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Dulles Town Center to expand

An expansion to Dulles Town Center is slated to add office, retail and medical space. -Courtesy Photo
Lerner Enterprises has announced it will be expanding buildings and infrastructure at its Dulles Town Center location on Nokes Boulevard.

Four new buildings on two pad sites, expected to house retail, medical and office space, will be 56,000 square feet.

A new parking area, plaza and trails for walking will also be a major part of the project.

On Route 28 there are plans to build a commuter lot at the intersection of Atlantic Boulevard and Dulles Center Boulevard.

According to a press release "Vestals Gap Park is a 7.7 acre park located near Dulles Center Boulevard and Century Boulevard along Route 28."

The four buildings will all be within walking distance of the Windmill Parc apartment complex.

“Nokes Plaza, when complete, will add much-needed medical, office and service-oriented retail options for the thousands of residents and office workers within Dulles Town Center,” stated Mark D. Lerner, a principal of Lerner in a prepared statement. Dulles Town Center will continue to expand and add amenities in the future to serve the growth of Loudoun and western Fairfax counties.”

Construction is slated to begin this summer and are expected to be complete in 2015.


loco Wonders-

Per article… “Four new buildings on two pad sites, expected to house retail, medical and office space, will be 56,000 square feet”.

The way I read it these 4 buildings will not have residential. Yes, Parc Dulles is an apartment complex which I agree will just cause the problems you mentioned. I also believe more employers are needed in the county, just not sure how to attract them (not my resposibility). My reccomendation would be to provide tax incentives to lure them in, but I doubt that will happen.

@ Everitt

They are thinking” how can we maximize revenue while fooling the rubes that run Loudoun County?” while laughing all the way to the bank.  LoCo needs commercial development, not hundreds more apartments.  Who will be paying for the schools, police, fire, etc.  My guess is that it won’t be the Lerner’s. When will the B of S learn that we can’t approve more residential?

Funny how they don’t mention the hundreds of additional residential units of Parc Dulles II that are also part of this project

Will these 4 new “buildings” be like 1 or 2 or 3 stories high ? Similar to those that are all over Atlantic Blvd and Nokes? Seems like that whole Dulles Town Center section is just one big spread out mess!

Should Build Up. 10 stories at least. It would be more walkable. Also the parking garages should be under the buildings as opposed to these surface parking lots that take up more sq. footage than the building itself. Not sure what these planners are thinking…

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