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Dunn files for Leesburg mayor candidacy

Updated: This article has been updated to reflect the current mayoral candidates, which is just Kristen Umstattd and Tom Dunn.

Tom Dunn

The election for mayor in the Town of Leesburg is now a race, though one that boasts no unfamiliar candidates.

Current council member Tom Dunn has filed paperwork to run for mayor in the upcoming November town elections.

Incumbent Mayor Kristen Umstattd, who has served on the town council in some capacity since 1992, is seeking her sixth two-year term at Leesburg's helm.

Beyond working together on the Town Council, Dunn and Umstattd are no strangers on the campaign trail either, with the two running in opposition in 2010. In that election, Umstattd won by just shy of 300 votes.

Dunn was first elected to the Leesburg Town Council in 2008. Prior to his tenure on the council, he was a member of the Leesburg Planning Commission; he currently is a council liaison to the Leesburg Board of Architectural Review and the Virginia Municipal League's Human Development and Education Committee.

Professionally, Dunn currently serves as president of VCR Inc., a small Leesburg-based marketing company that conducts title settlements. He also has 16 years of experience in mortgage banking.

Current Vice-Mayor Dave Butler seemed poised to also enter the race, but did not submit the required signatures before the June 10 deadline.

The Leesburg town elections are non-partisan and will be held November 4. Three town council seats and the mayoral seat are up for grabs. In addition to the three candidates for mayor, incumbents Marty Martinez, Kelly Burk and Kevin Wright are seeking additional terms, facing challengers Suzanne Fox and Dwight Dopilka.


Funny, how someone starts with attacking political parties, in support of someone.  A point has been made by someone else, but I like it.  Why is it that Tom Dunn runs for mayor (this is his second time) during his mid-term?  I mean, if Tom Dunn was really a man of character, why only run when he knows that when he loses, he still has his seat on the council.  It is clear to all, that Tom Dunn knows he cannot win, and in knowing that, is not about to run when, when he loses, he is off the council.  That is certainly not a man of courage.

Quite frankly, I am excited to see that Tom Dunn is running as he seems to be the one of just a few on Council that seems to listen to the “voice of the people” and not the political agenda of the left.  State Senator Jennifer Wexton literally hijacked a recent Town Council meeting while the Mayor just allowed her to rant her one-sided political opinion that had no place in the Town Council forum going well over he allotted 5 minute speaking time and given another 3.5 minutes when someone (The local DNC Rep) yielded his time on the floor back to her. The Mayor sat back allowing this charade to go on knowing darn well it was unfair and was breaking standard protocol. When national politics get thrown into local town politics and it is allowed by a Mayor that has been in the role far to long, maybe she has lost touch with reality. While she is a very nice person, it would be interesting to see a shift in leadership and see things mixed-up a bit. Tom gets my vote.

Weeeeeeeeeeee are all still wondering about the sense of this election.  If you actually look at the most RECENT Town of Leesburg elections results, and not go back four years into the past, you will see that Mayor Umstattd got over 12,000 votes and Tom Dunn, on that election cycle, got only a little over 5,000.00.  Even Dave “I can’t seem to figure out how to get on the ballot” Butler got thousands more votes than Tom Dunn did.  Also, you really do have to ask, whether Tom Dunn is on that side, or the other side, of the new “we eat our own” republican mess.  It looks to me that Tom Dunn does not stand a chance.  And what a surprise, eh?

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