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Incumbents Minchew, Greason ousted in rough night for Republicans

Wendy Gooditis (D) was elected in Virginia’s 10th District, and David Reid (D) will represent the 32nd District. 
Loudoun County Republicans were dealt a major blow Tuesday night, with their party's nominee for governor falling short and three GOP incumbents losing their local House of Delegates seats.

Democrat Ralph Northam won the gubernatorial race over Ed Gillespie, and Democrats Wendy Gooditis and David Reid won the 10th and 32nd District races, respectively.

Gooditis, a Clarke County progressive, stunned three-term incumbent Randy Minchew, a well-known Loudoun County land use attorney in the Leesburg- and western Loudoun-based district.

The contest between Reid and incumbent Tag Greason in the moderate 32nd District, which covers Lansdowne and parts of Ashburn, was expected to be close, but Reid won handily, claiming more than 57 percent of the vote with nearly 96 percent of precincts reporting.

Similarly, the 87th House of Delegates District covering Sterling, South Riding and parts of Prince William County was expected to be one of the tightest race in the state. Democrat John Bell won the 87th with 62 percent to newcomer Subba Kolla's 38 with 93 percent of the precincts reporting.

In the 67th District, which falls mostly in Fairfax County and straddles Loudoun, incumbent GOP Del. Jim LeMunyon was ousted by Democrat Karrie Delaney. With 71 percent of the precincts reporting, Delaney held 59 percent of the vote to LeMunyon's 41 percent.

Across Virginia, Democrats picked up 15 seats in the House of Delegates, leaving Republicans with a mere 51-49 advantage, according to the Virginia Public Access Project.

Republican Loudoun County Supervisor Ron Meyer summed it up on Twitter: "I have so many thoughts, but I better not. Northern VA is a new political frontier."

David Wasserman, a political analyst for the Cook Political Report, tweeted, "This is a tidal wave. It’s hard to look at tonight’s results and to conclude anything other than that Democrats are the current favorite for control of the U.S. House in 2018."

Wasserman also noted, "Hard to see how #VA10 Rep. Barbara Comstock (R) has a path to reelection in '18 unless the political enviro improves considerably for GOP."


Rick Deckard, you have got to be kidding me! Are you seriously blaming identity politics on Trump?  Sorry, Rick, but that ship set sail on the SS Obama. You think people are tired of Trump? Believe me, people are absolutely sick of whining liberals. All this crying about Trump and I ask you, how has your life changed since he took office? Have you lost any rights?  All Trump has done is proven that we don’t need career politicians who only want to use their office to get rich and gain influence. This is precisely why the GOP and Dems are attacking Trump- they are terrified that they will lose their piece of the pie.

..........“Just very happy Trump is President for 3 more years…”............

Really? Virginia is too blue?  I feel sad for folks who just can’t seem to cope with societal change. Life must be pretty painful for you, what with the rise of education, social consciousness, environmentalism and health care for everyone.  These obviously hold nothing for you.

I hope you self-insure, don’t take social security and pay for your children’s/grandchildren’s education with no public funds nor use of public facilities.  Oh, also don’t use public recreational facilities or get a vaccination or use healthcare that was developed with publicly funded research. All of that “stuff” is, yes…blue.

Reading some of the comments about Mr. Minchew and Mr. Greason falling victim to “Trump backlash” is curious.  If these two delegates were legislating to the issues that voters indicated were most important to them, why would they not be re-elected?  Voters were most concerned about health care expansion and common sense gun laws.  Neither of these two candidates delivered on either of those concerns - in fact at least one of them has an “A+” rating from the NRA and they voted against the health care expansion.  How does that comport with the concerns of their constituents?  It doesn’t and people have finally decided that just because someone is a “good guy” doesn’t mean you elect them to vote against the things most important to you.

Just very happy Trump is President for 3 more years…VA has gone blue…too many government employees in the state these days, spells trouble for trying to drain the swamp in VA…

Problem with Tag was he was in office for so long and did so little. Spent more time campaigning, which is what most of these career politicians do.

So glad that Tag Greason is gone.  He was accused by a young female Army specialist of exposing himself in a humvee and it was totally disregarded by the brass.  Tag was never held accountable.  I bet he tries to run for the Chair of the BoS next time around….voters dont forget!

Hey DLJD, do you not see the irony of your not too surprising Republican complaint (OMG, my candidate lost, the sky is falling)?  It was the Republicans, in bed with developers, who allowed run away development, which allowed (gasp) Democrats to move to Loudoun and vote.

And as far as the “non-GDP producing” Federal Government workers go, they actually pay taxes here in Loudoun, manage large military programs that protect your 1st Amendment right to complain about them, and manage many other programs that allow you to enjoy your standard of living.  Lastly, as a Federal employee and a parent of three Loudoun county students, I fill out an Impact Aid Program form every year, which is the basis of federal funds for local school districts.  How much does your employer contribute to our schools?

Reading these hilarious rationalizations by those who’ve bought into Trump’s identity politics of grievance and racial resentments is so much fun.  I can’t wait till next year when it’s a national story not just a regional one.


Great night! Finally sanity has stepped in to right this listing ship!!! Proud to among the deplorables!! Together we rule!!

And to CryinginLeesburg..blame the high taxes on the GOP backed NVBIA and other developers who have raped LoCo over the years. They keep building more and more houses under the guise of “all growth is good growth!” They are pushing us to keep building more and more schools, adding police and fire…place blame where it is due…at the building goons….and best thing about last night? Comstock will be toast next!! Go Big Blue..go!!

Neither my husband nor I work for the feds. I fully expect that we will have to move from Virginia in the not too distant future, as taxes will go through the roof. What will the federal gov’t. people do when members of the middle/upper middle class leave?

My parents were just up here, as they were considering buying a house. Not now. I very much doubt Gooditis will be very good. A top priority: she wants clean air. Personally, I want dirty air. Actually, I think she’s full of hot air.

Odd, no mention of Dave LaRock winning…. BTW, a mere advantage, as noted in the House of Delegates, is still an advantage, and I would rather be leading than trailing as in the White House too….

These two didn’t embrace Trump and got beat. I knew Tag’s days were numbered when he barely beat kooky miller…trump won 5 congressional seats, this is the first loss and because the GOP candidates did not embrace the Trumpster….get use to losing GOP, your failed healthcare repeal, immigration fumbling, and clueless McCain is going to hurt you big time next year…

Exit polling showed the top issues for voters in VA were “healthcare” and “gun safety,” with 55% of the people polled showed those as their top concerns.  “Immigration” and “tax cuts” only polled about 18%, combined, as top priorities for the electorate.  What did the Republicans campaign on?

A true reflection of Trump but also a true reflection of people voting for a party NOT the person that will best serve them locally.  It appears that we will someday simply have one category vote Republican or vote Democrat.  The party can then fill the position after the fact since few people appear to be actually voting for candidates.

Virginia is now a blue state, no doubt due to the influx of non-GDP producing federal government workers in Northern Virginia. Hang on to your wallets!

This is the same pattern that happened under Obama. I expect it to continue until Trump resigns, is impeached or voted out in 2020.

Wnedy and David love Loudoun and the Commonwealth as well.

What’s love got to do with a referendum on party and leadership?

“You are known by the company you keep…..”

If there is one silver lining to this election, it was Greason’s ouster.

Before I highlighted it on social media, Greason was advertising “come meet an appropriations committee delegate” for a $2500 contribution to his campaign fund right before the start of the legislative session.  Given that these funds don’t have to be used just on campaigning, this is de facto bribery.

And hopefully the dumbing down of Virginia education will at least slow.  Greason hated all objective standards.  He fought to end all SOL tests replacing them with “everybody is doing a great job” portfolio assessments.  He fought the use of any analytics which can be used to identify great teachers in poor neighborhoods or ineffective teachers in rich neighborhoods like Loudoun.  Greason did more damage to the state’s educational system than any legislator in at least 50 years.

Don’t let the door hit your crooked tail on the way out.

Trump’s doing a great job rallying the base…the Democratic base.

We should now think about giving Northern Virginia their own flag, the Sickle and Hammer. Northern Socialist Virginia, Or the Northern Virginia Socialist Republic

Folks were sick of Randy’s back room whispers to BOS members and legislative PR to benefit his developer clients.  That kind of dirty work can only go on so long before “we the people” put a stop to it.

Agree on Randy. Trump backlash…

So very sad to see Randy Minchew go.  He has been an outstanding delegate who loves his job, Loudoun, and the Commonwealth.

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