moderates stay home.  The Democrats around here are so impotent, I’m amazed when they win any seat.  This latest challenger to Frank Wolf is just another “you have to be kidding me” moment from the Dems.  How many times do you have to lose before you start learning some lessons?

As a former resident of Sterling/Loudoun County, now living in No Illinois, I can tell you Nut Jobs like Eugene are EVERYwhere ! The thing is to rid the Political System of such leeches DON’T VOTE FOR THEM !! Tell me how else he got to stay in Office for 4 terms ?? Can you say “Voter Irregularities??” Maybe The FBI will stumble upon something REALLY serious !!

Careful with that axe, Eugene

Even more pathetic than DelGuadio are his financial backers, a bunch of well heeled, control freak,  bigots who would be more at home in a theocracy like Iran. What a bunch of fake Americans defying the constitution at every turn.

Eugene Delgaudio is an incompetent, paranoid, idiot. Yeah all the “liberals” at the FBI are why there is a FEDERAL INVESTIGATION being conducted. I’m sure that’s the answer. How about the fact that the investigation was started by Delgaudio’s own former employee. What a joke. It’s going to be nice to watch him burn.

blah blah blah
blah blah blah
blah blah blah

Of course for every far right wing nut job, there is an equivalent left wing nut job too. we need more Independent minded people in politics.

“I won’t let misguided liberals come between me and the people. Thank you.” 

Wow.  After reading his diatribe I think I’d appreciate anyone willing to place themselves between Mr Delgaudio and myself, regardless of political ideology.  Distance from this nutbag seems to be a good idea.

Please keep talking Eugene; you won your last reelection by a slim margin please talk yourself out of a job.

He sounds pretty guilty. Seriously.

And classy of the LTM to reprint this word for word.

Looks like they have re-printing press releases as news, to reprinting speeches.

Paging Dr. Demento…

They’re coming to take me away, ha-haaa!!
They’re coming to take me away, ho-ho, hee-hee, ha-haaa
To the funny farm. Where life is beautiful all the time and I’ll be
happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats and they’re
coming to take me away, ha-haaa!!!!!

I can just imagine Eugene read the unibomber’s manifesto before crafting his contribution to the literature of the self-hating deranged.

Eugene is the best Supervisor.

Oh, come on. “That’s just Eugene.” It’s just more of those “distracting antics,” as the LTM described in their endorsement of him for Supervisor.

Delgaudio is clearly starting to unravel.  Today’s diatribe has to be one of the most disturbing soliloquies he has ever given in his 12 year tenure.  Delgaudio urgently needs to seek mental healthcare, before he completely loses it and takes the Board of Supervisors down with him.

Yes yes….it’s the media. 

OR…perhaps it’s a speech riddled with phrases sure to shine a national “spot lamp” on Eugene. 

Quote most likely to hit the AP wire:
“The suicide bombers of the political left pull their own rings on their detonation devices as they advance on me, and Sterling, and all honest-to-God conservatives.”

Thanks for turning our county supervisors meeting into a tool to raise funds for your personal initiatives and agenda Eugene.

What a complete lunatic, a horrendous example of Loudoun County to the rest of the world.

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