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Dulles Greenway fare hikes postponed

It was announced this morning that a 20 cent hike to the Dulles Greenway will be postponed until at the earliest April 8.

Toll Road Investors Partnership II, or TRIP II, filed an application with the State Corporation Commission for a fare increase on Dec. 30, 2013.

Four days later Del. David Ramadan (R-87th) filed a complaint with the SCC to have the application postponed.

According to a prepared statement from Del. Ramadan his request to continue the case until 30 days after the adjournment of the current Regular Session of the General Assembly was granted by the SCC.

The rate would have gone from $4.90 to $5.10.

“TRIP II’s application to the SCC to further raise the currently disputed rates is a blatant disregard to the current investigation and an insult to the citizens of Loudoun County. I will continue this fight and use any and all tools available to me including invoking legislative privilege as I did in this case to ease the toll burden on my constituents,” said Del. Ramadan in a prepared statement.


The Greenway is an easy punching bag for hack politicians.  Area residents hate it, so pretend to do something about it. 

Frank Wolf devoted the last decade of his career to it instead of actually working problems at the federal level.  Ramadan has nothing else to show for his time in office, so he has also become a “Greenway fighter”.

Refuse to use the toll road. Plan accordingly and save the 8.00 roundtrip cost or stop bitching.

Is there a reason this Ramadan guy keeps pushing to reduce the tolls? Is he up for re-election or something? I keep hearing his name associated with the toll prices, and wonder is there some other motive ? Maybe someone can explain?

The tolls are what they are. It should have not been a surprise to those that purchased homes near this road. If it was a surprise, I would work with a different real estate agent next time.

I do agree the tolls are high, but it is a private road.

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