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DUI checkpoint in Loudoun County tonight

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office will conduct a sobriety checkpoint Friday shortly after 10 p.m.

Members of the Loudoun Sheriff’s Office Auxiliary Unit and volunteers from the Loudoun Chapter of MADD will assist with the checkpoint.

Per standard protocol, the sheriff's office discloses when it will conduct a DUI checkpoint, but not the location.


Meanwhile, everyday on Route 7 and 28, I see drivers texting, on cell phones not paying attention(drifting or not keeping up with traffic), kids crawling over seats instead of in car seats, adults holding infants in front seat, expired tags by 6 months, cars passing stopped school buses(see that more in Fairfax)... Why even bother having laws if Loudoun isn’t going to enforce the laws…..They could easily write 24-36 tickets per day just during rush hour. I do see Fairfax having police on side of rode(28) where traffic slows due to traffic to give tickets to expired tags, texting and other car violations.

according to the sheriff’s office daily report. The scheduled dui checkpoint was changed to a roving patrol due to weather conditions. Weather conditions?  I don’t recall any extreme weather..oh well and uh yea the result according to the report was zero….again.

gee, maybe our biggest driving problems aren’t caused by DUI?  Although DUI is serious, might I suggest speed and aggressive driving are bigger causes (and not on Rte 7 west of Leesburg).

I have seen so many law-enforcement vehicles policing that stretch, but it seems the accidents are on Rte 9, Rte 15, Rte 7 east of Leesburg etc.

I think picking off speeders on 7 west of Leesburg is just too easy to resist, stat-wise. But is the practice getting at the heart of our problems?

I’m betting since no publication anywhere on the results, that it is a big zero…again.

If nothing is published then I just go to the default result.

so, how did it go?

when are they going to start monitoring distracted driving? Texting, applying make-up, reading; all of which occurs daily on Rte 7

They don’t disclose the location because….why? It cannot be because they make so many arrests at these locations.  Last one I believe netted one arrest.  I don’t see what announcing the location would do or why keeping it secret matters. Especially when they are making zero to 1 arrests at the locations.  Most of the time it is zero, so nowhere to go but up.  I guess if announced then less cars come through the checkpoint, which would mean less literature handed out.  Good luck tonight and hope they catch someone.

When are they going to start announcing speed traps?

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