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EDITORIAL: Security is vital at Dulles Airport, but so are our freedoms

Of all the landmarks in Loudoun, none expresses who we are and how we live so dramatically as Dulles International Airport. Dulles is our gateway to the world, a symbol of our progress, a shining beacon of our aspirations.

The sweeping arches of Eero Saarinen’s masterpiece of modern architecture stir us to take flight, pursue our sense of adventure and then return to the familiar embrace of home. Whether traveling on business, vacationing or visiting family, we arrive at a sanctuary -- Dulles Airport’s soaring terminal.

Dulles comforts us with the assurance that everything is OK. Or will be, now that we’re home. Who hasn’t felt the love when friends and families reunite after passing through the arrival portal? We live in an extraordinary place. It’s good to be home.

Some now say that an executive order restricting entry for those from predominantly Muslim countries protects us from complacency. They contend we must be increasingly vigilant about the threat of terrorism and protecting America’s borders.

Of course we must be vigilant. We support reasonable measures to keep us secure and to keep possible terrorists out. Who among us does not value the elaborate precautions, most beyond our awareness, on Dulles’ uber-security mezzanine? And, yes, we will stand in line as long as it takes to ensure personal safety as well as the safety of our families, neighbors and colleagues.

We also support additional security measures in customs to make traveler screening more comprehensive by strengthening existing protocols and information-sharing systems.

Dulles Airport is our Statue of Liberty. 60,000 passengers pass through it daily to and from more than 125 destinations around the world. More than a destination, the airport is an operating system for freedom, a portal for those who seek to share the values and freedoms of America.

In only a few days, a misguided order has tarnished our monument. It has put Dulles Airport at the center of an international drama over rights and security. It has compromised and insulted students, teachers, scholars, scientists, doctors, nurses, tech workers, diplomats, developers and many more who live and work here.

Those who hastily put the order into effect say that it makes the country safer. But now it has become apparent even to them that it is having a different effect.

The world is angry and confused over what has happened at our airport, our Statue of Liberty. And so are we. In Loudoun County, we have a special obligation to ensure that our citizens and neighbors are as free as possible from discrimination.


Thank you, Times-Mirror Editorial Board.  All Americans want a country that is safe for our families and neighbors—on this we can agree.

As someone who has read the Executive Order, and whose professional expertise includes helping Loudoun federal contractors sponsor green cards for foreign nationals (yes, some from the 7 countries named!) who vigorously support our defense missions, I found the implementation of the EO incompetent, inhumane, and dangerous.  As this has not been the case in the past when similar EOs from Presidents from both parties were issued, the White House and CBP must be held accountable for their actions or lack thereof. 

It has indeed tarnished Dulles, and I am concerned that its economic impact on jobs and tourism in Loudoun, as well as the region in general, will be lasting.

Calm down Trumpies.  We get it, no matter what Trump does you’ll think it’s great and everyone else is just getting in the way of making America great again. 

Most of us are not that impressed with what the Trump team has done to our country in two short weeks.

I can assure you than anyone who regularly travels through Dulles, esp termincal C, does not look at Dulles the way you describe it.  Nice try. 
I doubt the LTM read the actual text of Trumps executive action.  Do some basic research.  He references states listed by BHO, not Muslims.
What a fake editorial.

???  Dulles is a money sucking black hole that relies on government welfare checks and artificial monopolies to survive and is a tentacle of the MWAA/WMATA fiasco.  If I’m looking for inspiration in Loudoun, I’d look at our role in the dawn of the Internet and how an agricultural county has been able to balance progress with its rural heritage. 

Dulles?  No way.

Nobody is confused. Foreign countries are replicating such restrictions (see Kuwait, a majority Muslim country who enacted similar restrictions).

This would have been a footnote except for the grandstanding by local politicians.

Last fall, a Somali refugee tried to kill his fellow students at Ohio State in a copycat, truck ramming incident. He then exited the truck and tried to kill with a knife. It took the police killing him to end it.

Reasonable people can disagree over whether standing down to review our immigration policies toward 7 countries with either no functioning government or one that supports terrorism is a good idea. To claim it violates the constitution or is based on racial is irresponsible and what caused the uproar. But you got what you wanted. You got international countries to use your fake outrage (essentially an unnecessary apology) as “proof” that it was ill-intentioned. Congratulations, the apology tour continues even after leaving office.

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