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Elevation Burger reaches new heights at One Loudoun

Fazal Sirhandi opened Elevation Burger at One Loudoun on April 25. Times-Mirror/Karen Graham
Bringing burgers to an organic level and raising the bar on healthy, fast casual restaurants, Elevation Burger at One Loudoun in Ashburn opened April 25.

Owner and Ashburn resident Fazal Sirhandi launched the latest franchise in the Virginia-based Elevation Burger chain.

This is the company's seventh franchise in Virginia and Sirhandi’s second. His other businesses include Sunoco gas stations in Virginia and Maryland.

According to Elevation company spokesperson Jay Wisse, Elevation Burger has 30 franchises in the U.S. and 11 in the Middle East. There are three more franchises planning to open in the U.S. later this summer or early fall.

“We are thrilled with the One Loudoun location and think we will do real well here,” Wisse said. “With the type of people who live in Loudoun, they are concerned about healthy eating and what they are putting in their kids bodies.”

Using the motto "ingredients matter,” Elevation is known for using 100 percent organic, grass- fed, free- range beef and freshly cut toppings, as well as french fries cooked in olive oil.

Sirhandi said he discovered Elevation Burger when he visited a franchise, and called the company on the spot to see how he could open one.

For Sirhandi, the One Loudoun location was ideal because it was “close to my home and so many people enjoy eating organic food in Loudoun.”

“My vision of this location is I want it to be your neighborhood restaurant where you feel good about coming to eat here,” Sirhandi said.

Everything on the menu is made to order - the french fries are hand cut at each location, as well as all of the toppings, and the meat is freshly ground every day.
The milkshakes are handmade with real ice cream. The menu also includes vegan and veggie burgers, as well as fresh salads.

With the environment in mind, the interior is designed with sustainable building materials and other eco-friendly materials.

Elevation is open seven days a week, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sundays.


@Lynne Elevation burger uses top quality, it’s no wonder so many people find its flavor “different”.  Yep real sharp cheddar that actually has flavor and organic beef that doesn’t taste like grease. I welcome our new burger joint!

@Everett I think you are forgetting a lot of large businesses in loudoun county: Orbital, AOL, Amazon (AWS), Verizon to name a few.  Not to mention all the datacenters in Ashburn that handle much of our internet traffic in the US.

Sure a lot of big companies are in Arlington, Tysons, and Reston, but give it some more time as the silver line extends.

Lynne - That is what meat is supposed to taste like; you are just not used to it. I love the taste of grass fed beef, most people prefer it in taste tests, but its not for everyone I guess.

I meant to say my granddaughter and I.

My granddaughter ate at the Elevation Burger at Fair Oaks Mall a couple of weeks ago.  Neither one of us like the burgers.  She ate one bite and refused to touch it after that.  I ate mine, but was not impressed with the flavor of the meat and the cheese was just gross.  I removed most of it.

Dlwnova- To answer your questions:

-I am an accountant.
-I keep my money in a small credit union (that did NOT take any govt. bailout money)
-I took out a 15 year loan (around 350K for a Townhouse)  from aforementioned small credit union back in 2007.
-I have no car or credit card debt, and in 2022 will have paid my house off.

Hope that answers all your questions and concerns.

I went to cheesburger cheesburger not too long ago. Not bad. I had a coupon, so that is why I went. Otherwise, I cook most of my meals at home.

I agree we need bigger employers landing in our limits to help our tax base, however I welcome all small businesses especially a food chain serving up grass fed beef, is anti GMO and against grown hormones in the beef.

But this all seems to be well beyond the point another good burger joint opened up. I wish they were in the Broadlands, we have lesser quality places down here.

@Everett, Small Bussiness pays more then their share of taxes and fees. Most owners have to pay accountants and lawyers too. My employees average salary(with tips) is around $25/hour. I pay workman’s comp, I pay for two License(Products and Services). I pay personal property taxes on my equipment. And most use their own money since Banks are unwilling to lend to new startups.

@Everett, I would have been able to take your argument serious, but you used the word “assume” right in the beginning of your point, which means by your own admission, you are saying you really don’t know.

Everett: Who cares…the banks paid it back with interest. Many banks were made to take the money even though they didn’t need it. If the banks were not helped out, it would have been much worse. Your tax dollars didn’t build anything. You really need to educate yourself on the events on 2008 and how businesses receive loans for expansion. While they may not pay enough for a townhouse or single family, those jobs are not suppose to support that kind of lifestyle. While people need jobs, these kind of places are more so for teenagers. You have to look past that and see who they are working with locally for their 401k, pension, healthcare, treasury services, merchant services…etc. Those are the individuals purchasing the single family homes in Loudoun County. At the end of the day, you can stay hidden under a rock as you seem to not want to visit any business that uses a bank. I wonder what line of work you do, where you keep your money and investments. I guess you paid cash for your home, car and everything else you use on a daily basis.

“With the environment in mind, the interior is designed with sustainable building materials and other eco-friendly materials.”

Never accuse Loudoun Times of providing too much detail (unlike Leesburg Today, who does).  I guess it’s a big secret what exactly, sustainable building materials are ?  What are un-sustainable building materials ?  If you’re going to bring it up, you could at least elaborate some more, lol.

Ok, we get it, Everett. You don’t like the fact that the government bailed out some banks.

LT ought to implement an Ignore feature.  I’m OK with opposing points of view, even vehement ones. But it’d be nice to eliminate those that are repetitive and unoriginal.

As I stated in a previous post banks such as BofA, JP Morgan, and Wells Fargo,etc… took government bailout money back in 2008. I will assume Elevation Burger took out a bank loan from one of the banks that took government bailout money. So I will reiterate my point “Glad to see my tax dollars are hard at work.” I will take this point back if Elevation Burger came up with 100% of the funds on their own (which I doubt).

To the poster who asked what kind of jobs do I support in Loudoun. Sorry, but a person working at Elevation Burger making $10.00 an hour is NOT going to stimulate our local economy much at all. In fact they will use up more resources than contribute. I don’t see them buying a $425,000 townhouse or making expensive purchases to boost the sales tax given that salary.

I really like to see “real” employers come into Loudoun that pay top salaries. Such as Leidos/SAIC, VW/Audi, Ernst and Young, Marriott, and Lockhead Martin just to name a few. Oh wait…those are all in Fairfax and Montgomery County.

Loudoun does not have the wherewithal to attract such employers. But we are great at atrracting lots of new housing developments and sandwich shops !!!

Everett - since you make this comment with every new business that opens, can you explain what types of business you think your tax dollars should support (through bank loans)?  After all, these businesses supply jobs and pay taxes into the county.  Do you think there should just not be any economy?  I do not understand your complaint.  I’m genuinely interested in your idea of what our economy should be and what types of businesses you think should operate in Loudoun.

@Everett have you ever asked that question about the multiple mcdonalds and burger kings that pop up everywhere?  also can you help me understand how your tax dollars are impacted by the opening of these various burger spots?

Seems like a lot of burger places in a small radius. Five Guys, Kraze Burger, etc…Glad to see my tax dollars are hard at work. I wonder what the prices will be like.

Family ate there on Sunday.  Very delicious and impressed! I have a vegetarian daughter and she had the veggie burger which was fantastic and us beef esters loved the burgers with an the toppings to choose from.

Food is great. You get that true grass fed only flavor from the burgers and the fries done in olive oil taste amazing.

Not really health food as it is a burger place but superior ingredients for sure. Processed food is the real cause of obesity, heath issues, and diabetes which is why thin healthy looking people are plagued by heart problems and diabetes problems too.

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