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Election 2011 endorsements, part I: Board of Supervisors

It happens every four years. Loudoun selects candidates for the Board of Supervisors, School Board, Constitutional Officers and members of the House of Delegates and Senate of Virginia. Despite the attention next year’s U.S. Senate and presidential races will receive, for Loudoun this is the big one.

The past four years have seen public controversies over water protection measures and construction of a second hospital, arguments over school funding and economic development, cuts across departments because of falling property values and an increase in the tax rate. Whoever is elected Nov. 8 is likely to be tested in ways we can’t even imagine yet.

While we have no desire to supersede a voter’s self-education with our take on the respective races, the Times-Mirror has a history of taking careful stock of our elected officials and providing our recommendations to voters. Here are our endorsements.

Board of Supervisors

For Chairman, we endorse incumbent Republican candidate Scott York. While we have been concerned with York’s changing allegiances and party switch, there can be no doubt that York has been an able steward for Loudoun County and a superb representative for our community. His Democratic opponent Tom Bellanca has a good business background, but cannot compete with York’s 20 years of service to the county. A proven leader, York understands Loudoun and is dedicated to making it better.

Similarly, we support Suzanne Volpe (R) in the Algonkian District. She is willing to do the work, and she has proved it during her tenure on the Planning Commission, the Cascades Community Association and through her significant board and volunteer experience. She is never short of an opinion, but chances are she’s done the research to back it up. Her opponent Democrat Denise Moore Pierce has been hampered by a late start to her campaign and has not been able to catch up on all the issues facing Loudoun and the new Algonkian region.

For Ashburn, there are two candidates with very different assets that would be brought to the office. If there has been a deficit on the current board, it has been a lukewarm relationship with the business community. For that reason, we favor Republican Ralph Buona’s executive-level experience and sharp focus on growth and pro-business issues. Planning Commissioner Valdis Ronis (D) would bring knowledge of Loudoun planning and zoning and strong connection with the Ashburn HOAs. His intellectual approach would certainly make an acceptable alternative.

Blue Ridge proved to be a difficult selection. In endorsing independent Jim Burton, we recognize his long tenure on the Board of Supervisors and his deep understanding of county finances and the needs of the rural economy. However, we remain troubled by his distrust toward the business community and his tendency to remain deaf to opposing views. Even so, Burton is a gentleman of high integrity and he maintains a discerning nature that is likely necessary in the coming years. Republican Janet Clarke’s open and friendly nature would be a welcome change in the district. Experienced in town government and a friend to business, Clarke remains a dedicated Loudoun advocate and strong alternative.

The Broad Run District is poised for the largest amount of growth in the next four years with several developments in the planning stages. Incumbent supervisor Andrea McGimsey (D) was redistricted into this new area and may have trouble connecting with a new electorate. However, we find ourselves unable to part with McGimsey’s regular reminders on environmental and traffic impact from planned developments. With the Board of Supervisors likely moving to a Republican majority, maintaining an environmental voice gains importance.  Her opponent Shawn Williams (R) is a strong alternative and may be closer to the Ashburn community through his work there. A contract attorney with a moderate viewpoint and an ability to build bridges and coalitions between the board and other organizations, Williams is an extremely strong alternative to McGimsey and would be a benefit to Loudoun from an economic development perspective. Independent Cliff Kierce, a member of the Planning Commission, has also shown a detailed understanding of the growth needs of the district, but he seems less likely to be able to build a coalition of votes than his opponents. 

In Catoctin, Malcolm Baldwin (D) brings experience in environmentalism and a firsthand knowledge of the rural economy. Representative of the Catoctin District, Baldwin receives our endorsement at least partly because of his moderate views. Republican Geary Higgins brings a strong understanding of education from his tenure on the school board and pro-business mentality, but we feel that Baldwin’s background and easygoing style may be a better fit for this race.

Republican Matt Letourneau has impressed us with his insight on issues specific to the Dulles District, particularly the incomplete road network. He receives our endorsement.  Employed with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, he is able to speak to large companies on their level as well. Democrat Larry Roeder has significant life experience, but his campaign has hinged on his desire to work full-time. While laudable, Loudoun has not agreed that this is necessary and Roeder’s response to issues in Loudoun requires additional focus.

Kelly Burk (D) wins our endorsement in Leesburg.  Finishing her first term on the board, Burk has distinguished herself as a moderating influence, finding middle ground on taxes and economic development issues in addition to kitchen table issues like transportation, support for seniors and towing oversight. Burk’s experience with the Leesburg Town Council and as a teacher also allow her to understand related issues that come before the board. Her opponent Ken Reid (R) of the Leesburg Town Council has a strong resume of accomplishments from his tenure on council, but leaves us questionable about his ability to transition to a countywide office and work cooperatively with members of the opposing party.

For Sterling, we support Eugene Delgaudio (R). His view on social issues is unsettlingly conservative and his antics distracting, but a deeper look demonstrates a public official who works tirelessly for the people of Sterling. We would be lying if we didn’t admit that a moderation of the antics in “The Eugene Show” would be welcome. However, no one works harder for their district than Delgaudio, whose strong constituent service and unabashed push for additional resources have improved life in the Sterling District. His opponent Al Nevarez (D) is a promising newcomer, but is unlikely to produce the same results. Likewise, independent candidate Ali Shahriari has good intentions, but needs to build a stronger handle on the issues.

These endorsements were decided on by the editorial board of the Loudoun Times-Mirror after countless hours of race coverage and review of the candidates’ positions. As with any election, we encourage readers to educate themselves on the candidates and make the choices which best fits their own views and priorities. The Loudoun Times-Mirror Voters’ Guide is available for this purpose at Loudountimes.com.


I have used that handle for years, I’m writing in a comment section, not doing a research paper. This is a place to express your opinions, make observations, and comments. Sorry you don’t like the name but I don’t feel the need to use different names for different things. Sorry it doesn’t cut it for you, that would be your problem.

Just an observation, but if you’re going to call yourself “FACTSvsfiction”, then taking the out of “but I was just expressing an opinion” doesn’t quite seem to cut it.

Wolverine, you must have forgotten your own words.
Fri, Oct 28 at 01:05 AM by Wolverine:  “Not to mention that Mr. Nevarez is a member of MoveOn.org “
Before that I did not know. Why are you being so hateful,using the sports analogies etc? Can’t you be civil?

factsvsfiction on 3 November: “...i would much rather see a candidate that was part of a rights movement like moveon.org than a member of a hate group such a public advocate.”

factsvsfiction on 6 November:  “..I did not know that Nevarez was with any group, radical, which is your opinion, or not.”

Now, why would factsvsfiction bring up the name moveon.org in the first place?  Perhaps because, of the three candidates in Sterling District, only Al is a member of that group.

The curveballs still do not break.

I’m stating an opinion, not complaining, so you don’t need to make personal attacks.  And there you go assuming again, wolverine, I did not know that Nevarez was with any group, radical, which is your opinion, or not.  I’m amazed that you think you know more about me than I do.  Like I said, I can be anti-DelGaudio but that does not mean that I am pro-anyone else. Obviously you are both anti-Nevarez and pro-DelGaudio . Have you looked at the radical group Public Advocate that he is president of? That is truly radical and full of hateful comments and scare tactics.  Could you please tell me if you agree with his statements   about homosexuals being radical pedophiles that are trying to destroy the American family, and do you believe the stories he writes about being chased from a warehouse by a group resembling the village people, or about having a blanket thrown over his head and beaten? You wonder why I think the man is a liar? How about you, do you honestly think this is the truth or a lie?

Stop complaining, factsvsfiction.  In your 3 November 12:09 PM post you threw a pair of anti-Delgaudio curveballs which didn’t break and got hit out of the park.  You claimed with such certainty that the substation project never went to the BOS for a vote—- in other words, that Delgaudio was a liar. You didn’t even have a clue that our supervisors can use the formal title of “Honorable”—-  in fact, you assumed that Delgaudio was using a title not authorized. And you claim you know a lot about Loudoun?  As for that business about Al Nevarez?  Not many residents around here know that Al is a member of MoveOn.org (and also was trained as a radical online activist at MoveOn’s New Organizing Insitute in 2006).  That is because Al has been hiding inconvenient facts like that during the whole campaign.  But you knew it, factsvsfiction, you knew it. And your 3 November post certainly would not cause anyone to believe you could be a Delgaudio supporter.

Wolverine. You assume too much. Where did I ever say I was even a Navarez supporter? How do you know that I’m just not for DelGaudio? You assume I’m male, and that I use a laptop? You should stick to facts, and really you don’t have to get nasty. My opinion is my opinion, there is no conspiracy going on here, no reason for paranoia. It was a ranking police officer that commented that he was against the substation in the beginning discussions. i see you also assume that I knew Al Nevarez in Baltimore. I doubt he lived there when I did, and was more than a few years old when I moved from there.
I was assuming that these statements were just your opinions, but if you were there on all those occasions I’m guessing that you must work closely with him. 
In my opinion, local politicians should not use the title “honorable”. It is a title that should be earned.
I know alot about Loudoun, that was just an spiteful dig, I moved from Maryland over 50 years ago, are you even that old? How long have you been a Loudouner?

factsvsfiction should try to use his laptop more often.  If he Googles “Honorable” and Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, he will see that all elected members of the Board have the right to use the title of “Honorable,” as do their counterparts in other Virginia county jurisdictions.  Factsvsfiction must surely be part of the Al Nevarez team.  He seems to know virtually nothing about Loudoun.  Come to think of it, Baltimore was Al’s last stop before coming to Sterling Park in 2008.  That could explain it.

factsvsfiction is wrong once again.  The Eastern Loudoun Sheriff’s Office Substation was, indeed, approved by a public bond vote.  However, the proposal also went to the School Board (unanimous for transfer of excess school property to the county); the Planning Commission (17 December 2007 - unanimous approval); and the Board of Supervisors (8 January 2008 - unanimous as a consent item on the agenda. LCSO officers and county officials concerned with the project were there with all their drawings and charts and data but didn’t even have to address the Board.)  We were present on all these occasions and directly involved in the project. Delgaudio was a strong supporter of the substation from the get-go, being at the dais at the first public input session to the final BOS vote and then the groundbreaking and the official opening of the substation.  So, factsvsfiction strikes out once again.  Perhaps a change of blog handle is in order.

I got a mailer from DelGaudio saying he “voted for Sterling’s new Eastern Loudoun Sheriff Substation”. That would be impressive had it not been a bond referendum that he fought against adding to the ballot, and it never went to a vote by the board of supervisors. Once it passed he had a sudden change of heart.
Some one really needs to tell DelGaudio the difference between a pedophile and a homosexual. A straight person is just as likely, actually more likely, to be a pedophile, like his brother Richard, who was convicted of kiddie porn production in 2003 (what can I say, I’m from Baltimore and keep up with their news). Chris N, I attend BOS meeting, and read his newsletters, which is where I hear these things. I would like to know why he has appointed himself the title “honorable”, an earned title in the US reserved for judges, State Legislatures,Governors, lieutenant governors,federal dept heads etc. I don’t see anything honorable about anyone that spreads hate like he does. i would much rather see a candidate that was part of a rights movement like moveon.org than a member of a hate group such as public advocate.

It’s interesting that Delgaudio was the only supervisor to vote against denying the OpenBand franchise yesterday. I wonder if the $7,500 he received from MC Dean, OpenBand’s parent company, persuaded him in any way. Also, he is the only current supervisor who never signed the ethics pledge, and he speaks out against LGBT. Hmmm…some “food for thought”...

Peter, 1. You can visit the candidate’s web page and see for yourself what he is all about. I am not his spokesman.
    2. I have not seen any verifiable evidence that mr. Shahriari is as you or a few bloggers have said to be a “self-avowed democratic socialist” and even if he is, so what?
  A vote should be for who you believe will better serve the community, not because one or another candidate has a betta chance.

  You seem to supporty mr. Nevares, but what does he bring to the table? Opposition to anti-gay rhetorik by mr. Delgaudio and a few years in Loudoun? Tell me?

Two questions for Peter who says,

“I see only positive and progressive ideas comming from Mr. Shahriari.”

1. What are they?
2. Are you willing to cast your vote for a self-avowed “Democratic Socialist”, knowing that your vote might as well be a vote for the incumbent?

Its a bit strange that the paper decided to endorse Mr. Delgaudio.  In the past 12 years, Sterling has lost many businesses, had a drastic increase in criminal activity, has had no improvement in public infrastructure other than the Rt. 28 exits, and has seen an uncountable amount of abandoned homes.  Where has Mr. Delgaudio helped his community? I see only positive and progressive ideas comming from Mr. Shahriari.  Mr. Nevarez on the other hand hasnt put forward any plan whatsoever and doesnt seem to be very familiar with sterling in general.

In case there was even the shadow of doubt regarding what it takes to “milk the intolerance of the rabid fringe,” one of our commenters found the original photo that Mr. Delgaudio photoshopped.

Both versions can be viewed here:

And to be extra sure no one misunderstands, the Loudoun GOP just sent out an email that depicts President Obama with a bullet hole in his head. Thank you LI for exposing this:

Poor Loudoun- The Times Mirror envisions another four disjointed years of Delgaudio who is an unrepentant “bigot” and earns his living spewing hate about gay people and immigrants.  Now there’s a model for quality local government. Instead of endorsing no one- you embrace the true nincompoop. While there are some good choices from both parties in many of these races- that the Republicans chose Dick Black for Senate and “Yet Again Eugene” is testimony to their utter willingness to bed down with anyone regardless of how hateful their views are.  Chilling! If Eugene would lose maybe he’d have to get a real job rather than continue to rake it in milking the intolerance of the rabid fringe.

If you read the disclosure paperwork, you have to itemize the contributions over $100. $100 or less is not itemized.

Delgaudio gets donations from around the country, too.

Supervisor Delgaudio,

There is a minor error in your campaign finance guidance.  A donation of $100 is not “less than” $100.  It is equal to $100 and if an individual donates $100 to your campaign (God forgive them), then you are obligated to report their personal information in the campaign finance report.

I hope you don’t think I’m splitting hairs; “equal”, “less than”, they mean almost the same thing, don’t they?

About as shameless as Al Nevarez including on many of his Daily Kos posts a request for money from liberals all over the country to help him defeat Delgaudio.  Funny thing is that some of his fellow “Kossacks” didn’t even know he was living here, and at least one didn’t even know that Loudoun is in Virginia.  At least Delgaudio is asking for local contributions. He also doesn’t have thousands of dollars of in-kind “contributions” like Al does from his researcher pals at AFL-CIO headquarters or a hired gun campaign manager from Pompano Beach, Florida.

He signs his own name with “Honorable” in front of it and shows up here in comments to solicit money.  This should be all you need to know about this huckster - vote him out.

Thank you for post, interview, endorsement and comments. It is a lot of work to be supervisor or a candidate. May the best person win in every race.

For balance, here’s part of my October 20th email which has not been posted yet on other blogs (so I will do it if you allow):

“Please send $100, $50 or $25 now. You will appear on no list or disclosure. Over 1,000 contributers have done this. Please join them.

There is no requirement to publish or disclose any donation UNDER $100 in Loudoun or Virginia.

If you donate ABOVE $100, the law requires me to ask your employment and employer and place of business and to report that gift. Over 77 major donors have done that. Please join them if you can. Thank you.

These donors and their companies have been generous on the record and make a very big difference. Please join them if you can.

Thank you for your help in advance.

My mailing address for checks is Friends of Delgaudio P.O. Box 1222 Sterling, Va. 20167. My online donation link follows. Thank you again.

Donations to the Friends of Delgaudio can be made immediately online at this link (very much appreciated).

Permission Granted In Advance to copy or forward.– ED”

Now Delgaudio is “manipulative.”  If that doesn’t get the horse laugh of the week award.  He goes all over the district.  You bet he does.  He works the district in order to meet his constituents face to face and respond to their needs and complaints.  It’s part of the job, for the love of Mike.  All politicians do it regardless of party, Ms Jefferson—- or should do it.  It is how they get re-elected.  If Al Nevarez does win this race for Sterling District, he would do well to learn how to be “manipulative” real fast.

Its amazing to me that anyone is supporting a man who is opening against people of other cultures and different lifestyles, including those in his district;  isn’t loyal to his district; and speaks negatively about his district in a way that brings local, state, and national attention. Nothing else matters when you have a bad character.  Regarding, seeing Mr. Delgaudio all over, its because he’s manipulative.  I find it very interesting that there are a few of his yard signs in my immediate neighborhood, one is a household that has been constantly reported for lawn maintenance issues, and two others are family groups that speak very minimal English…I will never support Mr. Delgaudio.

It’s telling that the couple of commenters making excuses for Mr. Delgaudio feel they have to deny the well documented fact of the disgusting things he says about minority groups. The quotes supplied by a previous commenter are all well known ones from his fundraising letters, but we have to wonder if the editorial staff had seen this before making their endorsement:


I hope they didn’t think that sending what resembles a murder scene - an image of the LGBT rainbow symbol in the shape of a pool of blood, complete with a bloody handprint - with yet another fearmongering fundraising letter constitutes “antics.”

Diane Thomas (Roeder campaign worker), yes, it is easy to just say things—kind of like Larry, who thinks up LOTS of things with no basis in reality (solar drones to replace cell towers in the Dulles airspace?  Ri-i-i-i-ight.), that we are all to think is just peachy because he used to work for a lot of NGOs and he THINKS them.

Well, fine.  He’s entitled.

Until he fell out his door to run for office, he has had zero involvement in the community.  His research skills are poor in spite of his library science degree.  He has had to correct multiple mistakes on his website because he goes live with things he thinks up, and doesn’t bother to check, because he THINKS them so they must be true.

He has been uniformly negative in his campaigning, because he has nothing to go with other than his dreamy visisons.

He is the LAST choice for a full time supe.  We simply can’t afford to pay “full time” for someone who spends that time talking about the ideas they used to think up that have zero basis in the reality of a supervisor’s job in this district.

He’s done lots of interesting things, that’s for sure.  He is basically a diversion.

FYI, from the Roeder Campaign:

A flyer from the Matt Letourneau campaign has started showing up in Dulles District mailboxes, and–just like the rhetoric we’ve heard from his fellow Republicans on the national stage–it’s rife with distortions, exaggerations, and flat-out untruths about his qualifications. Let’s look at his claims.

• “Matt . . . is the only candidate for Dulles Supervisor with both private and public sector policy experience.” Matt, take another look at your opponent’s resume! After his years designing and implementing policies in the State Department, Larry Roeder was a director of an international private-sector corporation doing charitable work. He has also worked as an independent consultant on economic development and emergency management policies.

• “[Matt] played a role in the passage of several key pieces of legislation.” What kind of legislation did Matt help pass, and who benefited from it–U.S. taxpayers, or special interests? Larry Roeder has negotiated major economic agreements and designed strategies that expanded exports of U.S. goods abroad. Loudoun needs that kind of strategic thinking to boost domestic growth for all its citizens.

•  “[Matt has] experience working at the highest level of government….” Did he ever advise the President? Larry did–specifically, Presidents Carter, Reagan, and Clinton, as well as Vice President Gore. Larry has also worked with prime ministers, ambassadors, and other top-echelon global leaders from the United Nations and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, as well as the Red Cross.

• “…and for the world’s largest business organization.”  Matt works for one of the biggest lobbyists in the world–the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a huge trade association aimed at putting business interests ahead of everyone else. By contrast, when Larry talks about broadening our tax base in Loudoun to boost economic development, he is committed to using a lifetime of economic policy experience to preserve Loudoun’s culture and the interests of all stakeholders—not just big business.

• Transportation: Yes, we need to connect roads, but simply widening roads as Matt recommends is not the real answer. Traffic is like water. If the pipe is widened, water just fills the pipe with more flow. What Loudoun needs is to get cars off the road. Larry has offered a plan to do that.  See www.loudoun4roeder.org

• Education: Matt doesn’t offer a plan, just an attack on “misplaced priorities.” What are his priorities and how will they be paid? Larry’s priorities are clearly explained in his education flyer.  www.loudoun4roeder.org

• “[Matt] became involved with county issues….” Matt cites only two experiences with community service: as part-time president of his HOA and as Dulles District Chair for his party. By contrast, in addition to being Dulles District Chair for Loudoun Democrats, Larry is vice chair of the Loudoun County Criminal Justice Board, as well as a volunteer with the Red Cross and the Virginia Medical Reserve Corps–programs that benefit the entire county, not just one party or one HOA.

• Cultural Diversity:  Larry served in the military and has lived and worked abroad in nearly every region of the world, giving him the broad experience necessary to help Loudoun’s multi-ethnic communities and our returning veterans. Matt has none of that.

• “Matt’s Dulles Direct Initiative will bring government closer . . .  through open quarterly meetings….”: Quarterly meetings? Citizens and business owners tell Larry they want a Supervisor who will talk to them every day, not three or four times a year. With a full-time job 90 minutes from Loudoun–a job he admits requires a lot of travel–when will Matt ever be available to help citizens? When it comes to a choice between a Loudoun crisis and a Chamber crisis, whose needs have to take priority? Larry will have only one job and one priority: serving Loudoun.  He will be a true full-time Supervisor.

But then Ms Munsey (Ms or Mrs?), why has Matt never documented any particular great accomplishment?  It is no special mind to say one wants better things.  Any intern can say that.  What we need is someone who can think outside the box, who has proven he or she can can turn ideas into plans,and then executive those plans. Matt never goes beyond talking points.

To facvsfiction: No, I don’t work for Eugene Delgaudio, but thanks for asking. My contact with him has been limited to occasional constituent services, which he’s always answered quickly with courtesy (and never once asked me about my sexuality or immigration status.)

Alphonso “Al” Nevarez doesn’t need to hurl anything (under his own name, anyway.) He has plenty of anti-Delguadio folks to do that for him, many of whom don’t even live in his district. My point is that he hasn’t said much of anything. He’s skipped the debates and many public appearance, has released precious little info about his background in economic and policy analysis and, as a previous poster noted, has generally been flying under the radar, counting on anti-Delguadio sentiment to hand him a BOS seat.

I’m curious, factvsfiction, did you hear Delgaudio say any of the things you attribute to him? Exactly when and where were these things said? It sounds like you grabbed a bunch of sound bites off the Internet and wove them all together, without a whole lot of corroboration.

I would love to hear from Nevarez on these boards, as I haven’t seen or heard from him anywhere else.

O.K., Factsvsfiction, here’s a direct quote from one of the Nevarez facebook entries (Constant Contact, September 30, at 12:26):

“As we get closer to Election Day, I hear more and more about the tactics Eugene has used in past elections.  Stories of voter intimidation and suppression are rampant.”

Eugene Delgaudio?  Voter intimidation and suppression?  They must be kidding.  Or maybe delusional.  Or maybe re-reading Saul Alinsky.

“Today, the Scouts are under attack in Montgomery County,” “You’ll see men hand-in-hand skipping down to adoption centers to ‘pick out’ a little boy for themselves,” “As homosexuals die off due to AIDS, the remaining AIDS carriers prey on children to replenish the ‘Homosexual Community,‘Just imagine a world where the police allow homosexual adults to rape young boys in the streets.” these remarks made by Eugene Delgaudio us look as fanatical as he is,he is a complete embarrassment. And yes he supposedly lives in a 2 bedroom townhouse with his wife Sheila, our girls, two boys in rolling ridge. It has been in the papers with photos of him and his wife.  I see things in these comments about Nevarez strategy, why would that even be mentioned? Can’t people have opinions? Is it assumed that if you comment that you have been up to it? or do those who say these things actually work for DelGaudio? and please don’t tell me that you have to act like a clown and wear a florescent baseball cap to run for Sterling Supervisor. Hey, Chris N, where in these comments is Al Nevarez taking shots at anyone? Do you work for Eugene? Is this your strategy?

rita Poston—- Who told you that Delgaudio voted against “our police station”?  Somebody has been feeding you a lie.  We were involved personally in the entire approval process for the new substation, from the very first public input session to the School Board property transfer vote (unanimous) to the Planning Commission approval (unanimous) to the final Board of Supervisors approval (unanimous—consent item on the agenda)to the ground breaking ceremony to the official opening.  I can assure you that Delgaudio was also there throughout the entire process as an ultra-active and very strong supporter of that substation.  The substation was the centerpiece of the overall effort to deal effectively with the spike in crime in the Park, and you can bet your boots that Delgaudio was fully on board every step of the way, including the successful efforts to make sure the substation was fully manned as originally conceived, even though there were budget problems to be faced at the time.

“NOT one of his kids(?)has attended any Loudoun County school.”

So Catholics who want their kids to get a religious-centered education aren’t qualified to hold office and shouldn’t be considered members of the community?  Typical of the bigotry seeping from the Nevarez spam campaign.

“He doesn’t even live here”

Amazing that the anti-DelGaudio nuts have been screaming that for 11 years, but not once in those 11 years have they ever explained where this mysterious secret house is or why no one has a picture of him in the driveway of this mysterious secret house.

The GOP guy for Commonwealth Attorney who tried to run in Loudoun while living in Fairfax was found out in less than 24 hours.  Hilarious how the anti-Delgaudio nuts claim he doesn’t live in Sterling, but after 11 years they have zero evidence and whine about how they can’t go anywhere in Sterling without seeing him.

One can question a bloated school budget without being “anti-schools.” One can advocate for privately funding a rec center without being “anti-Claude Moore Park.” One can define marriage as a union between one man and one woman without “advocating for violent harm to LGBT people.”

I find it interesting that so many posters are lacerating Delgaudio without providing any real experience or virtues of Nevarez.

This seems to be the Nevarez strategy—Keep as low a profile as possible. Skip any debates or public appearances that might lead to a showdown of credentials. And let the potshots fly at Delguadio.

How can you support a person like Eugene Degauldio? He has worked for Eugene not Sterling.  He does NOT suport our schools on any issue. NOT one of his kids(?)has attended any Loudoun County school. He classifies Sterling as GETTO. He is an imbarassment to our community.

So this is what the Nevarez campaign has come down to.  One guy sitting in the campaign office spamming comments on a website under different names.

Where in the world is LTM coming from? To endorce Mr. Delgaudio?? Eugene wants Sterling to be a “slum” area for Loudoun. Voted against Claude Moore Park,our police station and tried to close our library. You need to re-search Delgaudio’s interest in Sterling.

“Likewise, Al Nevarez and his family have lived in our Sterling community for several years.”

He moved here in October 2008, so “several” means “barely three.” More misleading innuendo from an increasingly desperate Nevarez campaign.

Delgaudio sent out an email that seems to advocate violent harm of LGBT people.

John Geddie and the rest of the editorial board, does this email make you rethink your endorsement?

Matt is hardly inexperienced.

He may not be a grey-haired gaffer, but he has experience with the US Chamber of Commerce far better suited to our needs than the alternative, who thinks solar-powered drones that he pushed for the UN for third-world warzone communications networks would be just GREAT (in Dulles airspace?—nevermind at night) for eliminating ugly cell towers from the viewshed of rural Dulles.  Then we can get to work “full time” on agricultural research to support the Dulles suburban rural economy.

Oh, yes indeedy.

We need that “full time”, all right.

seriously, how could anyone support DelGuadio? He is antischool, his kids don’t even attend school in Loudoun. He doesn’t even live here, he has a 2 bedroom townhouse over near burlington coat factory so he can claim residency. It couldn’t possibly fit his huge family in it, but it does give him a mailing address. The fact that he voted against putting the rec center at Claude Moore and the substation/safety center in Sterling shows that he doesn’t care that much about the residents. It’s all about the money for him. And why is he trying to keep Metro from coming into Loudoun?  There is a reason the people of Fairfax county didn’t elect him when he ran there.

The MC Dean backed Matt Letourneau removed his video from the voter guide.  Guess he figured it would expose his inexperience and kill his chances.

Yes, indeed, Chris N., the anti-Delgaudio people are at it again with the same old desperate tune.  Al Nevarez has been flying under the radar during this whole campaign because his personal resume, when fully exposed, shows him to be poorly qualified to step up to the level of BOS supervisor.  He claims to be an “economic and policy analyst” who can handle budgets and land-use issues.  In reality he has no discernable academic background in either economics or policy and the thinnest of work experience—- five years as a “Research Associate” for the AFL-CIO, with virtually nothing of career significance before that.  He is a data inputter and formatter for the AFL-CIO Collective Bargaining Department.  In a Daily Kos article of 3 February 2011, he stated the following:  “By no means am I a decision maker at the Federation…”  And he wants to be elevated on a fast track to the pinnacle of decison-making in Loudoun County government?  Looks to me like Mr. Nevarez would do well to set his current sights a bit lower—- like, perhaps, getting some real leadership experience first.

Not to mention that Mr. Nevarez is a member of MoveOn.org who was trained in 2006 in online activism at MoveOn’s New Organizing Institute (NOI).  He was recruited to the AFL-CIO by Judith Freeman, one of the co-founders of NOI and previously the senior political strategist for the Federation. He is also a favored candidate of the Progressive Majority, a heavily union-supported PAC which has taken calculated aim at Virginia, among other right-to-work states, in an effort to replace conservatives with amenable progressives who will push their causes. In fact, Al was one of two featured candidates at a Progressive Majority fundraiser in Washington a little over a week ago.

All the Park needs right now is a supervisor who believes that opposition to policies of the Obama Administration is based on “irrational displays of animosity” rooted in racism.  Or one who takes his own fellow liberals severely to task for being “afraid” to be labeled “race-baiters” or be accused of using the “race card.”  You can look it up.  Daily Kos, 17 September 2009, 07:28 AM PDT, “I am Politically Incorrect” by Alfonso Nevarez.

Suzanne Volpe has her facts straight??? In her kickoff speech (google “suzanne volpe kickoff youtube”), she complains that Loudoun’s government is wasting taxpayer money by giving $500,000 a year to the Northern Virginia Bicycle Association. However, there is no trace of either the $500,000 in the Loudoun County budget, and there is no trace of the Bicycle Association. It seems like: why do research when it is easier to make it up. The www.thewashcycle.com group (google “suzanne volpe bicycle”) has a lot of comments about this on their blog…one of them emailed Volpe for an explanation, but got no response. She sure gets her money straight…she has gotten almost 10% of her campaign money from MC Dean and Openband people.

Ahhh .... yes and here come the conspiracy theorists. Every time the LTM does anything, all people scream is MC Dean, blah, blah, blah. It’s the same people that sit on tooconservative all day and spin the same old tired conversations. Everyone is allowed to have their opinion. Agree or disagree on the endorsements. That’s your choice, and honestly, makes for great discussion. But can we please skip the conspiracy theory crap. It’s so flippin’ old and boring. For once, I would like to get on these comment boards and read some intelligent back and forth discussions.

I am stunned by LTM’s endorsements of Volpe over Denise Moore Pierce for Algonkian Supervisor and of Delgaudio over Al Nevarez for Sterling Supervisor. Everyone who pays attention knows that Delgaudio and Volpe are in the pockets of developers - which is why they have so much money.  Denise Moore Pierce may have been late getting into the campaign, but she’s been an active citizen in Lowe’s Isand for over 20 years, and knows what the issues are.  Likewise, Al Nevarez and his family have lived in our Sterling community for several years.  Al is a member of his daughter’s elementary school PTA and is on the Library Board.  Delgaudio lives in Sterling part time (owning a larger home in Falls Church), and his “tireless” work for Sterling consists of voting against schools, libraries, and the Claude Moore Community Center, and calling Sterling a “cesspool” on national television.

Wow, Al Nevarez has his troops out in force taking shots at Delguadio. I’ll go out on a limb here and say that I support Delgaudio for the reasons cited by the LTM editorial board. Nobody works harder for their district than Eugene Delgaudio.

And yes, a lot of that service has to do with tough decisions and voting no on a lot of things, especially on higher taxes. But voting no on raising taxes is easy, it’s having the guts not to vote yes on every other project that is difficult.

I might consider supporting Al Nevarez if I could find him. As I’ve written before, Delgaudio and his orange hat have a knack for seeming to be everwhere. Without planning it, I’ve seen Delgaudio at least three times in the last month or so.

While I’ve seen some Nevarez signs, I’ve yet to see the man himself. He didn’t even make it to the lone debate because he couldn’t get time off from work. That tells you a lot right there about the flexibilty he’d offer to a job like County Supervisor, which demands flexibility.

There’s a reason why Delguadio was just about the only Republican to keep his seat in the last election, and it’s the same reason that he will likely win again on Nov. 8th.

I’m truly lost for words on LTM endorsements of Volpe, Buona and especially “Vote No on Everything” Eugene Delgaudio.  Sorry, but Mr. Delgaudio has done nothing what so ever for our Sterling community.  I totally support Al Nevarez for Supervisor.

Oh no!  I can not believe that the LTM has endorsed Eugene DelGuadio for Sterling District Supervisor!!  Wherever I go in Loudoun County and say that I am from Sterling, I am immediately asked why DelGuadio is elected every time when he is an utter embarrassment to all of Loudoun and especially Sterling. He and his orange hat are only seen here when there are reporters present to take his photo. Al Nevarez REALLY lives in Sterling, and would be a breath of fresh air after several years of DelGuadio’s posturing stink. Shame on you LTM! I used to like this paper.

Although I agree with most endorsements, Shawn Williams is the clear choice for Broad Run…although they kind of endorsed Shawn in the write up, I guess the Arundel connection with McGimsey was too strong to overcome in the end. I thought McGimsey went way too far with the CBPO debacle.

Anybody who knows Ken Reid, knows that he is a dangerous driver (mutilple tickets), is a jerk and cannot work with anyone on the Leesburg Town Council (Except the equally disturbed Tom Dunn) and in general would be terrible on the Boord, as he is on the Town Council.

How can this paper endorse Eugene Delgaudio as being good for Sterling and getting resources for Sterling District?  He has consistently voted against every school budget, voted against the Claude Moore Recreation Center, did not attend a meeting in Sterling when citizens fought against the Sterling Library being closed, and voted against a small amount, $30,000.00, requested by Dr. Minchew, principal of Park View High School, to be used for a program for high risk students.  Sterling gets nothing from Mr. Delgaudio but bad press.

Maybe McDean and the LTM should recuse themselves from endorsing at all.  That being said, Eugene has got to go.  PERIOD.  He is an embarrassment to Loudoun.

The LT editorial board must be doing something right. They made 9 BOS endorsements and only got 15 posts disagreeing with them. I suppose there will be many more negative posts, but I suspect they will be the same people over and over and over again.
The editorial board gave its opinion based on their daily contacts with the issues and the candidates. Let me guess - the disagreements from Democrats happened only where a Republican was endorsed and the disagreements from Republicans happened only where a Democrat or independent was endorsed. The LT might not be right in every instance, but it is attempting to use its understanding of the candidates and issues. Most, if not all the disagreements are based on ridiculous party labels.
Keep up the good work LT editorial board.

I’m confused about the Kelly Burk endorsement.  Are you just trying to be “bipartisan”?

She really doesn’t work with her opposition to any degree that I’m aware of.  She’s as partisan as partisan gets on the Board of Supervisors.  Mr. Reid has shown the ability to put aside partisan politics on pretty much every issue imaginable, most importantly land use and transportation, and the budget, which Kelly Burk has not only NOT operated on “the middle ground” but has seemed completely disconnected from reality.

She only cares about businesses within a few months of an election and thus makes sure she puts on a bunch of “forums” which count for absolutely nothing compared to the anti-business votes she’s constantly made on the Board of Supervisors.

Anyone who knows the Leesburg District knows that Ken Reid, given a core deference to the private sector, and a consistent element of professionalism on the key decisions that a municipality has to make, is a much better choice.

I’m not sure if you are trolling or just uninformed, but if you read what Miller said regarding Ken and Kelly, it is not so much an endorsement of Ken as a scathing criticism of Kelly’s petty middle school antics, clueless behavior, inarticulate stumbling speeches from the dais and general inability to contribute meaningfully as a supervisor.

The only part Miller left out was that any relationship with the business community she had walked out the door when she fired her staff aide some weeks back.

DO NOT VOTE FOR KEN REID.  He is being supported by democrates, like the far left Stevens Miller.  That’s all I need to know.  Skip the spot, if you want, but DO NOT VOTE FOR KEN REID.

How can you say Eugene Delgaudio has strong constituent service when he talks about gays/lgbt and immigration as if they were straight from hell?  Are they not his constituents?  You must be kidding.  I’m sure he has a longer list than that but you are wrong.

It’s also unsettling that Loudoun Times is supporting Eugene Delgaudio for Sterling Supervisor.  One of my biggest complaints about Sterling is my representative on the Board of Supervisors.

I have a real problem as a Leesburg resident with your endorsement of Kelly Burk. First, as an employee of LCPS, she (and any current employee) should be disqualified to run for Supervisor for potential conflict of interest since the BOS approves the County Budget of which 68% goes to the LCPS. It has been argued that she could disqualify herself on LCPS issues (again, forming 2/3 of the budget) except that then Leesburg residents would be without a vote! I don’t find her record to show that she works well with the opposition, and Ken Reid clearly has the experience working with Town Council. I would say Ken has done very well on Town Council and I see no issues related to his moving up to a County role on BOS representing Leesburg.

Now I am totally in shock!!  A reputable paper supporting an unprofessional, discriminative, stuck in the old school days, and not willing to represent all of his constituents of his district?  You disappoint me.  This man is a complete embarrassment.  I see that he is our employee and as residents of the Sterling district, we are his bosses.  He has outwardly insulted our “company” (aka Sterling District), many ways,  at many times.  If this were any other business he would have been fired immediately.  I don’t care what he says he has done (which I dispute several of his claims) I would rather have a less experienced but personable and professional person, who is willing to listen to all of his constituents (not just “Sterling Americans”) in that office.  Shame on you LTM..I am rethinking my respect of this paper.

So who is McDean? I just received a call from a poll that was sponsored by him?

The words “Kelly Burk” and “moderating”, “influence” or “middle ground” should never, and have not until this time ever, appeared together in the same sentence.  Supervisor Burk was BY FAR the most polarizing, partisan, dis-connected member of the entire Board in which Eugene DelGaudio is a member! He’s at least responsive to his constituents! I’m a life-long democrat, but willing in local elections to break from my party if there is a better candidate. Local candidates should be overly partisan, nor should they keep their constituents at arms length during their term. Ms. Burk has committed both falacies in my book. I’ve met Mr. Reid, and being a Leesburg resident, I’ve known him to have a great working relationship with Mayor Umsted, and the Democrats on his Board. While he and I may not agree on everything, he has still at every instance giving me an opportunity to share my side of the issues. If this papers endorsements hold true on election night, then you can bet your bottom dollar Ms. Burk will be even more partisan and polarizing then she was the previous 4 years.

Soooo.  Every candidate who received funds from MC Dean got an endorsement.  Connection?

Hey, at least Stevens “I’m trolling for the Republican of the Year Award” Miller could not produce an endorsement for his doll man, Keirce.  Some really do not have any pull.

So the fact that Bill Dean, who contributed to Buona’s campaign (either directly or through his company M.C. Dean, who will have a vote on their OpenBand franchise before the next board) and who sits on the Loudoun Times Mirror Board of Directors, had nothing to do with the endorsement, right?

Right. /snark

I feel that too little emphasis was put on Ken “I have the need for speed” Reid’s desire to clear our roads of cars by running all the cars off the road, and also, too little emphasis was put on the Keirce “doll man” handlers Stevens Miller and Liz Miller, who thought they could create a winner, and are now found wanting.

“Ken Reid(R)of the Leesburg Town Council has a strong resume of accomplishments from his tenure on council, but leaves us questionable….” Yes, your endorsement of Kelly Burk does leave you “questionable”! Ken Reid has distinguished himself as a soft-spoken gentleman who possesses the skills and knowledge to bring business to Loudoun County. He knows this will help to get the tax burden lightened for homeowners. Mr. Reid is keenly aware of: the burdens of traffic on our roads, educational concerns, wasteful spending, and numerous citizen concerns. His accomplishments(as alluded to by the editorial board) prove Ken Rid’s ability to not only transition to countywide office but to serve as an able and respected supervisor!

McGimsey!?! Seriously!!! Surely the LTM understands this is the same supervisor who doesn’t understand the traffic issues or proffers that were designated for Waxpool/Shellhorn and recently voted against these road improvements.  This is a JOKE. 
Not the least of which McGimsey’s notorious abusive treatment towards her staff aides.  What is she on now her 15th aide in less than 4 years.  McGimsey has the inter-personal skills of a feral cat and this paper endorsed her. What a joke. I guess her good buddy Ben Kelahan at The Casey Group made sure she obtained the LTM’s endorsement.

It is certainly amusing that Ronis isn’t considered a businessman - as partner in an international firm.  What they actually mean is that Ronis isn’t favored by MC Dean, but thay can’t really say he is a bad choice, either.

A bunch of BS endorsing McGimsey…REALLY!

A Republican Majority will have catestrophic repercussions in our county.  Your vote turnout is more important than ever to stop the above prediction from coming true.

Seriously??  What a ridiculous bunch of garbled logic! McGimsey can’t keep staff and is completely disorganized in the board room. More importantly, she is not focused on what really matters to her constituents: roads and transportation, increasing the business tax base and keeping spending under control. Having a supervisor who want to stop development represent the district that includes the Ashburn metro stop and Moorefield station ridiculous. The logic you used to endorse Buona applies to Keirce. He has extensive experience and has worked effectively with others on the Planning Commission and Broadlands HOA. LTM clearly has a bias here.

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