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Dominion teachers and staff rally outside of school in support of Principal Brewer

Dominion High School teachers and staff greet students as they enter school Jan. 6 to show support for John Brewer, the school’s principal who was recently put on leave. Courtesy Photo/Mitch Schwartz, DHSpress.com
About 40 Dominion High School teachers and staff this morning rallied support for the school’s principal who abruptly went on leave after accusations of sexual misconduct against a former band director unraveled in the public eye.

Many of the staff members rode bikes to work and greeted students outside of the school, two habits Brewer was known and admired for by the Dominion community. About 15 parents also stood outside of the school to show their support. The group held signs reading “We support Brewer" and “DHS needs Dr. Brewer.”

Brewer, who’s been principal of Dominion since the school opened in 2003, has been on leave since Dec. 3. Brian Damron, who served as Dominion’s band director from fall 2012 until January 2015, resigned from a position in a Florida school system Nov. 1 after an internal investigation substantiated claims that he allegedly made sexual advances toward a student, among other inappropriate behavior. Damron made statements about having relationships with former Dominion students and having to leave the school after being accused of sexual harassment, according to an investigative report by Duval County Public School Police.

As first reported by the Times-Mirror, Brewer and Michael Pierson, LCPS music supervisor, wrote letters of recommendation for Damron to prospective employers after the school system reported an alleged incident of inappropriate behavior involving Damron to police in November 2014.

LCPS officials will not tell the public the reason for Brewer’s absence.

Parents organizing the protests in support of Brewer now believe his employment at LCPS has been terminated. Wayde Byard, LCPS public information officer, told the Times-Mirror he will not comment about “personnel matters” when asked if Brewer was fired.

“It appears that Loudoun County Public Schools has recommended termination of Dr. Brewer as Principal of Dominion High School,” reads an update on a Change.org petition in support of Brewer. “As parents and Loudoun County taxpayers we request better communication and full transparency on this matter from our elected officials and school administrators.”

The online petition has nearly 2,000 signatures as of this week. The group plans on organizing outside of the LCPS administration office at 5:30 p.m. Jan. 10 to show the School Board support for Brewer.

The group first protested Brewer’s leave at the School Board’s last meeting Dec. 13.

Duval County Public School Police officials say they did not arrest Damron due to “insufficient probable cause,” though their investigation “substantiated” the accusations. An official from the State Attorney’s Office in Florida would not confirm or deny an investigation into the teacher.

On Dec. 6, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office told the Times-Mirror the department had opened an investigation into Damron.

On Dec. 8, LCPS released a statement about its previous knowledge of allegations against Damron. According to LCPS, the school division reported an “alleged incident” Damron to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office in 2014. The investigation didn’t go forward because the incident happened in another county, according to a statement made by LCPS. The school division will not give the public details about the nature of the “alleged incident.”

When LCPS became aware of new allegations against Damron in Florida, the school division says it “promptly” reported the matter to the sheriff's office.

Brewer was named LCPS principal of the year in 2010.

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Legend - do you even know that matter that was referred to the police?  Or what the LCPS reaction was to that?  I wouldn’t defend anything unless I was sure of the facts - and not the innuendo and allegations so many of you anonymous posters love to repeat?  Right dinosaur?

ChocDin, it is incorrect to use inflammatory language like “Dr. Brewer and Co decided to endorse a pedophile” when there is NO evidence that the former band director was sexually involved with children/minors. He did use sexually charged language, like “let’s get naked” when every student in the room knew he meant “go try on your uniform” and NOT “let’s have sex.” He claims that he was sexually intimate with former students, graduated, and 18+. I would put that into a general classification of predatory behavior, grooming them while they were his students, lowering appropriate boundaries. But it is not pedophilia. (Is the president-elect a pedophile? He seems to prefer women who are significantly younger than himself.)

LCPS has an obligation to set the public record straight regarding Dr. Brewer.  The silence is not a good look and only leads to speculation.  It is easy to draw the conclusion that silence = guilt though, but perhaps there are pending legal matters that are prohibiting LCPS from letting us all know why Dr. Brewer and Co decided to endorse a pedophile for further employment with children.

JPL - the incident you refer to was not an attack or abuse.  Even SGP acknowledge that no laws were broken so why o you insist that Brewer s evil?

While there is certainly enough blame to go around with the school folks involved in this, the real danger to our children comes from apologists like Dante and eholmberg who support those responsible. Brewer wrote a letter of recommendation AFTER the school system reported the incident to the police. How on earth can anyone defend that?

LCPS has not disclosed why Brewer is gone, but let’s acknowledge it could be for something completely different than allegedly recommending a criminal who went on to prey on additional kids. An act even worse (in my opinion)performed by Dr. Brewer was reported to the LCPS, the school board, and the state earlier this year for investigation. Perhaps that - or any number of reasons his supporters don’t consider - is the reason for his departure. 

Dina and Duncan, there are *lots of children and parents breathing relief he is no longer around. None of the people I know who hope justice is served are “rich people from Lowe’s island”. They are people who care about the safety and well-being of our children. Let’s hope their perspectives are also considered.

Duncan, that comment is so off base it doesn’t even merit legitimate comment.  If you knew anything about this it is a superintendent issue pure and simple.

Duncan, that comment is so off base it doesn’t even merit legitimate comment.  If you knew anything about this it is a superintendent issue pure and simple.

There has been no disclosure from LCPS about what Brewer did or did not know.  Thus, we cannot say that Brewer was unaware of complaints or assaults.  In fact, the Florida newspaper stated there were 13 pages of complaints against Damron.

But Callme attacks JP for the “total lack of any evidence”.  There is not a “total lack” of evidence.  There could be mountains.  There could be none.  We just don’t know.  But Callme is ready to use LCPS’ secrecy to try to “prove” the point.  That’s what we get with humanities majors who are shrills for their mgmt.

From what I understand after talking to a Dominion parent, the silent minority pushing for Brewer’s ouster are the wealthy Lowes Island parents who have kids that are discipline problems. They don’t like Brewer disciplining their precious snowflakes and are in denial about their children’s problems.

JPL - does the total lack of any evidence that Brewer knew about any sexual attacks, assaults, harassment, or other misbehavior bother you at all?

Dina—you seem like a nice, decent person…but, INTEGRITY?  How would you feel if you were the parent of a child in Florida who Damron approached or molested after receiving a tacit recommendation from Brewer?  Does that matter to you at all?  I don’t care if Brewer won the Nobel Peace Prize, what he did was indefensible and it quite properly cost him his job.  You can’t be a school principal and pass the trash like this and keep your job.  Period.  He had to go.

It would be nice to have some more in-depth journalistic review here since there is apparently a 13 year history of management. What has been the record of achievement of the school including lack of discipline problems, lack of expulsion reversals by the school board discipline committee,lack of parental complaints about school management, lack of lawsuits against the school, lack of dropouts/% of college admission, cafeteria line lengths, lack of transfers to Douglas, lack of staff transfer requests away from the school and how has this record compared to all the other high school records in LCPS? I think the current board deserves to know the entire history before deciding on anything.
Bob O__ Esq.

No JP, your comment is just an indication of lame brained analysis that people like you and ‘Cuse love to engage in behind that veil of anonymity.  Why don’t you show up at the School Board meeting and say what you need to in person?  Good luck with the Mensa application, always good to stretch yourself.

by getting of rid of people who aren’t looking out for their best interests. Brewer supports child predator. Teachers support Brewer. Teacher supports child predator. Not much of a leap. The fact that I need to explain that to someone says much about the cultural decline of this country.

@jplegend - How would firing teachers help students?

Shame on these teachers. Fire them all. Children should always come first.

How brave…demonstrating on behalf of the person that will write their performance reviews if he returns.  Great message to send to the kids:  support the guy that passed the trash and endangered a group of kids in another state.  Way to teach a generation that gets bailed out of every mess that there are no real consequences to serious misconduct and extreme errors in judgement.

Brewer is definitely dedicated to this school. He really cares. Shame to see someone with that kind of integrity, dedication and community support, taking all the blame. The School Board and the Superintendent should listen to the students and the parents. If they perceive some wrongdoing by Brewer, do they not see that there are 1000s of amazing things that Dr. Brewer has contributed to this school and the community? Do they not see the overwhelming support he has? I sincerely hope that they choose to LISTEN and decide in favor of what is truly best for the Titan Community. Bring Brewer Back

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