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Delgaudio to request county reimburse his legal fees

Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio filed a motion Friday to have the county reimburse his legal fees from the recent effort by hundreds of Sterling residents to have the Sterling supervisor removed from office.

The decision whether to grant Delgaudio (R) approximately $35,000 in county funds is expected to be taken up Friday by Judge Paul Sheridan.

Delgaudio's attorney Charlie King, in a prepared statement, said: "I've been asked: Why can't the petitioners, not the taxpayers, be ordered to pay Supervisor Delgaudio's legal fees? The answer is the Virginia Code grants immunity to the signers of a removal petition from being ordered to pay fees. By statute, the body in which the official serves must pay any fees ordered."

Judge Sheridan last month dismissed the recall effort from the Sterling citizens, who claimed Delgaudio has abused public office, misused public assets and negatively impacted the function of county government.

Delgaudio and his attorney are also requesting testimony from last year's Special Grand Jury investigation, which examined whether Delgaudio misused public assets, remain sealed.

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-Trevor Baratko


Delgaudio wins!

LOL, say what? I can’t hear you, speak up like you got a pair!

Does anyone know the website that has the picture of Eugene holding the newspaper “Dewey Defeats Truman” in his left hand and the “Remove Delgaudio” in his right?

Can’t Westboro Baptist Church just increase the required tithe and kick some money Eugene’s way?  They are on the same team right? 

I fail to see why it is the taxpayer’s problem that a bunch of his constituents rallied enough support to initiate a recall.

oranges869 - You are a comedian, he was not found innocent its just the laws in VA are so loose they could not charge him with his wrong doing.

I think he should have a bake sale to get his dough back.

Delgaudio has some ill-gotten campaign money courtesy of a county employee that did his fundraising on the taxpayer dime. Since he didn’t return the campaign funds or reimburse the county taxpayer for hours billed to his constituent account I think it fair to call it a wash and send everyone home to start work on the next election. Of course continuing to raise the issue will keep it from fading from voters minds which doesn’t help Republicans but it does help Delgaudio scam people into making donations to his anti-gay PA group by claiming persecution for his views.

Why is the county being tossed into this? I see no connection between a group of citizens who exercised their right to recall and Delgaudio who at best slipped away on statutory limitations.

Mr. King needs to show why the county caused this recall effort and why tax payers are liable for the fees.

If anyone deserves to be reimbursed it’s this wrongly persecuted man. Eugene deserves better and Flannery and Miller should be barred from representing anyone in Loudoun County because of the ineptitude they have constantly put on display! At least print a list of the people who signed the petition so we can all laugh at them for buying the Recall Bridge to nowhere that Flannery and Miller sold them at our expense!

LOL yeah not going to happen.

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