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UPDATE: Fatal crash on Route 9; driver reportedly tried to pass tractor-trailer in no-passing zone

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According to a Virginia State Police report about Friday morning's fatal crash, there was a tractor-trailer traveling east on Purcellville Road and Route 9 when three vehicles following pulled into the westbound lane to pass the tractor-trailer in a no-passing zone. The first two vehicles made it around the tractor-trailer and back into the eastbound lane, while the third car did not. As it came into the curve heading east in the westbound lane, it struck head-on a westbound Dodge Charger.

The adult male driver of the eastbound passing vehicle died at the scene. State police are still in the process of notifying his next of kin.

The adult male driver of the Dodge Charger was flown to Inova Fairfax Hospital for treatment of serious, but non-life threatening, injuries.

The crash remains under investigation.

Original story:

Virginia State Police is investigating a fatal crash in Loudoun County this morning.

Around 4:42 a.m., VSP responded to a two-vehicle crash near Route 9 and Purcellville Road. There is one confirmed fatality. The victim's name has not been released.

The crash remains under investigation, although the roadway was cleared as of around 10 a.m.

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Wishful thinking Loco. Higgins has a higher calling than his constituents demands to improve Rts 15 & 9. He’s busy working on his newsletter so we are aware of the next fall festival or corn maze.

CousinSam…going to go out on a limb and guess you live or own property either near Hillsboro or Paeonian Springs, am I right?

Don’t widen 9, reroute it west of Hillsboro down to 4 lane Route 7

This is not a road problem, it is an aggressive driving problem that quite frankly mortifies me.  To think one can be driving safely in their own lane and have some inconsiderate tool pull this and impact another for the rest of their life really maddens me.  My thoughts and prayers are with the survivor.  Godspeed to the idiot, but wish you would have made a better decision.

Amazing that people will defend the poor roads in Loudoun!  I guess this is why they never improve…

I’ve lived all over the US and have never experienced roads this poor.  Most states build good roads - even states with no state income tax.

@loudounnova - if VDOT is not responsible for these roads, who is?  They are charged with buildoing and maintaining roads! I hope that you survive your daily travel on these roads…

To MargeGeneverra, the road did not cause this accident and this is not a VDOT issue. This is your Loudoun County Board of Supervisors determining where the money is spent.  Remember you have Eastern Loudoun and Western Loudoun.  Western Loudoun has always been considered the step-child when it comes to infrastructure.  This has been true for the last 40 years.  Just follow the money. I traveled Route 9, 7 and 28 for over 30 plus years every day.  I know what it is like.  However, I rather be late to work and alive.

Put tolls on 9 and 15.  That will cut down on the volume these roads were never designed for. Traffic will take 340 and 270.

Maybe Supervisor Higgins will come to the rescue here .  Rt 9 is his district.

It is utterly amazing that no amount of safety issues or traffic congestion or urging by its citizens, can convince Loudoun’s local and state politicians to widen roads that have been obsolete for going on 20 years as is the case with Route 9 and Route 15. The bottom line is this is going to continue as long as we allow those same politicians to continue to serve. It’s time to start holding these bums accountable for their non-action and continued excuses and that the status quo with regard to Loudoun roads is not acceptable.

MargeG:  unfortunately, for some folks, it is immaterial how many little people get killed on unsafe “rural” roads (read:  major commuter routes bringing those priced out of Loudoun, Fairfax, Arlington to their jobs in those places).  They just shouldn’t drive there, or they should take longer routes on larger roads that take more of their time and money for gas (but remember THE ENVIRONMENT!!!).

Big people with big money give it to politicians who talk a good game, then vote when it counts to protect ambience for their donors.

Big people with big money give to political action groups masquerading as environmental or historic preservation nonprofits, who then lobby those politicians to vote for ambience every time, all the while sagely lip-serving the little people whose votes (and money too!  both the pols and the political “nonprofits”) they desperately need.

There are a lot more little people with votes than there are big people with money, but that big money is, well…big.

Sometimes the mask slips on the useful idiots who flak for the big money and political fake nonprofits, and they will say “they shouldn’t live there.  they shouldn’t drive there” and so on.

Big money and the orbit of sycophants it gathers have a lot of power in politics.  (look at the Weinstein thing:  major entertainment companies, major news organizations, and a major political party all wired together with big money to hide 20+ years worth of the kind of thing they all so sanctimoniously preach against.  And now that it’s blown up, why, nobody KNEW and it must STOP.  One day someone “important” will die, and then suddenly roads will be an issue.  A big one.  with plenty of money.)

So sad for the family of this person who couldn’t be bothered to obey the law.  To me, when you choose to live somewhere, for whatever reason, part of that decision should include “Am I OK with the commute AS IS?”.  Western Loudoun and the eastern panhandle of WV are growing so quickly, it’s nearly impossible for the infrastructure to keep up.  Maybe if we allot a reasonable amount of time to get where we need to go instead of thinking “How quick can I get there”, we won’t always have to be in such a rush.  One of the more enjoyable perks of living in a little more rural area, is the lifestyle has always been a little more laid back with a little slower pace.  Enjoy the beauty of where you are and maybe take the time to learn to really enjoy the lifestyle.

I am a victim of an inpatient driver and will suffer the remainder of my life. You can’t fix poor driving habits, especially at 4:42 a.m., but adding more lanes isn’t the solution. Roundabouts do help somewhat, but your attitudes, phones, alcohol, lack of vehicle maintenance, bad driving ability, poor weather, etc. are the main problems. Fix those issues, then complain to your local government official, left or right.

How many more people must die before VDOT upgrades Loudoun roads (Rt9 Rt15 Evergreen Mills) to handle the traffic volume?

This road and Route 15 both need to be upgraded to four lanes.  The amount of traffic is only going to get worse in the years to come.  Four lanes with bypasses for Hillsboro and Paeonian Springs is the only intelligent solution.  I am sick of all these dangerous roads with no shoulder being allowed to continue existence in name of historical preservation.

The fact is, our leaders don’t want to make it easy to live in another state and work here. That’s the real reason for ignoring the state of these major arteries. It’s time they their heads out of our posteriors and built some roads to service the traffic needs of our citizens and our neighbors.

Tired of traffic — if you’re passing on a dotted line, you’re not being aggressive.  This was in a “no passing zone”.  Double yellow.

Some day VDOT will build Rt 9 into a safe highway that handles the traffic.  Perhaps also Rt 15.  Maybe even pave the dirt roads, now that it’s the 21st century.

“Envision Loudoun” with roads…..

This almost happened to me by a inpatient driver. I was on Rt. 15 going towards Middleburg from Leesburg and a big red pick up truck could not make the pass on a no passing lane and I had to drive my sedan on to the grass, out of the road going 50 mph. Do not pass lanes are there for a reason but some how, people think they can make it. Life lost for being impatient. Very sad. I wish his family strength and his soul peace.

people tend to forget that none of us is better or more imp’t than the next person. All of us just want to make it where we are going in one peace.There is a reason there are laws, double lines, speed limits. Young drivers are not the worst-but their parents need to reinforce(and MENTOR) good driving behavior. God bless the departed soul, and the guy he hit as well.

I know Route 9 is busy but I’m surprised so many cars were backed up on the highway at 4:30 in the morning… 

Pointless loss of a life and quite careless endangerment of other lives as well.

Very common problem on this stretch of road! Commuters get thru the light in Hillsboro and put the pedal to the medal all day long. And no the roundabout in Hillsboro will not help. It will only aggitate them! Very little evidence of sheriff unless a accident has happened in this neck of the woods

Concerning Tuscarora Rd, if vehicles are traveling under the posted speed and I pass on the dotted line, does that make me an aggressive driver?

Very sad.  Some family lost a loved one who made a very, very poor decision. 

I see this kind of illegal passing happen almost weekly on MD 28 and Tuscarora read after Point of Rocks.  I always wonder what kind of incredible, awesome job that these people are in such a hurry to get to that it warrants risking their lives to get there faster.  Whenever I see this kind of behavior unfolding I’ll let off the gas and make sure that the aggressive driver has gotten around the blind curve, or over the hill, before accelerating again.  I drive over the speed limit myself usually and get just as frustrated as anybody when behind a slow commercial vehicle but there’s nowhere that I need to be 20 seconds faster that is worth risking my life over.  Make smart decisions, people, and hopefully we never read a story about you that ends like this one did for some soul.

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