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Delgaudio: Paul Ryan is the ‘homosexual lobby’s Trojan Horse’

Facebook/Hon. Eugene Delgaudio
Congressman and former Mitt Romney running-mate Paul Ryan is a Republican Party favorite and the preferred House Speaker choice for millions in the GOP. But one prominent local conservative is not impressed: Loudoun County Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling).

Delgaudio, the founder and president of the conservative political advocacy group Public Advocate of the United States, is calling Ryan the “homosexual lobby's Trojan Horse for Speaker.”

Delgaudio is circulating an online petition to oppose a Ryan run for House Speaker. The Loudoun supervisor says Ryan supports “the Gay Bill of Special Rights,” which he claims “tramples the Constitutional Rights of Americans who oppose the radical Homosexual Agenda, while granting ‘protected class’ status to sexual deviants ...”

Speaking to the Times-Mirror, Delgaudio explained his view that the “gay bill of special rights” is the proposed federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act, legislation supporters say is aimed at eliminating workplace-discrimination toward the LGBTQ community. ENDA has been introduced in 10 Congresses dating back to the mid-1990s. A version passed the Senate in 2013 and then sat idle in a House committee.

Ryan supported a 2007 rendition of ENDA, and the Wisconsin legislator has signaled support for the bill’s intent in the years since.

“Congressman Paul Ryan betrayed Traditional Values by co-sponsoring and voting for the Gay Bill of Special Rights,” Delgaudio’s petition states.

A Ryan spokesman told The Hill in 2013, “Congressman Ryan does not believe someone should be fired because of their sexual orientation. That said, any legislation to address this concern should be narrowly crafted to guard against unintended consequence.”

Delgaudio said his own opposition to ENDA is twofold: first, he wants to “protect religious liberties and traditional marriage”; and, second, he believes the ENDA harm the economy thorough federal regulations.

Delgaudio says he has a preferred candidate for Speaker but would not name who he or she is.

On Monday night, the top headline of the Public Advocate website proclaimed: “We did it: Speaker Boehner To Leave As Speaker!”

U.S. Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.-10th), who represents Loudoun County, supports Ryan for the speakership.



Fact, Delgaudio lives in Sterling, look it up Bob.
Bob can get into a argument in a empty room.
Question, does Eugene have relatives living in a house in Fairfax, Bob ask him via e-mail Eugene.Delgaudio@loudoun.gov.

Chris N.,
With respect to Delgaudio’s regard for his constituents, I was at a candidate forum several years ago at which some Sterling residents asked to have street lighting improved in order to reduce crime.  Delgaudio’s response was to recommend his constituents wear day-glow orange clothes similar to his well-known campaign hat!

Fact: When Eugene was a member of the Fairfax County Republican Committee by definition he lived in Fairfax with his family
Fact: Eugene claims to live in Sterling, Loudoun
Question: Is there ANY evidence that the home Eugene lived in Fairfax with his family was sold or that his family moved out of it?
Draw your own conclusions then vote for Koran who in my opinion actually lives in and cares for the Sterling community. Unlike his counterpart Koran will vote for the school system and support a budget above zero!
R. Ohneiser Esq.
Candidate for Loudoun Commonwealth Attorney

There’s no such thing as bad publicity.

Reference my earlier comment, that would be the Daily Beast.com

The local joke has made it into the national news:

“What’s the definition of insanity?”

Making up stories about secret powerhouse publishers and midnight attacks in order to con money out of needlessly frightened people is pretty far out there.

“One stormy night I drove to a mailshop hidden deep in a nearly deserted stand of warehouses. I’d heard something was up and wanted to see for myself.
As I rounded the final turn my eyes nearly popped. Tractor-trailers pulled up to loading docks, cars and vans everywhere and long-haired, earring-pierced men scurrying around running forklifts, inserters and huge printing presses.
Trembling with worry I went inside. It was worse than I ever imagined.
Row after row of boxes bulging with pro-homosexual petitions lined the walls, stacked to the ceiling.
My mind reeled as I realized hundreds, maybe thousands, more boxes were already loaded on the tractor-trailers. And still more petitions were flying off the press.
Suddenly a dark-haired man screeched, “Delgaudio what are you doing here?” Dozens of men began moving toward me. I’d been recognized.
As I retreated to my car, the man chortled, “This time Delgaudio we can’t lose.”
Driving away, my eyes filled with tears as I realized he might be right. This time the Radical Homosexuals could win.”

Del-god-io for speaker!

I didn’t know Del-god-?io had a bro. Is he running for office.

You would think, after many, many, many failed attempts to oust Delgaudio, that Loudoun Democrats would finally wake up to the reality that the people in Sterling—the only ones whose vote actually counts here—just don’t care about Public Advocate or Delgaudio’s stance on gays.

What’s the definition of insanity?

del-gawdy-oh’s bro = arrest record

Del-god-io is the spelling you are looking for, foolish one!
Johnny Cash sings I Walk the Line
Koran sings He’s in the Jailhouse now, what line?
Screening the candidate would have weeded Koran out. He may of turned his life around but there are repercussions for illegal behaviors. We don’t need criminals dealing with multi billion dollar budgets ever!

Delgaudio promotes traditional marriage?  No he doesn’t, he contributes to and exploits hate. 

C’mon Sterling.  Help give Mr. Delgaudio more time to devote to the crusade that so many of his supporters believe in.  I’d like to know he had to make a living doing that instead of mooching off the taxpayer in ways large and small.


Delgaudio has been under investigation by a grand jury for running a fund-raising operation for his private organization in county offices using a county-paid aide. He escaped indictment only because of an outrageous exemption in the law that makes misuse of public assets a felony. To shield the General Assembly from this law the law exempts part-time officials and employees of the state. What is a felony if a full-time worker does it is LEGAL if a part-time official does THE EXACT SAME THING.

The county’s board of supervisors censured Delgaudio, took control of his office funds, and took away all his voting rights in committees. Everyone on that board is a member of Delgaudio’s political party.

Delgaudio escaped removal from office because the requirements for removal from office are so stringent that no one has ever used this process to remove someone from office and succeeded in the state’s entire history.

He is a bigot in so many ways you don’t enough fingers on your hand to count them.


Ha, Dickenson is wrong, finally. Eugene 60% the other guy 40%.

Now wait just a minute. According to Koran Saines, these social issues aren’t of interest to the voters at the local level. He told me so, and he is running on what he wants to do for Loudoun County. But obviously, these issues are important to Democrat voters, especially as it concerns Eugene Delgaudio.

If I might ask…what sexual “sins” is or has Delgaudio been involved in? Anyone know?

It makes sense that Comstock would support a part time speaker as she herself is short shifting the public. Mediocre is as mediocre does.

His day job does affect his job as supervisor as he was syphoning off resources paid for by our tax dollars to support his political fundraising. The structure of his day job is that he benefits personally from a perpetual fundraising machine and it works best when he uses the dias and his supervisor title to spout controversial things that get published broadly in the news. He recycles that news to con donors into funding his anti-gay agi-prop. So essentially Sterling taxpayers are providing free advertising and staff to help Delgaudio’s anti-gay money-making scheme. In addition county-paid staff were told to ignore constituent services to concentrate on his fundraising.

Delgaudio wins on Nov 3: 58-42.

Aah the old slippery slope argument. Let’s just stop using government to dictates to religious organizations what unions they can bless or sanctify. The best way for government to recognize all sorts of households without getting all perrvy and wondering what goes on in the bedrooms is to convert marriage laws to recognize households via tax forms instead of marriage via religious ceremony. If a group of people file a joint tax return then they are a household. When they stop filing jointly the household is dissolved. The IRS could throw up a website to allow verification of someone’s claim to be a member of a particular household.  Everyone within a household has the same rights we currently give families. Households might be elderly parents and a child and grandchild. Or it could be 5 adults sharing an apartment for a few years.

Wow. The Dems were livid that the LTM covered Koran’s arrests just months before the election. And now this comes out just two weeks prior. (It’s not an entirley fair comparison, as what Koran did was illegal, while this is merely unpopular in some circles.)

Yes, we get it. Delguadio has a day job that promotes traditional marriage and all it entails. It’s not one of my top-10 issues, but to each his own.

What I didn’t see in the article was anything relating to how this affects his work on the Board of Supervisors. I’m not sure it does, as I recall only one vote in the last 16 years that had anything to do with homosexuality. Can we expect in-depth explorations of the other candidates’ day jobs, or is Delguadio just special?

While stories like this one might sway some single-issue voters. I’m basing my vote on the issues that actually affect Loudoun County—taxes, spending, record of community and contituent services, etc.

because Delgaudio believes that a male have sexual relations with another male and a female having sexual relations with another female is wrong it doesn’t make him a hater or deviant. Actually, please explain Mephisto and Satchmo what is right about it. If you want to use the argument that all it is 2 consenting adults just want to live the life they choose and be happy then I challenge you to what is the difference between 2 males having a consenting relationship and a male and 2 females having a consenting relationship or a Polygamist marriage on the basis that they just want to live their life as they choose and be happy with each other.

I’d rather have a horse then an outright bigot.

Let’s take the criticism and direct it where it needs to be directed.  We have a November election coming up, and perhaps it is time to send a message to the dysfunctional republicans, that the voters of Loudoun County have had enough, and will only vote for either democrats or independents this year.

Delgaudio is the deviant!  What a hate mongering buffoon.

Can’t speak to what sort of horse Ryan might be but I have no doubt about which end of that animal Delgaudio resembles

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