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Democrats counter Obamacare attacks with GillespieCare.com

Given the Republican attacks against U.S. Sen. Mark Warner (D) for his support of Obamacare are unlikely to fade, Democrats in Virginia threw a counter-punch today with the launch of GillespieCare.com, a website highlighting a seemingly shifting position of Warner's senatorial challenger, the GOP's Ed Gillespie.

For months Republicans and the Gillespie campaign have hammered Warner for his support of the Affordable Care Act, pointing out one unnerving news report after another on the problems of the president's signature health care law.

"Mark Warner made the job-killing regulations and choice-limiting mandates at the heart of Obamacare possible, and now he's desperate to cover his tracks,” Gillespie, a former Republican National Committee chairman and lobbyist, said in an email earlier this month. “With his latest unilateral maneuver, President Obama hopes voters will re-elect Senate Democrats before we can find out how bad their bill actually is."

With today's rollout of GillespieCare.com, Democrats are calling those attacks hypocritical.

“While Ed Gillespie was making millions as a Washington lobbyist, he had no problem advocating for an individual mandate," said Ashley Bauman, a spokeswoman for the Democratic Party of Virginia. "However, now that he's running for Senate, he's singing a completely different tune. Virginia voters should call him out for his appalling hypocrisy.”

According to Bauman, Democrats will use a multi-platform Internet advertising campaign to direct Virginians to the "Gillespiecare" website.

Paul Logan, a spokesman for the Gillespie campaign, denies his candidate ever supported an individual mandate, saying Gillespie "consistently opposed the mandates in Obamacare and forcefully argued against them" as a lobbyist.

"While Mark Warner is running as far as he can from his vote for Obamacare and his vote against removing the job-killing medical device tax, his friends at the Democratic Party of Virginia want to helpfully bring it up as an issue in this race," Logan said.

Polling featured at RealClearPolitics.com shows Warner with a comfortable double-digit advantage eight months before Election Day.

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Anyone claiming its a job killer is a liar or a fool. The CBO has firmly disproved such claims

Did anyone read Gillespie.com A slick mailer via the internet, at least they didn’t waste paper on these distortions. Take a sentence and nuke it but make sure the slant is beneficial to one’s party. Obamacare is a bad joke and the people need leaders who would of read the bill before voting for it. We tried Warner, time to move onward and improve our choice with Ed.

Vote these people out. That is our only chance to repeal this horrible law. They all need to go. Nobody can believe the numbers that get spewed out weekly related to ACA. 6 or 7 million signed up doesnt seem like a success to me or maybe those reporting the numbers are victims of our education system and cant perform simple math.

Both repbulicans and Democrats are bad for US taxpayers. Term limits. They only care about themselves and getting re-elected. To Warner, cut back on H1Bs or raise the fee for corporations sponsorships to $100K. It’s cheap labor.

How about AMERICANs counter Obamacare by voting out Sen Warner?  He voted for this law that is wrecking our healthcare and our economy.  We supposedly had 30mm uninsured and only 1mm previously without insurance enrolled.  Thanks Senator Warner!

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