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Deputy arrested for assault

Robert B. DeGroot

A Loudoun County Sheriff’s deputy was arrested Thursday after he assaulted a friend.

Robert B. DeGroot, 29, of Ashburn, was charged with misdemeanor assault and battery and strangling another causing wounding or injury.

DeGroot, a seven-year veteran of the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, is assigned to the Corrections and Courts Services Division. He has been placed on administrative leave and his law enforcement powers have been suspended while the investigation continues, according to Liz Mills, spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office.
He remains held without bond.

According to reports, deputies responded to a home on Bruceton Mills Circle in Ashburn about 7 p.m.  for a report of disorderly conduct. Upon arrival they met with the victim, a 28-year-old Ashburn man, who was outside the home. He told deputies that he was assaulted by DeGroot while they were doing work on the home.

The victim was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for his injuries and released.

DeGroot is the second Loudoun County Sheriff’s deputy to be arrested this year.

On Nov. 10, a deputy who was working undercover, was arrested for DUI and refusing a breathalyzer test.

A hearing for that deputy is set for Jan. 10 in Loudoun County General District Court.

The deputy, according to reports, was arrested about 12:30 a.m. after authorities responded to a report of a possibly intoxicated man attempting to leave in a vehicle in the Lansdowne Town Center area. When deputies arrived at the scene, they learned the driver had struck two parked vehicles with his personal vehicle.


It will be interesting to see what happens in early Jan. in the case where the LCSO detective crashed into some other cars and got arrested for DUI and refusing to take the alchohol tests.  Wouldnt surprise me if the commonwealth attorney somehow lets this case get reduced to something lesser but don’t know how this could happen when it probably wouldnt be allowed for an average citizen in a similar case.  I bet the Mothers Against Drunk Driving are watching this one close.

He assaulted “a friend”?  Guess that’s one friendship that’s done.  And Sage…I don’t see how this reflects on the new Sheriff—-was the deputy in uniform?  on duty?  Then it’s no different than another civilian misbehaving off the job…should your boss be blamed for poor work place management because you do something stupid at home, off the job?

Loudoun Sage. Do not forget that these deputies you mentioned were hired by the former sheriff. Whoever told you that “morale is at an all time low” is probably one of the good old boys from the former administration as well. As for the lastest two arrests, they were all off duty and in private citizen status. Still, you have to hear what transpire in court first before you blame the new Sheriff Chapman. As far as I know, there has been no official misconduct so far under this new administration but good praises from the community. Under the former administration, the good old boys routinely beat the craps out of minorities. The former administion also had a few deputies convicted for bribery and sex crimes. There is also a federal case pending on one of the former deputy knocked out a minority and causing brain damage.

“I’ve heard that morale is at an all time low. Wonder whats next, or at least whats next that the public will find out about.”

“Heard” from whom?  You’re engaging in rumor mongering.

Whats the matter with our Sheriffs Dept under this new Sheriff Chapman??  Seems its one thing after the next….. deputies getting arrested is becoming a regular occurence.  DUI, Refusal to submit to a breath test, Assault, and then then a police dog goes missing and they won’t even say what happened!!  I’ve heard that morale is at an all time low. Wonder whats next, or at least whats next that the public will find out about. All this stuff is a disgrace to what used to be a really good Sheriffs Dept.

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