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Democrat announces campaign for Virginia’s 32nd House District seat

David Reid is seeking the Democratic nomination for Virginia's 32nd House District. Courtesy Photo

An Ashburn Democrat today announced his candidacy to challenge incumbent Republican Del. Tag Greason for the Virginia House of Delegates 32nd District seat.

David Reid, a Navy veteran and businessman, is seeking to represent the district that includes Ashburn, Lansdowne, Broadlands and other slices of eastern Loudoun County.

 “I’ve spent a great deal of time over the past year talking with people in the community about their concerns and frustrations with the ‘business as usual’ politics in Richmond.” Reid, who has lived in Loudoun since 2000, said in a prepared statement. “The people of Loudoun County are very ‘results oriented’and my experience in the Navy, in the community, and in business will provide them with innovative, bipartisan solutions to address the issues of transportation, education, college affordability, and public safety.”

Greason was first elected to the General Assembly's lower chamber in 2009. He most recently won re-election in 2015 by defeating Elizabeth Miller by 6 percent of the vote.

Democrat Hillary Clinton defeated Republican Donald Trump by 20 percent of vote in the 32nd District in last November's presidential election, according to the Virginia Public Access Project.

All of the Virginia House of Delegates seats will be on the ballot this November.


will provide them with innovative, bipartisan solutions to address the issues of transportation, education, college affordability, and public safety.”
Isn’t this what every unelected want-to-be spouts? Sounds like more of the same Loudoun4Trump.

Orange, first, principals and administrators are evaluated based on pass rates. While an SOL retake has no consequence for the child, it artificially inflated the pass rates since the new score counted only if it was higher than the original.

Second, it is not just giving the kids a second chance. The kids who fail the original test are coerced to take 2-week after-school prep sessions to cram for the retake. If the original test was low pressure, the second is not. What’s more, kids know it is only to boost the pass rate. If they barely pass the first time, they are not offered these prep sessions. LCPS only offers the cram session to temporarily boost scores.

Lastly, Tag claims the SOL is actually harmful to kids. He wants to end them all. So even if you believe Tag is correct to end the SOL, it is indisputable that Tag will allow students to be “harmed” simply to boost the pass rates of adults.

Any way you look at it, Tag is a hypocrite and a fraud.

Over 6% seems a goodly number for Tag. Did someone really bring up the bogus non-charges? How does allowing a kid to retake SOL benefit adults? Who writes this stuff anyway?

Did the Democrats finally wake up to the fact that their previous nominee was a nutter?

Fred, Tag barely beat Miller…if this guy is not a kook, he should be able to beat Tag easily…

You liberals are dreaming if you think Reid is going win the 32nd. The 32nd isn’t where a lot of new homes have been built since 2015 and Tag won with plenty of extra votes. It is unlikely Tag’s supporters will jump to Reid or that new supporters for Reid will materialize. At the same time, Reid is unknown and the hill he has to climb is very large.

2015: 53% to 46% (Tag Wins)
2013: 51% to 48% (Tag Wins)
2011: 95% to 4% (Tag Wins)
2009: 57% to 42% (Tag Wins)

As you can see, Democrats haven’t cracked 50% since 2007 when Poisson won. Since then, District lines have been redrawn to favor Republicans in the 32nd.

Tag is always weaving and bobbing and doing zip for us.  I recall all the double talk regarding his Army problems and the sexual assault situation in the first election.  I wish local news would press for the truth about that. I believe the young soldier had to sit in the humvee with him for hours.  Where there is smoke there is fire, just ask that other supervisors is no longer in office for the same

Good!  TAG needs a healthy dose of competition based on his great interest in American Legislative Exchange Council) ALEC and their canned legislations.  I’d like to see if TAG has disavowed this organization and if he has also pushed to make sure no taxpayer funding goes to this partisan group.  At the least, the paid legislation from ALEC is a sign of lazy legislating.

Has my vote—done with incumbents and the same old politicians like marshall….why do they stay around so long?

If we can do anything to break the gridlock in Richmond and introduce delegates who care more about delivering good government and less about exploiting hot-button issues, we’ll be well served.

It will be interesting to see if the hypocrite Greason can pull a rabbit out of the hat yet again.

Greason is known for pushing to end all SOL testing.  Yet, Greason ushered in a law that allows school districts to coerce kids who fail the SOL to retake that SOL just days later not to benefit the kids, but solely for the benefit of the adults.  Greason has called the SOL kids “harmful” to kids yet he passed a law that made students most in fear of the SOL retake it!  Greason is, by definition, a hypocrite.  He couldn’t care less what’s in the best interest of the kids.  Just like others in other school system, he only cares about the interests of the adults.

Oh, and Greason hosts $2500/person fundraisers to take full advantage of Virginia’s lax ethics laws.  I wonder if Greason is using that cash he raised to host luxurious meals for himself and his supporters at 5-star restaurants… hmmmm.

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