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Despite ‘real job’ comment, Foust and Democrats to push ‘women’s issues’

John Foust, the Democratic candidate in this year’s 10th Congressional District election, has been under fire for the past week over his comments questioning whether his opponent, state Del. Barbara Comstock, has “ever had a real job.” Courtesy Photo/Facebook
Following what many Northern Virginia conservatives consider a major insult to women by the Democratic candidate in Virginia's 10th Congressional District race, John Foust, Democrats say they're going to continue making women's health care and women's choice a central theme of their campaign.

Foust campaign manager Shaun Daniels said it's important women know Comstock's record on women's health issues, which includes statements supporting overturning Roe vs. Wade and votes in favor of legislation that could limit a woman's access to an abortion.

Foust has been assailed by his opponents over the past week for comments he made during a recent speech in Loudoun. The Democrat questioned whether Comstock has “ever had a real job” – a remark that inflamed Comstock supporters and led to an onslaught of critiques from conservatives who say Foust is the real “anti-woman candidate.”

“She likes to say she's a job creator ...,” Foust said in Leesburg Aug. 20. “What she fails to recognize, and I think it's because - I don't think she's ever had a real job – she's been, in business or any place else, she's been a partisan operative in Washington for so long.”

A veteran of Capitol Hill – including as a top staffer for current 10th District Congressman Frank Wolf -- and now a three-term state delegate, Comstock said her opponent has resorted to personal attacks because he has no plan for jobs.

Comstock campaign manager Susan Falconer called Foust's statements “sexist and offensive.”

“This attack insults working women, federal employees, lawyers, small businesswomen, and moms at home – all of whom have real jobs and pay the very real taxes that John Foust raises and advocates,” Falconer said in a prepared statement. “This desperate attack shows how out of touch he is with who it is that lives and works in the 10th District and the challenges that working women, working moms and moms at home face every day by men who demean their many and demanding roles … this was beyond the pale."

State Sen. Jill Vogel, a Republican who represents a portion of Loudoun County and the 10th Congressional District, added, “"Regrettably John Foust's comments reflect an ignorant, insensitive an arcane view of women and the role they play in the workforce.”

Daniels, the Foust campaign manager, admitted his candidate could have better-phrased his words, but he said anyone who knows Foust knows he supports equality for and empowering all women.

Democrats proceeded to court the women vote Tuesday with a new web ad attacking Comstock. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee launched the video, which highlights Comstock's support for letting the states, not the federal government, decide on the issue of abortion, as well as the delegate's support for legislation that would've required transvaginal ultra-sounds before receiving an abortion.

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Its always funny watching the anti-science crowd denying what doctors are saying on this issue calling others low information voters. Clearly you don’t care about reason or logic only your political view point.

Obama/Democrat Supporter = uninformed/low information voter = you shouldn’t be permitted to vote = stay home or vote on the the 1st Wednesday of November

GOP fraud ads coming soon = “vote the 1st Wednesday of November”

Democrats think that spewing their Democrat message is going to register in the 10th which has been gerrymandered to be a Republican Stronghold with 60% Republican.  A smart Democrat would spin a campaign about how Republican they’ve been. 

There is little chance of Foust winning in the 10th. Whatever spin tactic he utters, it will fall on deaf ears.

F’edupdude gets it? And Obama is the most popular President in this nations history right? The fact that you think you get it just cements the idea the you both are both uninformed, low information voters. So don’t forget to vote the 1st Wednesday of November.

49% of women dislike GOP, new Politico report = stuck in past & intolerant

fedupdude actually gets it & science

Who are you going to trust here “liberal” (educated) doctors or agenda driven politicians. Logic dictates the doctors at least understand the science behind the medicine. People with an agenda driven by and interpretation of gods word does not make me fell confident they know what they are making laws about, add to it doctors confirming my fears you can see why the vast majority on citizens in VA were upset over the law in question.

ACOG who represents nearly every doctor specializing in OBGYN. Lets just be realistic here.

F’edupdude loves to quote and reference ACOG, it’s the biggest pro-liberal medical organization out there and endorsed Obamacare.

Try google as the comments section here mostly blocks links. Start with ACOG who represents nearly every OBGYN in this nation.

Dollarbillphil - 4 examples would seem to be counter to your comment: Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, President.  So I’m encouraged that you are wrong.  Also, it’s “rout,” not “route.”

Okay, let’s try something. Here’s a very slightly modified version of what John Foust said in Leesburg last week:

“He likes to say he’s a job creator ...,” Foust said in Leesburg Aug. 20. “What he fails to recognize, and I think it’s because - I don’t think he’s ever had a real job – he’s been, in business or any place else, he’s been a partisan operative in Washington for so long.”

Seems like any other comment about an opponent who places politics and division above creating jobs and opportunities, right?

But Comstock and her cronies jumped all over it because she’s the subject and a woman. Who’s being sexist now? Seems like someone is playing the gender card and they have to, because she is on the wrong side of women’s health and women’s rights.

Once again Constitution, provide a link, study, statistics, something to back up your claims. People are over “taking your word for it” because, for the most part - you are a know it all. No one likes a Know it All.

Liz will win this time. Why you ask? Because even though you may not like every thing she stands for you will know where every penny goes unlike some Greason’s who shall remain tag less.

“As usual these Democrats are clueless as to how to win an election.”  Can you say top 3 in VA - G, LG, AG

Constitution - Nope I am just relaying what every major doctors organization stated on the subject. Only a small minority of doctors support that nonsense because of their religious ideals not anything based in science.

For the love of all things Holy, now fedupdude is a doctor, dispensing wisdom and advice ad nauseum on ultrasounds and doctor’s opinions. Don’t worry everyone, fedupdude has all the answers!

Stevens Miller and his Doorbell Queen wannabe Delegate wife Liz are still questioning if Comstock has ever had a real job? For 2 people that have been chasing around after elected seats in whatever capacity they can, that is truly rich!

oranges869 - And doctors are still upset over the abdominal ultrasound calling it a required shaming bill. Don’t forget the “reporting” if a woman refuses to look at the results.

BTW a abdominal ultrasound is about useless at this stage (says doctors and the guy whose wife is 10 weeks pregnant) you have a slim chance of even seeing a zygote with one, not until the second trimester do they work. Also you know there is an associated risk with ultrasounds damaging the fetus right? So you are forcing a woman to do something that is not likely to create the results you think they will and can cause damage to the developing fetus, way to go non health care professionals in putting those fetuses at risk for your politics.

As usual these Democrats are clueless as to how to win an election.  Loudoun is 38 percent minority, yes check the census and Fairfax nearly the same and all they do is go after affluent white women issues.  Can you spell route.

See “Fake fact” NRCC ad (pretend election update & candidate review)?  LOL

Get over this - Comstock voted agst $200,000 for breast & cervical cancer screenings 4 poor women - 2013 budget hb 1500, item 295#2h

Women 4 state sponsored rape - passed or not - sick

Get over it already. She is 1 vote. See the difference Equity? After a very high profile “medical rape” fight over mandatory trans-vaginal ultrasound, the law was modified to remove the vaginal ultrasound requirement. An abdominal ultrasound is now acceptable.

I would say a career GOP operative who admitted she was obsessed with Hilary Clinton probably isnt really going to Washington to get stuff done.

She is there to run against Tim Kaine in a few years.

Falling upwards.

Vogel & Comstock “create” jobs - aka force unnecessary & costly trans-vaginal ultrasounds?  Be > embarrassed masquerading as medical professional behind silver stirrups.  Is gynotician “real” job?

the pla on the silver line?

“It reminds me of when (then) candidate John Glenn was running in a US Senate primary against Howard Metzenbaum. Metzenbaum accused Glenn of never having held a job, because he spent his career in the US military.”

Comparing Ms. Comstock’s politicking to Col. Glenn’s quarter-century of military service is an act of hubris so great, it almost deserves an award.

I think Foust nailed it: “Partisan operative,” describes Barbara Comstock perfectly, and no one should be saying that’s a real job.

the Democrats accusation of the Republicans “war on Women is like Obama saying If you like your Healthcare you can keep your healthcare. Currently, If I was a Democrat I would be embarrassed for the party and all of it’s candidates.

So, if the quote above is correct, then lets see what private business sector jobs the Comstock team can point to.  Why is it that everytime a republican runs, they tout their “business” experience as one of the sole reasons to elect them.  So, where is Ms. Comstock’s business experience?  If there is none, then quit stretching a comment way out of proportion.

Rarely is a candidate gifted with something so rich from an opponent, as what Foust handed Comstock on a silver platter. It reminds me of when (then) candidate John Glenn was running in a US Senate primary against Howard Metzenbaum. Metzenbaum accused Glenn of never having held a job, because he spent his career in the US military. Of course Glenn hit that out of the park with justifiable outrage. And that was the beginning of the end (in that election anyway) for Howard Metzenbaum. Methinks that when the history of this election is chronicled, this moment will be idenfified as the beginning of the end for John Foust.

How is asking if a person worked outside of a government job anti woman?

However lets be clear Comstock while likely to win, is out of step with the majority on abortion and contraception issues.

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