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Dulles Greenway tolls rise again

Tolls are up again along the Leesburg-based Dulles Greenway, with full-use rates spiking from $4.90 to $5.10 during peak hours, 6:30 to 9 a.m. eastbound and 4 to 6:30 p.m. westbound.

The State Corporation Commission (SCC) granted the increase for the privately-owned Greenway last week.

During non-peak hours, the tolls rose from $4.10 to $4.25

The new rate would have taken place on Feb. 15 but was delayed in part because of state Del. David Ramadan's motion to stay the rate increase earlier this year. Ramadan has charted a legal course in attempt to get the rates along the Greenway lowered – either by installing distance-based pricing or otherwise.

"It is unbelievable that in the midst of a major investigation into the practices of the Greenway, the owners of the Greenway would seek yet another rate increase," said Ramadan. "It is even more unbelievable that the SCC decided to grant the increase prior to our challenge even being heard by the full commission. It clearly demonstrates that the deck is stacked against our commuters, on whose behalf I am fighting. Nevertheless, I am prepared to take my challenge to the Virginia Supreme Court if necessary.”


I looked at 80 houses, I wanted to make sure I found the best value for the money when I bought. My only issue is I am part of the Open Band lawsuit. That was a hidden problem we only could find out about once the whole neighborhood was sold out and the homeowners took over the HOA.

Yes, I looked at 50 houses over the span of 3 months every single sat OR sun in mid-late 2007. I personally would not not look online or anything in the paper.

I really did not know what I wanted being a first time homeowner. So it took a while, no big deal. I knew I had to be within a certain price point, have a two car garage and be near the 7 freeway. There was plently of inventory at the time so it opened up a flood of homes.

This was mid-late 2007. There was no rush. The price point we looked at houses sat for at least a couple months.  I assume things have changed now? I could not deal with making huge decisions so fast. Good for you though.

That would become a full time job if I wanted to see like 50 houses (which I did) from Eastern Loudoun to Leesburg.

It took you 50 houses to find the one you wanted? Either you weren’t communicating to your agent what you were looking for, or your agent wasn’t listening.

We found our dream house in a single day. Granted, our agent spent a lot of time before-hand listening to what we wanted and showing us various paper-listings. But once we started touring, we saw our house in the morning, went back in the afternoon to make sure it was all we remembered, and placed an offer that evening. If your agent was able to find 50 houses that met your criteria, it sounds like you hadn’t put much time or depth into the guidelines.

Who’s buying the house, you or your agent?  The agent may help, but it’s your responsibility.

Like a real estate agent cares about how happy you are after the sale.  They just want their irrationally large commission.  The day the internet finally kills the MLS mafia will be a fine one.  Enjoy the extra $25k in your pocket after buying a home. 

None of the local politicians have the backbone to actually deal with the Greenway.  Republicans certainly can’t admit that a privatization effort failed.  They just like to complain about it and foolish voters think they have a friend in Richmond. 

None of them can even get basic road funding to come back up to Northern VA.  We still get 20 cents on the dollar, and then they charge us an extra tax and tell us we won more road funding.  Our delegation in Richmond is impotent, but people keep sending the same folks down. 

Consistent Greenway-basher Frank Wolf certainly could have led the charge to solve the problem, but all he really wanted was a nice target for cheap attacks too.


So it is is my job to research every road, every school, every restaurant, and public transportation options ? It is also my responsibility to find out who will be providing water, sewer, cable, and shopping options ? How about if I want to know what the average electricity bill is for the summer? Should I research every tiny detail ?

That would become a full time job if I wanted to see like 50 houses (which I did) from Eastern Loudoun to Leesburg.

I don’t have the time to research such details. I expect my real estate agent to know this or find out within a reasonable amount of time. When I hired my real estate agent several years ago, I told them I would have a lot of questions and if they could not handle it then move on…

Everett - It’s not your agent’s responsibility to tell you the cost of the Greenway, you can research it yourself.  Should they also tell you the avg cost of fuel, groceries, local sales tax, etc.  Look it up yourself.

When someone is looking at homes along or near that road to buy, the real estate agent (buyers) should point out the fact this is going to cost you $12 a day roundrip.If that is an issue, then sit on the other roads (i.e waxpool or the rt. 7) in traffic. 

As a first time homebuyer several years ago I had no idea that road was so expensive (back then around $4 each way). By my agent disclosing that fact to me I looked at homes closer to the 28 and the 7 and eventually settled near Lansdowne.

I would shift some of the responsibility to the buyer’s agent, especially if someone just moved here and is not from the area.

If you don’t like the price, don’t use the road. I travel to DC everyday for the past 20 years and refuse to use the Greenway. Too expensive.

Why are you guys blaming Ramadan for our traffic issues, the guy only took office three years ago.

I think there are two take aways here:

1. If the David Ramadan and the Republican Delegation really fights on behalf of commuters, why did they promote western development, accept donations from the residential development industry, construct phony “property rights” political movements (over and over), and then leave commuters stranded with few east/west commuting options?

2. Why do we trust politicians who flood us with propaganda about how great they are, file law suits against private corporations, make promises, and then show that they are actually weak and ineffective?

Mr. Ramadan is obviously a socialist whiner who runs to the government when he has a complaint, rather than trusting our benevolent capitalists and free markets to run America. What a liberal pansy… Oh, wait… he’s a Republican?

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