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EDITORIAL: Chasing Shadows

It’s just 26 miles from the White House to the Loudoun County line, but the distance seems shorter these days. Events -- one planned, others unexpected -- bring attention to a county that lives in the shadow of the nation’s capital.

The planned event is the Senior PGA Championship at Trump National Golf Club Washington D.C. next week. Note that address. The owner of the club wanted to make an impression. Apparently “Sterling” wasn’t shiny enough.Trump bought Lowes Island Golf Club, renamed it after himself and then decided it would be cooler if 800 acres of wetlands in Loudoun County were relocated by name in the District of Columbia.

Rather than move the course, Donald Trump invented his own geography for it, confounding the residents of Lowes Island, Cascades and Potomac Falls, all of whom thought they knew were they lived.

Trump disputes facts with his own version of them. He also created a story about the “river of blood,” a Civil War battle that purportedly took place on the golf course property overlooking the Potomac. Never happened, county historians told the Times-Mirror. But it must be true because Trump says so. He validated his tale with a monument between the 14th hole and 15th tee celebrating himself, shocking no one.

Loudouners aren’t keen about messing with their history. Listen to Randy Minchew, a Republican state delegate from Leesburg and local history buff. “Nothing binds us as Virginians more than our common love of honest history and we rightfully take offense when our history is purposefully skewed or sugar-coated,” he wrote the Times-Mirror. “To us, such action is equivalent to turning back the odometer on a used car and then marketing it to the unsuspecting public.”

All is apparently forgiven now that the Senior PGA arrives. Professional golfers, sponsors, some 25,000 spectators, national media and two television networks descend on Trump National next week for the county’s first major professional sporting event. But for the disruption of a quiet corner of the county, Loudoun will be in the limelight. Sponsors say it will generate an economic benefit of $25 million and bring attention to our dynamic county.

Attention also arrives with unanticipated news: Andrew McCabe, the firing of FBI Director James Comey and the investigation of the administration’s ties to Russia. McCabe, an Ashburn resident and currently the acting director of the FBI, is a central figure in the web of intrigue that leads to the White House. We expect to learn soon if he will be nominated to replace his former boss.

Curiously, the intrigue also leads to golf courses. The Charlotte Observer disclosed this week that Trump’s son Eric said the Trump Organization relied on Russian backers to finance the family’s golf empire, including the $3 million purchase of The Point Lake and Golf Club, which Trump re-branded as Trump National Golf Club, Charlotte. The course isn’t actually in Charlotte. It’s in Mooresville, N.C. Familiar story?

Reacting to the claim, a Trump Organization spokesperson told the Observer that the firm paid cash for the North Carolina golf property and used no outside financing. But it was not the first time one of Trump’s sons has spoken publicly about the importance of Russian capital to the family’s golf empire. At a real estate conference in 2008, Donald Trump Jr. said in a widely circulated comment that Russian money was “pouring in” to the Trump golf business.

The FBI would not comment on whether any possible Russian connections to Trump golf courses were being investigated as part of the agency’s broader probe, The Observer reported.

Trump bought Lowes Island Golf Club in 2009 for $13 million and has reportedly has invested at least $25 million in the property. Trump claims the property is now worth $100 million. The Loudoun County assessor’s office put the property value at $23.7 million in its 2016 assessment for real estate taxes.

Golf courses, Russia connections and the FBI -- all part of the intrigue and unprecedented interconnections conflicting the Trump presidency.

A shadow is the dark shape that appears on a surface when someone or something moves between the surface and a source of light. At this moment, we chase shadows.



How on Earth will this “unraveling” as you describe help out common people? Sounds like the average American, now smothered by laws created by and ruled upon by the economic elite, will in your vision, become a Virginian who will continue to be smothered by laws created by and ruled upon by the economic elite. They just get to have a new set of masters.

Help me out here. For just a moment, put aside your desire to correct the ills of the past. Put yourself in the modern historical context. Let’s say you have a clean slate to create a government that works the best for everyone. What could be done to make that government work best for everyone?

Speakman gives a pretty accurate picture of the history and current status of the parties.

Today the republican party’s platform is to undo the mess brought on by the dismantling of our founding fathers ideas of the great experiment in democracy. The Radical party (Republican) led by Lincoln was a result of dissolution of the former Wig party. The Radical party as it was known in its day, wanted to suppress the ideas of the individual sovereign states and ultimately prevailed. In order to fully understand the war between the states (that should never of happened) you must understand the formation of the U.S. government.  The constitutional convention of 1787 provided each sovereign state certain protections against foreign powers and rules on trade . This formation at the time was meant to be a club of sorts. The club allowed the U.S. Government certain limited powers. After the Constitutional Convention the states split into opposite camps. The first was the Jefferson camp, the Democratic/Republicans and the other the Wig party. Each had opposing views on the amount of power the U.S. government could acquire. Madison and Hamilton’s views was to acquire enough power for the government to operate. Jefferson’s ideas was only to allow limited power expressly written in its creation. All agreed that any state could leave the union/club if the citizens of that state agreed. The great experiment in democracy envision by our founding fathers as all been extinguished. Our national parties still are hashing out old arguments. Now the tables have turned, the republicans want to rollback the mess they created through Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. The Democratic party envisions Franklin Roosevelt ideas of a powerful federal government and with it comes the suppression of individual liberties and a ruling class as we have witnessed.  Our forefathers fought a revolution for ideas that have long since been forgotten. Countless articles warning of the supreme state were written by both early parties and we have left those warnings to history.       

RQS.  That is the accurate history of the Democratic Party.  You may not like your lineage, but those are the facts.  If you want to add geographic qualifiers and say that, for instance, slavery was a Southern problem that is accurate.  But, politically speaking, it was a Democratic Party position and it was never part of the Republican Party.

I’ll add the Republican Party was created with the specific purpose of the abolition of slavery and the election of the Republican Lincoln greatly agitated the Democrats who then succeeded and thus commenced the slaughter of millions of Americans.

The current Democratic atrocity is abortion.  Congrats.  You’ve killed more people of color (and others) through abortion than all previous Democratic activities combined.

David, don’t prey on the gullibilities of the unknowing. It’s not nice. Comparing the modern/current platforms of the D and R parties to those of the 1860’s and soon there after is a complete and utter attempt at deception.  I give you enough credit as an informed individual to know the facts on this. I hope that you will make a public apology and correction on the way you framed your post, a very purposeful insult to the current Democratic party and their followers.

Others, please research this yourself - key words ‘democrat republican part platform switch’. Short version: in the 1860’s, the ‘north’ was Republican dominated, favoring Federal (government) expansion in a variety of ways (transcontinental railroad, homesteading, public {land grant] university systems); the ‘south’ was Democrat party dominated, and generally opposed these Federal (nation wide) expansion efforts, favoring more insular and local jurisdiction, and of preservation of their economic engines,(labor intense agriculture, utilizing human slavery; this is pre-Industrial Revolution), all of which led to the idea of secession rather than the expansion [growth!] of the United States (the direction the North was taking).

These ideologies gradually flip-flopped during the first few decades of the 20th century, until the presently known platform ideologies generally took root.  The way America (Americans) think is fascinating.

The statues are all Democrats.  It is the Democratic Party that is ashamed of their own past because it was the Democratic Party that:

1. Fought to institute slavery
2. Caused an insurrection that ended the lives of millions of Americans.
3. Instituted Jim Crow laws.
4. Established policies of eugenics.
5. Unlawfully interned thousands of Japanese-Americans.
6. Established and fought for segregation.

I can understand why Democrats want to obliterate their history.  It is abhorrent.

Democrats put all the statues up in the first place. Don’t blame Republicans for that.

The Times sounds very neurotic. I wonder if they check for Russians under their bed?

They sure are a bunch of haters at the Times. Evidently they not only hate Trump but golf as well.

David - statues do not make history - they are celebrations of it.  Why are you insisting on celebrating a low point in our history?

Wow, this editorial proves Trump Derangement Syndrome has throughly infected the editorial board of the local newspaper.

“Loudouners aren’t keen about messing with their history.”

Remember to tell it to the Democrats next time they try and tear down a statue.

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