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UPDATED: Dick Black praises Syrian president in letter

Local state Sen. Dick Black (R-13th) has found himself in local and national headlines because of a two-page letter he sent to controversial Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Black's letter, which was posted in late May on the Syrian president's Facebook page, raised eyebrows for its complimentary language of a leader who many experts claim has used chemical weapons to kill some of his citizens in the nation's ongoing civil war. Well more than 100,000 people have died in the conflict since it began in 2011.

The senator's correspondence lauds the Syrian leader and his national army “for its heroic rescue of Christians in the Qalamoun Mountain Range" of Syria

In the letter, Black states: "I pray that your army will drive the jihadists from Syria, so that Syrians of all faiths may live together in peace.”

"Until then," he continued, "I pray that the Syrian armed forces will continue to exhibit extraordinary gallantry in the war against terrorists. Please convey my personal thanks to the Syrian Arab Army and Air Force for protecting all patriotic Syrians, including the religious minorities who face death at the hands of the foreign jihadists."

While President Barack Obama has called for Assad and his regime to step down, Black said the alternative to Assad's leadership – al-Qaeda, in Black's eyes – is far worse.

Black claims "few Americans realize that the rebels in Syria are dominated by our arch-enemy, al-Qaeda."

Representing portions of Purcellville, Leesburg, Ashburn and Prince William County, Black is known as a hard-line Christian conservative in Virginia's General Assembly.

Purcellville Mayor Bob Lazaro, who last year traveled to Turkey to meet with Syrian refugees as part of a community-organized blanket drive, called the letter to Assad “unbelievable” and likened it to “sending a thank you note to Stalin.”

“I think of the little kids I saw and the families I met,” Lazaro said. “I've seen the pain in their faces ... I've seen Syrian kids [the same age as those] who were gassed by their own government.”

To send Assad a letter of thanks is "unfathomable," said the mayor.

Lazaro disagreed with Black's analysis that al-Qaeda would be the de factor replacement if Assad's regime were to step down. This comment led the senator to question how much time Lazaro has spent learning about the war.
Black, a retired Marines colonel, said the Syrian conflict is something he studies “a couple hours a day, seven days a week.”

The letter to Assad, Black said, was about thanking President Assad for rescuing Christians and bringing the complicated Syrian war to the forefront of public consciousness.

The Syrian war, Lazaro said, is “certainly a complex issue,” but no president who “displaces and gasses his own people” deserves praise.

The Purcellville mayor, elected in nonpartisan elections, considers himself a moderate. He has endorsed candidates in state and federal elections from both major parties.

Virginia Democrats were quick to condemn Black's letter and highlight past controversies involving the GOP lawmaker.

In 2011, Black sent plastic models of fetuses to colleagues to sway votes on an abortion bill, and he's made several inflammatory remarks about the gay community and spousal rape.

"It is bizarre that state Sen. Dick Black would send a letter to the President of Syria. Especially one that heaps praise on President Bashar al-Assad, a man who has presided over terrible massacres and atrocities, including gas attacks that killed hundreds of his own people," state Sen. Donald McEachin, the Democratic Caucus chairman, said in a statement. “As state legislators we should be spending our time on issues here in Virginia."

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Black is a loose canon on deck.  The fanatic should not stand another term.

Looks like there is one poster in here who has many different names to spread lies and misinformation about the Syrian war, or to promote Black.

Thank you for your effort to protect the American inside & outside United state, your vision proved to be correct specially after president Obama released AL-Qaeda prisoner (We do not negotiate with the terrorist, We do release their prisoner, we do give them weapon to fight in Syria, we do support them).
Again what you did will protect us as American first, I do wish if we have more strong voices like yours to make change in united state foreign policy.

Thank You

Maybe Assad will make govt job for new bff Black, & treat his kin royally?

As an Arab American, Senator Black made me feel an American again.
I went through his web site and found who he is.  A true American hero.
I am against war but admire men who fought for their country.
This man is a Vietnam hero.
He is today again a hero by denouncing a true masquerade of America’s foreign policy.
A conspiracy against the American people by helping and arming the same enemy that killed 5000 Americans on September 11 2001.
The American government has lost national and international credibility since George W. Bush invading Iraq, destroying that country and offering it on silver platter to Al Qaeda.
Then came Barack Hussein Obama who declared himself critical of George W. Bush and the Iraq invasion but then decided to kill with its drones and our tax payer money, Colonel Mouamar Kaddafi who himself was fighting Al Qaeda for us in Libya.  Today, like Iraq, Libya has become an oil rich Al Qaeda base ready to attack the United States.
Is it ignorance or a conspiracy against the American people and Arab countries that once functioned, protected women, and their religious minorities like Christians and Jews?
Are we dealing with an evil US government or a deeply stupid one?
When will the US government understand that democracy cannot be transplanted on Moslem countries afflicted with a religion which has not been modernized and made a cruel sect by Churchill and his men along with the ruthless Al Saud tribe so oil can flow forever from Arabia to the West?
Islam today has nothing to do with the Prophet Mohamed who was a just and generous man.
It is a sect made cruel by the West so oil can be pumped from Arabia forever with the same disgusting Saudi government that beheads people for a misdemeanor.
We need a man like Senator Black in the White House so America and its people can be saved from destruction from Al Qaeda which has become a super power having tentacles even in our second generation Muslims in the United States.
The only way to save the world is to protect and serve secular authoritarian governments in Arab countries that will push their people toward a modernized Islam for us, and kill Al Qaeda until extinction for us.

Dr. Abdallah Abadier


You Americans are lucky to have a Senator who speaks truly about the plight of Christians in Syria. Your own intuition should tell you to be wary of believing the govt. propaganda about this dreadful war and its covert support of al quaeda. It takes courage to stand out from the crowd and speak up against so called ‘national interests’. Remember Iraq, Afghanistan, Lybia.

Black is consistently confused about what is best for Loudoun.  How in the world would anyone think he has a clue about Syria.  At least he’s consistent and for that he is irrelevant.  Move along nothing here worth pondering further.

This is a wonderful letter by Dick Black and right on the money. We have been given a false narrative on virtually everything about Syria. Accusing Assad of ‘murdering his own people’ is basically like accusing Lincoln of the same thing. When ‘your own people’ are in fact, Islamist fundamentalists and extremists who have created a false front ‘freedom and democracy’ movement to hide their Islamist revolution - armed and supported by Saudi Arabia/Qatar/Turkey/Muslim Brotherhood - you must fight them. This is exactly what has been happening in Syria. I can give you mountains of proof - but the testimony is the hundreds of thousands of Syrians flocking to the embassy in Lebanon for the chance to vote for Assad and show the world that they - and the vast majority of Syrians in and out of Syria - support Assad. The Syrian people have always known what the US/NATO nations have refused to acknowledge: that Assad is a solid, popular leader in Syria and for good reason. Syrians all over the world are thanking Black for his knowledge of the truth and willingness to stand up for it and for them.

SyrianPride is also showing his lack of knowledge of the fight in Syria, there are three factions there, the extremists are outsiders trying to take advantage.

The Syrian rebels are just normal people tired of a violent dictator.

Mr.Black has went out of his way to speak some truth on this situation on Syria. People need to ALL do some research yourselves. Millions of Syrians prefer Assad to stay hence why this war is still raging after three years. With estimates showing over twenty thousand foreign fighters most of them have extremist ideology. We literally are supporting the same guys in Syria who did 9/11! HOW CAN WE DO THIS! STOP ALL ARMED SUPPORT TO SYRIA TODAY! Assad MUST win this war people! WAKE UP!

senator black critisized the double standard in obama administration. america is aligned with terrorist islamic organization to get rid of the syrian secular regime.

I am actually delighted to see my Senator from Virginia Mr. Black exert good comprehension towards the on going war in Syria. Never mind what the media is saying. What is happening in Syria is not a civil war. It is a war against Alqueda. If people still think that the Syrian oppositions are freedom fighters then it is their fault that they are ignorant on the issue. Do your research and you will see the that the Syrian Arab Army has been fighting Alqaeda for three years now while the US is supplying these terrorists with arms and logistical support through the Saudi regime. Does not this sound familiar? The US supporting Al-Mujaheedeen in Afghanistan only for them to attack us on 9-11 after few years.

It is so wiered when I see Obama saying in the same speech:

- We will increase our support to the Syrian opposition. 
- The greatest threat to the US are the Alqaeda sympathizer groups.

Two contradicting statements. 

P.s. I am an American/Syrian citizen.

I whole heartedly support Senator Black.  It takes a lot of courage to speak the truth about this terrible war.  If the Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the USA would stop supporting the Jihadist, the war would be over in days.  Again a big thank you Senator Black.

I am very grateful to have Senator Black in Washington. He is one of the very few that understand the complications and consequences of funding and arming rebels in Syria. As a Syrian-Christian, it saddens me to know that my own tax dollars are going to islamists that are targeting my family. The so-called “moderate” rebels have killed my family members and taken over our village and kicked everyone out. In a situation like this, President al-Assad should be our ally in combating the rebels.

Dick Black proved himself a self-promoting hack when he put pornography on the screen in Rust Library and walked away ranting about obscenity.  Were we fighting WWII now, I’m sure he’d send a note to Stalin congratulating him on something.  The man is a posturing blowhard who gets in the way of our getting even a nickel’s worth of work out of the office space he fills in Richmond.  Perhaps someday soon he’ll be turned out of office again and he can try getting a real job for a change…or just live off his retirement check without engaging in this taxpayer-funded double-dip!

I smell re-election!!!

Why are our corrupt politicians wasting their time and our tax money writing nonsense letters????

How about bringing more tax money back to northern va? How about representing us and not your narrow minded views…..

So Dick, how many more letters do you plan to write and send? Must not be much happening in Richmond these days?

Black does not realize there are three factions in this war, most of the rebels are not extremists that the faction of al-Qaeda in the nation causing problems are not Syrians they are outsiders who came in to take advantage. A Palestinian ranking member of Hamas was killed in Syria this week for instance.

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