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DuPont Fabros data centers to span 34 acres near Metro

Site Plans have been filed by Van Gogh Ventures to put in a 416,209 square foot data center at 22100 Shellhorn Road in Ashburn, between what will be the Route 606 and Route 772 metro stops.

Dupont Fabros will take over the data centers upon completion. The Washington D.C.-based data center operator already has more than a half dozen locations in Loudoun County and recently filed plans to add a 358,000 and a 446,500 square foot facility at its Ashburn data center campus, making this facility on par with the other filed DuPont Fabros data centers this year.

Named the Loudoun Metro Data Centers LM 3 and 4, the plot of land the data centers are expected to occupy will be 34 acres, close to the Route 606 Metro stop on the Loudoun side of Dulles International Airport.

Loudoun County is in talks to have more than 8 million square feet of data center space built by the end of the year, according to the Department of Economic Development. Seventy percent of the world's internet is said to run through data centers in Loudoun.


Do you folks know anything about the area there? Shelhorn has a town center going in where the metro stop will actually be at, the data centers are down the road half a mile on the other side of some existing industrial complexes I suspect are also data centers. Its across from a power station too which I doubt anyone wants to look at from a home.

The metro will actually be in the center of the Greenway with bridges to either side. The side I live on is woods now but 9 million square feet of mixed uses town center is planned to go in later including a parking complex for the metro, high rises with business space, condos, row homes, apartments (some built on far end) and single family homes; shopping, dinning, etc.

Land near the Metro should be used for high-rises. Residential or commercial but not a sprawling data center. It s good project but in the wrong location.

A Data Center is 1000x more desirable than condos. Data Centers pay millions into the treasury and demand almost nothing in services. Whereas Condos pay a few dollars into the treasury and then demand millions in the form of Fire, Police, Schools, Roads, etc…  The more DC’s they approve over residential units, the better.

And if you think Loudoun is home to low paying restaurant jobs, you must not get out a lot.

Great use of land especially near a metro stop where it should be mid to high rises for high density. 34 acres of land to employ maybe 100 people…what a joke.

Loudoun can’t seem to do anything right except attract low paying restaurant jobs at maybe $15/hr and lots of townhomes. If the leaders don’t have a clue then just follow what Fairfax and Montgomery Counties are doing. Maybe we will get somewhere then…

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