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Democratic sheriff candidate tees off on Loudoun police association

Democratic Sheriff candidate Brian Allman. Courtesy Photo/John Flannery
In a letter littered with exclamation marks, bold fonts and mild profanity, Democratic candidate for sheriff Brian Allman declined to accept or answer an endorsement questionnaire from a Loudoun police association.

In the letter, Allman says if elected, he will not reappoint at least 45 deputies within the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office.

“I will NOT re-appoint, at last count, 45 deputies, which includes YOU!,” Allman wrote to Sean Dikeman, president of the Loudoun County Chapter Virginia Police Benevolent Association. “I expect that list will grow too. Deputies with Class 1, 2, 4 or 4 criminal convictions should have never been hired in the first place and certainly will not be reappointed by me if I am elected in November. Citizens can rest assure that when a Loudoun County deputy responds to their call for service, that deputy is not a convicted felon!”

Dikeman, in a prepared statement, said in previous years candidates have “respectfully declined” the association's invitation to attend an endorsement screening or “simply did not attend.”

“Allman showed a severe lack of professionalism for someone seeking such a powerful position. This should be of great concern to the citizens and voters of Loudoun County. For such a powerful position, the requirements of the candidates are not very strict. The only requirement is to be a citizen, and for someone seeking this position, Mr. Allman does not have a grasp of the duties required Ultimately, the professional manner in which we presented ourselves was not reciprocated by Mr. Allman,” Dikeman said. “If Mr. Allman gets elected, he will eliminate officers’ positions with no appeal process. We’re talking about job security. It’s not just the officers, but also their spouses, parents, sons and daughters who will be affected.”

Allman's response to the association is the latest of political turmoil surrounding the sheriff's race.

Last week, news surfaced that incumbent Republican Sheriff Mike Chapman is being investigated by the Alexandria Commonwealth's Attorney for allegedly illegally obtaining his primary opponents' emails and failing to disclose the true source of his campaign donations.

Chapman denies the allegations, saying the complaint filed by former sheriff Steve Simpson, who is running for the office as an independent, and Ron Speakman, a 2011 Republican primary opponent, is politically-motivated.

In the last two months, it was revealed that two Loudoun County deputies were arrested for soliciting prostitution and assault. Both men were fired from the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office following their arrests.

In the four-page letter, sent to the association on Aug. 27, Allman attacks several members of Chapman's administration, saying he will immediately promote minorities and females to his executive staff and eliminate the “good old 'white men's club.'

However, he praised Chapman's former Republican primary opponent, Eric Noble, a retired major who recently took a job as police chief in Haymarket, and Ricky Frye, the past commander of the adult detention center, saying he will convince them to accept the colonel and lieutenant colonel positions.

The attack on Dikeman came, it appears, after Allman said he saw a picture of the president on the Internet posing with two other deputies who were wearing green “re-elect Chapman” shirts. The deputies, he said, were posing with Chapman.

“Is that you?” he asks the president in the letter.

Allman also takes a dig at police unions, saying he is against them in law enforcement.

“I will never lobby for rights similar to the Virginia Police Officer's Bill of Rights for deputies. I assure you that I will terminate deputies during my term as Sheriff if the need arises, with no appeal, which is within my constitutional powers and recently affirmed by the Supreme Court of Virginia,” Allman wrote.

In closing the letter, Allman attached a photo of Loudoun deputies parked in an office complex in Ashburn “talking and laughing and wasting taxpayer's dollars.”

“Since they don't want to serve and protect the citizens of Loudoun County, they can all get jobs at Wal-Mart or at 7-11. Because all six of them will not be re-appointed by me when I am elected sheriff in November,” Allman wrote below the photo.

After his seven-point plan to realign the sheriff''s office, Allman ask one thing of Dikeman.

“ Post Script; Make damn sure you tell the newspapers that I rejected being considered for your association's endorsement. I am against unions in law enforcement.”


This is a tough one for me. My first choice would be to bring back Steve Simpson. But my greatest fear is that taking a vote away from Chapman might open the door for this ________ to slip by. (I deliberately left a blank because of Allman’s litigeous nature. I don’t think you can be sued for merely thinking of a word.)

It will be interesting to see whether or not the Dems include Allman on their sample ballot.

It is sad to see this outrageous letter. He could have made a much better case with a more thoughtful letter. How will he manage the deputies if, he cannot even write a cogent letter. As a Democrat , I am not happy with this candidate. I may just leave the Sheriff box unchecked.

As a resident, I am sorry I am not more familiar with the internal operations or politics in the LCSO. However, I am very familiar with law enforcement and it’s management/administration. This person couldn’t or shouldn’t be elected to manage any position anywhere, let alone a law enforcement agency! It is obvious he would exacerbate whatever problems that are presently in the Department . Isn’t Law Enforcement under enough unwarranted scrutiny now?

I certainly wouldn’t want a Sheriff with an anger issue.

As much as I am hoping that Chapman would not have gotten reelected, Allmand is such a nut job, I don’t think Chapman has much to worry about.  So now I have to root for the Special Prosecutor to deliver us form ignorance.  How bad are thing in Loudoun County.

WOW!  I will choose to go with the theory that sometimes you say more when you say nothing at all.

Doesn’t believe in unions.  Doesn’t want an appeals process. Doesn’t believe in 2nd chances.  Wants to be judge and jury against at least 45 deputies.  He does not sound very Democratic.  If that’s democratic, I’d hate to see the Republican ! lol.

This person won the Democratic slot on the ballot by default. No one else applied. The Loudoun County Democratic Committee refused to admit him to its membership.

I am curious how he expects to conduct the business of law enforcement with the removal of 45 deputies. There are approximately 20 on injury leave and 40 plus unfilled positions right now.

There is no way Frye or Noble would be part of this mess and with outbursts like this, you won’t get anyone to put in for the 45 vacant positions that will be immediately created. 

This guy is Trump without the charm.  What a friggin’ loose cannon.

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