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EDITORIAL: Benediction—life after Nov. 7

This year’s campaign for elected office is a sad and shameful affair. The political tone coming from our highest office -- as well as the unseemly tactics of candidates and supporters in the commonwealth and county -- is nothing if not offensive.

It’s an ugly time in American politics, another disturbing election cycle. Tuesday can’t come soon enough. We’re among the many asking if there’s life after Nov. 7.
This year we’ve seen more posturing than forbearance, more indignation than curiosity, more shallowness than depth.

We’ve observed a willingness to present caricatures instead of solutions, to dance around issues rather than to guide us to understanding.

Our candidates are more inclined to launch attack ads than enlighten us with honest context about the interactions between citizens and events.

It’s time to appeal to the soul of American democracy to move past this unsettling time. While we prefer to keep faith a private part of our lives, we are compelled to offer a blessing. With neither sectarian affiliation nor partisan allegiance, we call upon those who vote, as well as those who are seeking elected office, to aspire to higher ground:

May you understand that political movements, boundaries, personalities and promises are dust in the wind, here one day and gone the next.

May you resist the temptation to place ultimate trust in any person, policy, party, movement, or nation.

Though your time be troubled, may you discover your role, albeit temporary, in just, wise and merciful governance.

May you see your work — all of your callings and activities — as service to the common good.

May you honor the cultures and colors of all citizens though they may be different than yours.

May you comprehend that your being is not dependent on for whom you vote in an election, or in whether or not you vote. You are under no moral obligation to vote for a person or party or proposal or initiative if that vote violates your conscience.

May you have empathy for the political decisions of others that you find troubling, particularly those of family and close friends.

May you have the wisdom to understand political difference and the eyes to see the imperfect search for what is just.

May you lead with grace and civility.

May you be grateful for the opportunity to participate in democracy. If you choose not to participate in the election, may you find other ways to serve society.

There is life after Nov. 7. We are certain to find it when the election is over.


This was amusing.  A news media complaining about the slum that politics has fallen into is like a hoarder complaining about the mess in his house.

Be offended be very offended because your common good rhetoric offends me. Don’t care if it civil or not give me results and I care not one bit to honor cultures that would destroy my way of life which incudes bacon, alcohol and beautiful women without head scarfs.

Doctor, heal thyself.

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