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Driver in fatal Evergreen Mills crash charged with involuntary manslaughter

Courtesy Photo/Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office
The driver of a food truck that crashed into a car on Evergreen Mills Road Sept. 8, killing a mother of three, has been indicted for involuntary manslaughter.

Additionally, the driver, Tony Dane, was charged Monday with driving without a license, no insurance, reckless driving and no vehicle inspection. An initial hearing will be held in Loudoun County Circuit Court Tuesday morning.

Dane was driving a 2000 Thomas bus converted into a food truck traveling east on Watson Road in Leesburg when it reportedly ran a stop sign and struck a 2014 Audi Station wagon traveling northbound on Evergreen Mills Road, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office.

Erin Kaplan, 39, of Ashburn, the driver of the Audi, lost her life at the scene. Her three children and another family member were in the car and hospitalized.

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Amazes me that people just accept the story the Sheriff and Commonwealth’s attorney puts out.  Oh wait Trump is the President so suckers are born every second in the United States.  When this joker walks what will all you we know he is guilty chumps say?

Justice needs to be served on Tony Dane for the devastation he caused on the Kaplan family!

Tony knew exactly what he was doing by drive a food truck / bus with faulty breaks and no insurance.  This was not Erin’s fault for driving properly.  Tony’s terrible decisions took the beautiful life of Erin Kaplan.  Plus the impact Tony created on the Kaplan family….FOREVER!

Justice must be served!!!

We all know that over-development is the main reason that people run stop signs.

Evergreen Mills Rd is an typical example of Loudoun development out of control with no consideration for road improvements.  Once a scenic rural road, Evergreen Mills is now the center of major development and home building, yet has had no safety improvements.  County leaders should realize it will get a lot worse as development in the area is just getting going.

Typical Loudoun planning - build like crazy - drive traffic way over road capacity - start minor band-aid road improvements years later.

Some areas of the country plan properly and make road improvements BEFORE allowing major development.

This amazes me—“For those comparing this accident to the accident on Battlefield Parkway, please just stop.  In that case the traffic lights appear to have been malfunctioning with the walk light and green light appearing at the same time.  In this case the stop sign appears to have been functioning just fine.” Very rarely does a Walk Light not coincide with the green light going in the same direction. That is why you still need to pay attention to walk signals, and pedestrians…

Lawman - He did not have a license, which means that he either did not pass the driving test, or more likely had a license and lost it.  What I clearly said was that he should not have been on the road. So by him making the decision to drive without a license, yes I would vote for a conviction if I were on the jury.

He was a bad accident waiting to happen and the book should be thrown at him while he sits in jail…I’am with David Dickinson…..no license, no insurance, no vehicle inspection, then ran a stop sign???  Accidents happen, we all have “run a stop sign” but this guy has total anarchy for any laws regarding driving.  So sad.

Chris McHale, many intersections have crosswalks with “walk” lights that light in conjunction with the green light for lanes moving in a parallel direction.  Traffic is allowed to proceed, but if vehicles wish to turn and thereby cross the pedestrian lane, they have to be aware that pedestrians in the crosswalk have the right of way.

Secondly, I think the accident to which you’re referring occurred on Riverside Parkway, not Battlefield.

What type of silly contrivancey are you getting at @McHale’s Navy, whether you have a license or not does not make you automatically guilty of manslaughter, it has to do with conduct, so drop your pseudo legal analysis.  And as for Mr. Taxes @Cow Bell, just pay your taxes and stop worrying about everyone else.  Cheating the tax man is about as American as owning slaves.

For those comparing this accident to the accident on Battlefield Parkway, please just stop.  In that case the traffic lights appear to have been malfunctioning with the walk light and green light appearing at the same time.  In this case the stop sign appears to have been functioning just fine.

In this case the driver did not have a driver’s license and should not have been on the road to start with. That is two (2) violations of the law.  In the other case the evidence appears to be that the driver was not on his phone (talking or texting), was not speeding. 

Now if the evidence eventually changes in this case and it appears that the driver had a license and the stop sign was on the ground, not able to be seen, then hopefully the charges will change. 

He needed John Miller IV’s lawyer on speed dial.

I’ve been complaining many years we have too many businesses not paying their Insurance, taxes and employees under the table…. besides not having all that, I’d wager he didn’t have a business license(from both state and local), nor did he pay any taxes over the past 5+ years. Multiply that times 1000 just in Loudoun. Easily the county is losing $1-10 million per year.

Why, who would operate a vehicle without the proper licenses and insurance?

Say, perhaps a ‘conservative activist’ from Nevada who’s currently facing multiple charges for extortion in their state legislature?

You can’t make this stuff up.

cars don’t kill people, drivers do.

I see the county has no trouble charging someone with manslaughter when they’re just a lowly food service worker.

I think our inept Commonwealth’s Attorney will be able to get a conviction on this one, I guess this guy did not call the same lawyer the guy who killed the child in the crosswalk in Lansdowne did?

“driving without a license, no insurance and no vehicle inspection”


Who operates a vending truck with no such things?

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