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Democrat announces 33rd House District campaign

Tia Walbridge
Democrat Tia Walbridge hopes to challenge incumbent state Del. Dave LaRock in the House of Delegates 33rd District.

Walbridge, a Round Hill resident, small business owner and farmer, announced plans to seek her party's nomination Monday night.

The Republican-leaning 33rd District covers western Loudoun County and portions of Frederick and Clarke counties. LaRock won his 2015 contest by 23 percent of the vote.

Walbridge said she has been “inspired to action in political and public life seeing partisan issues being forced into local Virginia politics.”

The Democrat listed strengthening public education, supporting the rural economy and equality for everyone as key issues on which she'll focus.

“I believe that all people are created equal and should be free to pursue their version of happiness and achieve an American dream that is uniquely their own,” Walbridge said in a statement. “Your version of the American dream may be a beautiful home in the heart of Purcellville. Or perhaps it is teaching your children at home and living a life close to the earth. Whatever your piece of the American tapestry looks like, I will fight passionately to support it, I will work tirelessly to improve our laws, regulations, and codes to help you and your businesses.”


Finally, someone who will speak for me.

“equality for everyone”...oy…whenever we hear this it always means “special privileges for some”.

Cannon fodder.

Sounds like another tax and spend liberal. When will they realize money does not grow on trees?

wow. partisanship runs rampant. vote the party not the person? get a grip Fred Sanford and company.

When did FDR say that?

team tia - great facebook page

Another sheep for the slaughter. Don’t these Democrats read the gerrymander signs? “Republican-leaning 33rd District” means, you can’t win. Save your money Tia Walbridge. Move to Fairfax if you want to win an election as a Democrat.

Good luck.  We need someone in Richmond who will look after our interests. Dave LaRock seems to think the job consists of sitting in his office, cashing the checks he is supposed to use for constituent service and then pushing various, divisive hot-buttons and hoping that stirs up his base.

As FDR once said, “Boy, We Need A Change.”

And give another seat to the Democrats?  No thanks.

Another sacrificial lamb ala Mary Daniel, Liz Stevens, Jill McCabe. You would think they would find middle of the road candidates instead of the far left talking point supporters every election.

She should consider changing parties because she sounds more like a Libertarian (leave people alone) than a Democrat (use government to force social issues on everyone).

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