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UPDATE: Lawmakers expected to pass measure reopening the government Monday afternoon

Courtesy Photo/Alexander Todd Erkiletian
Jan. 22, 1:21 p.m.

After a two-and-a-half-day government shutdown, federal lawmakers appear poised to pass legislation reopening all federal services Monday afternoon, according to Virginia's senators.

The new spending measure will only fund the government through Feb. 8, however.

“We voted against the House Republican Continuing Resolution on Friday night because it left unaddressed too many priorities important to Virginians,” Democratic Sens. Mark Warner and Tim Kaine said in a joint statement. “We remain deeply disappointed that our Republican colleagues refused to keep the government open this weekend while we finalized a long-term deal on these issues. President Trump and Republican leadership have hurt Virginia and our military by governing from crisis-to-crisis and being unwilling to compromise.”

The senators said they are “heartened,” however, that more than 20 Republican and Democratic senators worked over the weekend to create a path forward for long-term sustainability and to protected so-called dreamers – immigrants who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children.

Part of the agreement is reportedly that Senate leaders have pledged to take up an immigration measure, including how to deal with dreamers, by Feb. 8.

Read more from the Associated Press.

Jan. 21, 1:24 p.m.

Washington lawmakers were continuing negotiations Sunday in hopes of reopening the government. Thousands of federal workers remain uncertain whether they'll go to work Monday.

U.S. Rep. Barbara Comstock announced Saturday she will not accept a federal paycheck while the government is shut down.

“I have been informed that despite a lapse of appropriations and current government shutdown, under current law, members of Congress would continue to receive their salary,” Comstock wrote in a letter to Congress' Chief Administrative Officer Phil Kiko. “Since I do not agree with that policy, please withhold my pay until an appropriations agreement has taken effect.”

Sen. Tim Kaine (D), meanwhile, announced he plans to donate his salary during the shutdown to charity.

Jan. 20, 2:15 a.m.

Core functions of the federal government shut down Saturday morning for the first time since 2013 as both parties failed to strike an agreement on a short-term spending plan.

Lawmakers are expected to continue negotiations today in hopes of landing a deal to quickly re-open services for the nation's citizens and visitors.

The majority of Democrats on Capitol Hill are holding out for a funding deal that will include protection of young immigrants who grew up in America from deportation. Also being debated is children's health care spending and money for expanded security along the U.S.'s southern border.

A one-week shutdown could cost the U.S. economy around $6.5 billion, according to Standard & Poor’s.

Saturday marked the first time in history a government shutdown has occurred and federal workers were furloughed while one party controls the White House, Senate and House of Representatives.

Members of the U.S. military and government workers deemed "essential" will continue to work and receive a paycheck, while other federal employees will either be furloughed or work and be paid only after a new funding plan is approved.

Watch this New York Times video for a quick rundown on government shutdowns:

Here's how Loudoun County's federal lawmakers reacted early Saturday:

Sens. Mark Warner (D) and Tim Kaine (D) in a joint statement:

“A year after Donald Trump became President, he and Republican leaders in Congress have delivered the shutdown he’s been calling for. Those who will suffer the most from his actions are federal employees and DoD personnel in Virginia who have already been hurt as we lurch from one budget crisis to the next. We put forward offer after offer tonight to prevent a shutdown and keep the government open over the weekend so we could work together to finalize a deal. Republicans rejected every single one. Virginians are counting on us to pass a bill that funds our military, education and health care programs, extends the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and protects Dreamers. We’re still at the table so we can reach that deal, and Republicans should reopen the government immediately and join us.”

U.S. Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.-10th):
“As a result of a Democrat led filibuster, the Senate opted for a government shutdown instead of supporting our military and federal employees and the essential and important work they do.  As the only Member of Congress in the National Capital Region to vote to keep the government open and stop shutdowns during both Democrat and Republican Administrations, it is simply unacceptable to hold our military and federal employees hostage. 

“Last night I voted for bipartisan legislation to fund the government. This legislation also funds the Children’s Health Insurance Program for 6 years; delays the Medical Device Tax for two additional years; delays the Cadillac healthcare tax for two additional years; and suspends the Health Insurance Tax for 2019. The House has also passed all twelve appropriations for FY18 and all have stalled in the U.S. Senate where Democrats refuse to compromise.  The policies in the House passed funding bill were all policies that have bipartisan agreement.  Yet, Democrats refuse to take yes for an answer on these issues we all agree on.   
“Defense Secretary Jim Mattis spoke today about the negative effects of a government shutdown on our men and women in uniform, ‘Our maintenance activities will probably pretty much shut down... over 50 percent, altogether of my civilian workforce will be furloughed... we do a lot of intelligence operations around the world and they cost money, those obviously would stop.’
“Keeping the federal government open means keeping our intelligence and homeland security professionals on the job tracking down threats and terrorists.  Keeping the federal government open means the Central Intelligence Agency, Department of Defense, and National Security Agency officials will be one hundred percent focused on their mission. Keeping the federal government open means that National Institute of Health researchers keep working toward finding new cures for cancer and other chronic diseases.  Stopping the daily work of government is costly and disruptive to both our federal workforce as well as the contractors who assist with their missions.  The government shutdown in 2013 is estimated to have cost $24 billion according to Standard & Poor’s.”


Not a Snowflake, Not as tired and old as the points I am seeing in these comments, such as the left won’t compromise, but what did the right ever offer as a compromise? I have seen your post and see nothing independent in them. You don’t think Obama cared for people when he fought to get everyone insured, but the presidents you think care are Reagan and Trump? I don’t understand where you got the “any president” thing from.

workhard, BTW you could have answered your own question to me by reading my posts. The military is very important, so lets not go by what those in Congress are saying that the left is doing to them, lets listen to Mathis, and read what the have to say in the military times.

Parent of 2, the task at hand was to kick the can down the road yet again.
workhardgetahead, if you had read what the military said you would know that they said they desperately needed a finalized budget because the CR’s were making it very difficult on them. It was a Democrat that took the floor to have the military paid during the shut down, it was Mitch McConnell that made the objection.

Actually, you could divide the country quite nicely.

Give each access to both oceans.

Make each contiguous.

Each would have major ports.

Citizens could initially choose their country but due to the inevitable entitlement state in one, that might need to be time-limited.

This would result in the southern country being comprised of Florida up the seaboard to either NC or Virginia. Go west across Tennessee, AR, most of central mid-America, Utah, Arizona, and the southern part of Cali (SD is a conservative area).

The northern part would have the populous states (NY, CA, IL, PA, MA) and much of the coastline. It would also comprise the Canadian border.

The benefit here is the northern country wouldn’t have to pretend it is great to get flooded with unskilled immigrants because they would have their liberal voters already. The southern country could enforce the border with Mexico so neither country would be flooded regardless.

Establish a free trade pact between the two countries and a joint defense agreement.

The northern country could have free everything: food, housing, healthcare, cradle-to-grave education (one might literally stay in “free” college for decades), transportation, counseling, you name it. They may not have as much of it for long but it could always be free. One thing that certainly wouldn’t be free is speech. If somebody ever became offended by another, then re-education camps, I mean counseling, would be in order.

The southern country could fix their entitlement system, truly protect free speech and religious views, and allow citizens to keep most of what they earn. Its immigration system would be based on merit and welcome those talented foreigners looking to be self-sufficient and grow their new country.

It’s not that dissimilar to proposals breaking California into 4+ states. It’s unlikely to happen but I don’t see much downside.

Amerigirl - The religion is called Islam not Islam.  The believer is called a Muslim.

The First Amendment bars the government from making laws that single out a specific religion, like Muslim.

Virginia SGP thinks we really should start thinking about two countries.  Great idea. For the least amount of disruption the righties can have TX, AR, AL, AK, WV, UT, ND, SD, MN, MI, MO, KY, KN, TN, OK, SC, IN, Florida north of I-4, southern IL and southern OH and maybe a few others.  Or, it probably is easier to wait until the 1/3 of the country that supports Trump, mostly old white FOX news watchers are pushing up daisies.  They should be less than 20% of the electorate within ten years.  The electorate will be comprised of mostly urban, suburban, minority and liberal leaning millenials of all races.

amerigirl, I do not work for the government. I do not want to debate you, but you asked me a question.  My issue with Kane and Warner is that they are NOT compromising and working for their constituents that includes democrats, independents, and republicans in my opinion.  I find their latest joint news brief a joke, they are working on a long term deal of what?  The task at hand was to pass a temporary budget to get to February 8th.  They chose to play politics.

Amerigirl, with all due respect, those are tired talking points parroted from the left and the chamber of commerce right (for cheap uneducated labor)using heavily biased poll numbers. 

Again, if you have seen my posts, I am fiercely independent and do not blindly follow any political party.  With you saying ANY President of the United States does not want to invest in our well being, you lose all credibility.  To the contrary, I do believe this president cares far more about America than any president since Reagan.  However, there are other policy stances that I do not agree with him, but regardless, I am open to an honest discussion of facts.

I want immigrants from all over regardless of simply what they look like or where they are from, but also expect them to be self sufficient, be merit based, and most importantly, come in legally.

SWSWSW, your loss, because facts are facts. Are you speaking of the Constitution that Trump is treating as a suggestion paper? True he did say “I want to protect Article I, Article II, Article XII — go down the list.” But the Constitution has only seven articles. There is no Article XII. The 1st amendment Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.” He attacks peoples freedoms of speech with comments like “Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag - if they do, there must be consequences - perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!” criticized NFL clubs for “disrespecting” their country with protests during the national anthem, suggesting “massive tax breaks” and calling for a change to the law. So that would be a change to the 1st amendment?  He constantly attacks the freedom of the press. “When The New York Times writes a hit piece which is a total disgrace, or when The Washington Post, which is there for other reasons, writes a hit piece we can sue them and win money instead of having no chance of winning because they’re totally protected.” Libel is a state-law tort constrained by constitutional principles. The Supreme Court has said that the First Amendment erects significant hurdles to libel suits from public officials, candidates for public office and public figures, but it has never said that newspapers are “totally protected.” Also, The First Amendment bars the government from making laws that single out a specific religion, like Muslim.
How about the 14th amendment? The that laws calling for mandatory death sentences violate the Constitution’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment.  Trump said “One of the first things I’d do in terms of executive order, if I win, will be to sign a strong, strong statement that would go out to the country … anybody killing a police officer, the death penalty is going to happen.”
The judiciary, telling a law enforcement officer not to enforce the law (obstruction of justice), an executive order that threatens to cut off funds to so-called sanctuary cities. It is unconstitutional because its aim is to coerce cities and states into enforcing federal immigration law.
Then there is the Emoluments Clause, where to even begin.
So, it looks like if you want to fight to follow and keep our great Constitution, who do you fight?


Unamerigirl, are you in favor of Illegal immigrants over legitimate American citizens? Are you in favor of defunding the US military just so there is a DACA law?

The Democrats who so enrage many of our commenters here will likely be running the government after the coming midterms.  After America has a chance to weigh in on all the winning Trump and GOP have brought us. 

Probably explains why Mitch McConnell isn’t following Trump’s suggestion to resort to the nuclear option.

This is so sad.  Shame on them all.

Snowflake, you don’t have to be alt-anything to have compassion for dreamers. You would have to be super alt-right not to. Two-thirds of self-identified Trump voters think the Dreamers should stay; only 26 percent think they should be deported Most republicans support dreamers, 69 percent of Republicans think they should stay. The rest of the breakdown is Democrats 84 percent, independents 74 percent, with a 2% margin of error. So, I guess that would make you a snowflake.
If you think Trump is investing your tax dollars in suffering American citizens, then you are a dreamer. Like Trump said himself, to the rich people at Mar-a-Lago I just made you “a lot richer” after passing Tax reform.
Also, dreamers didn’t chose to come here.

Go nuclear.  Run the Senate with a simple majority and end the Democrat’s moronic temper tantrum

the deal is DACA in exchange for the end of chain migration, visa lottery system, and $20B for the construction of a wall….Democrats refuse to do anything about border security and protecting the homeland…BTW - DACA does not have to be decided on until at least march 5, unless they get another extension….so shutting the government down now is another liberal game—Democrats are for everyone, but Americans…very evil…

amerigirl, I stopped reading after you called everyone who wants to follow the rule of law “racists”.  Surprised you didn’t jump right to Nazi.  To everyone else, this is what it looks like to fight to follow and keep our great Constitution.

To Mark Warner and Tim Kaine, you’re a disgrace and should resign ASAP. Putting Illegals over US citizens, Children and military. Think of all VA constituents you’re going against. By the way, your staff shouldn’t get paid either.

bad dreamer
Shutdown 2013
Shutdown 2018

Very sad to see both Tim Kaine and Mark Warner put illegals over US citizens, US children, Military, Vets, hard working middle class. As a Vet, and working in Intel for over 25 years, they went against their constituents. And give a lame excuse. They’re a disgrace and should be made to resign ASAP. Just think of the millions in VA that are affected by Govt Shutdown. This Independent will remember when voting in the future. Both parties are corrupt. Every politician in congress/senate(including their staff) should go without pay and lose their pension/Healthcare. And only allowed to take 3 weeks vacation max. We need to clean house.

There are approximately 800,000 Dreamers in the U.S. (people who entered the USA when they were children illegally).  DACA offers a path for these 800,000 to become legal citizens, as long as they qualify.  It does not “open floodgates” since there is a cutoff to be in U.S. by 2012.  Almost 1,000 of these Dreamers are considered by the military to have skills that are “vital to the national interest.”  It is a Pentagon pilot project called Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest Some who have served in the military know who these people are and how some of these Dreamers risked their lives for our country.  Any thoughts about these 1,000?

Shutting down the Federal government to protect non-citizens that are in the country illegally?!  How can anyone but the very bleeding edge of the alt-left support this?

Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.  I have compassion for all, but this is one area Trump is spot on.  I would rather my tax dollars help American citizens that are homeless, starving, addicted to opioids, in need of education, disabled, providing a hand up out of the crime ridden inner cities, etc, etc, etc., than supporting people who chose to cut the line and come illegally!

OMG, you can’t make this stuff up.  A Trump supporter added this to the comment debate…

“..All of those Marchers yesterday carrying vile signs with little children around.”

Where the heck have you been?  Or might it be you’re one of those situational-ethics evangelicals who condones a man cheating on his wife with a porn star even as his wife is at home with his newborn baby?

Can we cut through the nonsense and get on with moving America forward or is that just too much?

TrumpCausesTruthDecay, please provide 1 example of a lie President Trump has told since he’s been in office. Here’s you chance, don’t blow it.


BTW it was Trump who turned down the bipartisan deal that was taken to him. Trump even picked the number for funding the border and Schumer accepted it. Also, it was Claire McCaskill (D-MO) proposed a measure to guarantee military families get paid even during the shutdown.It was McConnell who objected, after he, Trump, Ryan and other Republicans droned on for the last 24+ hrs about unpatriotic Dems disrespecting the military.

SHAME ON THE DEMOCRATS!!! This is THEIR fault and they need to fix it NOW!

WOW so many racists! And blame the wrong people because that is what you have been told to do. Sheep. Nine out of 10 people want DACA, so if you are listening to your constituents and not the fringe you would not vote for another extension. It is important to do this now and not in March because approx 155 DACAs lose their status every day. All DACAs have been through stringent vetting, cannot receive federal money for school loan, must work and pay taxes. About 900 of them are in the military, and many own businesses that employ Americans.  So why so much hate for them, this is the only country they have ever known.
And no,  FromHereNotAComeHere, illegal immigrants cannot vote, even if they have a green card. Only if they have become a naturalized citizen would they be eligible to vote. Then they are no longer in DACA, they are citizens. It is like most of you don’t realize that two thirds republicans also want DACA recipients to have a pathway to citizenship.
White House assessment of Durbin-Flake-Graham DACA is, as usual, a lot of cr*p. If you check out the actual bill you would know that it is legislation to provide a path to citizenship to young undocumented immigrants while bolstering border security and making changes to the legal immigration system. Just because Trump says that it’s not does not change what is actually written.
Keep playing the blame game, but there were 5 republicans that voted no, and McCain said that he would have voted no too. The military, who so many republicans are using as an excuse to blame dems, has said that they want a finalized budget the defense secretary has warned top congressional leaders that Operating under a continuing resolution for three months will impact dozens of personnel and construction projects vital to keeping the military operational. Mathis said “Long-term CRs impact the readiness of our forces and their equipment at a time when security threats are extraordinarily high, The longer the CR, the greater the consequences for our force.”
Parent of 2, so explain your problem with Tim Kane and Mark Warner. Is it that you work for the government? They are doing their jobs, it is the republicans in Congress who can’t seem to get it together to come up with legislation and just keep kicking it down the road. And please don’t say that they gave the Dems CHIP, because if they were doing their jobs that would have never elapsed.
workhardgetahead , Please explain how Dems are to blame? Is it for not kicking this down the road? Maybe repubs didn’t know the deadline. Or is it DACA, that Trump ended.  Turning your back on and using people like those in CHIP and DACA as bargaining chip is nothing short of disgusting. They are people and who are we to judge them?

We’re either a nation of laws or we aren’t. Dems know they’ll lose the country without the illegal immigrant vote- it’s sad! to witness what a once respectable political party has resorted to just for votes. Remember, we’re either a nation of laws or we aren’t.

As soon as Democrats want to reopen the Government, all they need to do is vote Yes on the CR. It’s as simple as that.

This shutdown is the result of petty, vindictive, partisan behavior led by self-absorbed, and ultimately unpatriotic members of our government. 

Why does that sound familiar?

Trump had it right on Fox News back in 2013:

“I mean, problems start from the top and they have to get solved from the top and the president’s the leader. And he’s got to get everybody in a room and he’s got to lead.”


As Trump puts Americans first, the democrats choose the Schumer shoutdown approach and puts law breaking illegals first—the Democrats are completely destructive and have zero ideas but to resist….democrats are trying desperately to hide the economic successes Trump has achieved in so little time…so, lets shut down the government, we got nothing else for the American people but to try to kill Trumps soaring economy due to tax cuts…

The GOP has held the White House, both houses of Congress and a majority on the Supreme Court for the past year.  They do nothing for 11 months then hope the country falls for their #SchumerShutdown hashtag.  Please. 

Too bad we don’t have any leadership anywhere in the GOP.  Just a bunch following a self-absorbed reality TV star…

This shutdown is the fault of the Dunceocrats and Dunceocrats only. Always fighting for the lawbreakers. Another example, Terry McAulliffe saying his proudest accomplishment as governor was restoring voter rights for felons. This party is shameful and a disgrace. All of those Marchers yesterday carrying vile signs with little children around. These people are despicable. Changes have to be made to the Dunceocrats. BLM and Antifa are considered mainstream in the party. Dunceocrats, your party is in the toilet because of your Savior Obama. You better step up and save it before it’s flushed.

The Left is truly delusional. They are a minority in Congress. Yet, unless the majority passes what the minority wants, the Left plans to prevent funding for govt?!

And look at what they want. They want illegal aliens to be made citizens so Democrats can get their votes. Ditto what BobO said below as well about the Billion+ others around the world who would come to the US but can’t.

We really need to start thinking about two countries (peacefully of course). Each side has fundamentally different views that cannot be reconciled. One side resents success, views other’s property as a source of wealth to redistribute, and opposes accurate if controversial speech (see Google’s firing of worker whose memo psychologists have confirmed is accurate). I am not sure those who agree with the premise of this country’s founding can ever reconcile with those radical views.

Many conservative Republicans and Libertarians have been clamoring for smaller Federal government for years.
By eliminating all but essential services, the government shutdown accomplishes exactly that. Why aren’t they happy about it?

@ Loudounclear:  If “many Virginians” believe that shutting down the government for the sake of illegal immigrants is synonymous with “working together,” then the Californication of Virginia is nearly complete.

Parent of 2, you may be surprised to learn there are many Virginians who applaud our Senators standing up to this nonsense.  The shutdown will be painful for many, it’s true, but not getting Congress to start working together to solve problems would be far worse.

Can anyone accurately predict the deluge of illegal entry to the USA if amnesty is given to anyone who just happens to be here? Can anyone really justify throwing out a person who cam here as a child illegally and has already served honorably in the US military? So why not separate the question and allow anyone who has served honorably in the US military to enter the citizenship/naturalization process and if anyone has not done that yet are hear illegally then IMHO they have no claim. Most of my family fought honorably in WW2 and Vietnam so I am a bit insensitive to political motivated amnesty so folks will be dependable voters of a particular type if given amnesty while ignoring the other BILLION that would be coming in if this policy was so generous. NEVER ignore the sacrifice exhibited in Arlington cemetery where both my parents reside honorably when dishing out citizenship!
Bob Ohneiser Esq.

White House assessment of Durbin-Flake-Graham DACA amnesty bill:  Instant amnesty for 3+million Dreamers AND parents, <10% of wall money, keeps chain migration and visa lottery.  No wonder there’s no deal.

Tim Kane and Mark Warner SHAME ON YOU!  STOP playing national politics and do what is best for VIRGINIAN’s who you REPRESENT!

This is a national disgrace, period.  I don’t care whose fault it is.

I am writing this from overseas, where we are, officially, a laughingstock.  Good luck explaining the benefits of Democracy right now in a land where they have none, but they have stable, functioning, efficient government. 

Go ahead and toss the grenades at each others, spread the blame, take potshots…and call me unpatriotic.  Fine.  I know we as a nation can and will do better…but right now, we are showing the rest of the world we can be petty, vindictive, and partisan to the point of destructive. 

Sure, others are worse…that’s the point.  We’re supposed to be better.

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