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Democrat announces bid to unseat Delgaudio … in 2015?

Three years before the next Loudoun County Board of Supervisors election, a Sterling resident has announced his candidacy to challenge his district’s three-term incumbent and embattled supervisor Eugene Delgaudio.

Tony Barney, a Democrat active in the left’s Loudoun and 10th Congressional District committees, hopes to unseat Delgaudio, he says, because the Sterling District won’t “reach it’s full potential with Eugene Delgaudio, a supervisor who publicly has disrespected and trashed the very district he was elected to represent.”

Delgaudio is currently being investigated by a special prosecutor, Arlington Commonwealth’s Attorney Theo Stamos, for allegations that he misused county resources for political fundraising.

In addition to his role with the county, Delgaudio is founder and president of Public Advocate of the United States, which has been designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an anti-gay hate group.

Delgaudio critics have called for his dismissal from the Board of Supervisors. They remain hopeful the investigation into his fundraising will lead to a removal or special election.

Barney, an engineer by trade, stated in his letter: “Delgaudio has used Sterling as a pawn for his own personal and political agendas. As the executive director of a hate group, his real day job, Delgaudio has repeatedly and publicly misrepresented Sterling as a ‘cesspool,’ overrun with illegal immigrant criminals and predatory homosexuals.”


PeteyWheat - Open Bands deal is strictly between Van Metre and Open Band, the county had no hand in that deal.

Ya Monk, and then you flipped back again to being a huge apologist for Delgaudio in 2011. What is it with kool-aid drinking republicans who can’t seem to stick to any conviction.

The paperwork arrived from Jack Roberts to Theo Stamos today. Now we’ll get this issue resolved! You may not always like what Stamos does but she’s a CA who does a excellent job.

Maybe Donna mateer will run against Eugene i’d vote for her.

The paperwork that CA Stamos is supposed to be reviewing is still sitting in Plowman’s or Roberts office because for some strange reason the police have not delivered it to the CA. If they will not do it hire a courier. This case should be drawing to a close instead she has only seen the 8 page report? C’mon man! Collusion, inept or just stupid e-mail CA Stamos at tstamos@vacao.com and ask what in the world is causing this unnecessary delay?!

An honest question Mr. Barney. If you served on the LC Cable, what role or not, did you play in Open Band’s reprehensible deal?

I still have to see any PROOF of the left’s allegations ....but they’re too busy marching forward as if he’s guilty.
Someone needs to remind these toads that in America, we’re innocent until proven guilty.

And I am part of an effort that tried to unseat Delguadio in 2007….it’s easier said than done.

2 parties both full of it equals a poor choice for supervisor. Instead of democrat, republican or independent how about a non-partisan affilated Board of Supervisors.

I am a moderate-democrat if the Loudoun Times Mirror must label me.  I have never heard of any group called “left’s Loudoun,” but this is from the paper that endorsed Mr. Delgaudio.  I have been an active member of The LCDC since 1998 and The 10th CDDC/DPVA since 2000.  I have been active in the Sterling Park community since 1994, as well as a member of The Sterling Foundation, Inc and SterlingFest since 2005.  Last, I served 12 years on the LC Cable and OVS Commission (the last 6 years as it’s Chairman).

Delgaudio has plenty of political support to ward off any leftist challenger.

Yep that’s him

“Tony Barney, a Democrat active in the left’s Loudoun and 10th Congressional District committees…”

Is this the same individual:


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