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Easterns moves headquarters to Sterling

Times-Mirror Staff Photo/Beverly Denny Easterns Automotive Group founder Robert Bassam, right, receives a welcome certificate from Loudoun Board of Supervisors Chairman Scott York on behalf of the board at the new headquarters in Sterling March 27. The site includes the DirectCarBuying.com operation.
The company with the catchy commercial jingles and regional celebrity sports star spokespeople has opened a new headquarters in Loudoun.

Easterns Automotive group officially set up shop March 27 with an event featuring area business leaders, the Board of Supervisors and former and current members of the Washington Redskins.

The location, a 140,000-square-foot facility in Sterling that houses the company's corporate offices and a studio to shoot its famous commercials, is the main refurbishing and distribution center.

According to Easterns Automotive Group Founder Robert Bassam, Loudoun County is a major player in the automotive industry.

“It is a main corridor for a lot of the automotive business with ADESA Auto Auction being right on [Route] 606. Loudoun is also a central hub for intelligence as well and an easy place for people to relate to,” Bassam said. ”The airport is an area we buy cars and facilitate the fleet vehicles out of. So it is a main corridor for us that transporters find it easy to come to.”

The facility will also serve as home base to the company's http://www.DirectCarBuying.com operation.

DirectCarBuying.com has been tabbed as the “dealership of the future.”

“We think that is the future of the car business. People now do their research online and we can answer those questions online,” Bassam said. “It provides an ease of purchasing their car under their comfort and acquiring all the information they need.”

In addition to the business positives of locating in Loudoun, a major reason for the move to the area is it's home to many of the company's employees.

“All of our employees live and work here and we are a former business owner here, so we are really coming back home to Loudoun County,” Bassam said. “This is home for us. There was no real competition when we were formerly in Prince William, Va. and Howard County, Md. We closed those facilities and transferred those jobs here to Loudoun County.”

At the event, Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Chairman Scott York (R-At Large), flanked by Vice-Chairman Shawn Williams (R-Broad Run) and Supervisor Janet Clarke (R-Blue Ridge) welcomed the company to Loudoun.

“I would like to formerly welcome the Easterns Automotive family to Loudoun,” York said. “I have been very impressed in learning a little bit about Robert and Eastern's history. Robert has built this company from virtually to more than $31 million in sales and I wish him nothing but future success here in Loudoun.”

Easterns Automotive Group – celebrating its 25th year – specializes in the working man's car with sales prices ranging from $10,000 to $20,000.

The opening of the new facility will boost Loudoun County's economy by bringing 100 jobs and a million dollar investment to the county.


mrsHall is clearly a shill for the company. Her “story” and attack of the BBB are written like a bad ad.

This is a very interesting article/ Video written on March, 12, 2013 per the ABC news team investigation into the Better Business Bureau, and how it operates.  Definitely worth watching in todays age of letting “REVIEWS” dictate where you eat (YELP), travel (Trip Advisor), or purchase (BBB). 


The investigation questions their “pay to play” listings where higher ratings are awarded to businesses that paid for membership status.  Even top celebrity chef, Wolf Gang Puck, Disney Land, and the Ritz Carlton are not exempt from this policy of receiving “F” Statues.

Other business owners, including celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, who has regularly appeared on ABC News programs, said they were told they had to pay in order to get an “A” grade.

“If you don’t pay, it’s very difficult to get an A,” Puck said after receiving an “F” rating for one part of his food empire.”

The story was “painful but true” said Hurt, the Better Business Bureau president.

The beauty of living in 2013 is having access to question everything you read on the internet, and research anything that doesn’t sit right with you.  You are entitled to your opinion, as am I.  I am not apart of their PR team - actually just a local resident who is bothered by the insults towards a company that will bring revenue to our county.  Just trying to show 2 sides to every story, and enlighten others to do their own research and never take (not even the BBB) as the Gospel Truth!

The Better Business Bureau President talks end of “Pay to Play”

I see lots of postings which had been originally approved by Loudoun Times have now been magically deleted. Most likely after Easterns made some phone calls to suppress the truth about their business practices. When a business has to go to such extremes to mask their true nature, it speaks volumes about their profit motives to sell people vehicles at rates which are a hair under being declared predatory.

Yeah I’m 0-2 on simply explaining how a subprime car purchase goes down and the tricks a dealer can play.  Not even saying that is how Easterns operates.  I didn’t work at Easterns.

I guess maybe the LTM is trying to get a new ad account going?

A C- rating from the Better Business Bureau. Yikes, it does not get much worse then that. What will Tork and Williams try and sell you next, some cheap property?

I see Eastern’s PR team has been successful at getting people who tell the truth about the core of their business deleted from this story and got their own spin posted.

PT Barnum rule in full force.

Your post is distasteful, and offensive to ignorantly label Eastern customers like myself as “a sucker is born every minute”.  This type of stereotypical profiling is obnoxious, and sadly outdated.  I am a very satisfied Easterns customer, and i’ve never been happier with my purchase as a smart, and educated consumer.
  Try googling ” credit cards for unestablished credit “(GASP!!!!) as high as 22%.  Those predatory credit card companies should be ashamed of themselves giving individuals with no credit a chance build their credit.. MONSTERS! 

http://www.myfico.com/myfico/creditcentral/loanrates.aspx   as you can clearly see a Virginia PREDATORY rate of 21.338% is given to individuals with unestablished credit, or bad credit.  Unestablished credit a.k.a college kids, or new immigrants to our country, or people like myself who lost their jobs during the financial recession.  You must live in a bubble, and either can’t remember having no credit in your youth, or somehow missed the financial recession to be so harsh on others who may not be in the grand spot that your in.

As we all know, the Great Recession has deeply affected consumers credit scores, and therefore, their access to credit. A recent study from FICO, the largest credit scoring company, shows that an increasing number of consumers fall into the bad credit category. The most recent count shows that a whopping 25.5 percent of consumers have FICO credit scores below 599 – that’s nearly 43.4 million people who are considered high-risk customers for lenders.

What makes these numbers worse is that they are likely to grow in coming months, as financial missteps may not be reflected in credit scores for several months. With 26 million people out of work or underemployed according to the Department of Labor, there are a lot of people struggling to make payments without an income.

If you happen to be one of the 43.4 million people who have bad credit and you’re ready to start rebuilding your credit, where do you go from here?


This place looks amazing and I want to go just to check out the warehouse.

Also, I bought a car from Easterns a little while ago and it was great. I’m not poor or uneducated, thank you. The price was great and the car quality was great. I had a hick up in my credit because of personal reasons and they are helping me get back where I was.

Eastern can be commended for selling cars to people with bad credit. The only catch is those people won’t get favorable rates on their loan. They will get predatory rates. 20% Interest on a $15,000 vehicle will end up costing them almost $24,000 after 5yrs of payments. A 60% profit for Eastern. Maybe I should go into the Car Business. After all, there is a sucker born every minute.

I am a native to Virginia, and have lived in Loudon County all my life.  I’m also a diehard Redskins fan, and without a doubt I am ecstatic that they have moved into my neighborhood. They are always on the field during halftime giving a car away to veteran soldiers, or families in need. I support any local company that gives back to the community, and to our local sports team.  They must be something special to continue a relationship with a National Football team for so many years.

I’m disheartened that a few locals in our area can’t commend them for giving people like myself a second chance to buy a car.  Has everyone forgotten the financial crisis of 2008.  I know I haven’t, and never will.  It was the year that I lost my job, then my car, and eventually my home.  Without a job you can’t make payments.  I once had a 730 credit score, but I lost everything, and 5 years later I am still rebuilding what I once lost.  I am thankful to companies like Easterns who just like a Mortgage company, or credit card company charge me a higher intrest rate because my credit is blemished.  I can’t undo my past, and having bad credit doesn’t mean i’m less than human.  I have bad credit because I lost my job period.  I am thankful to be driving a car, and owning a home again even if it comes with a higher interest it’s a blessing to have these things.

Fedupdude: Are you so ignorant that you think all people with bad credit are poor and uneducated? In 2008, 4100 dollars was the average total for credit card debt accumulated by a graduating senior in college. Moving on…
FredSanford: Before writing in a public forum I suggest you do your research. Eastern motors uses a third party financing partner, so they don’t increase profit by increasing your interest rate.
All of this is public knowledge, so you might want to read up before you embarrass your respective areas of residence.

FTA:  “There was no real competition when we were formerly in Prince William, Va. and Howard County, Md. We closed those facilities and transferred those jobs here to Loudoun County.”

LOL - businesses are leaving MD….

Maybe we can get a major hub of a pay day loan or car title loan shop here next.

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