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Elizabeth Miller files House of Delegates candidacy

Elizabeth Miller will challenge incumbent state Del. Tag Greason (R-32nd) in this November's House of Delegates race, she announced today.

Miller, a well-known political activist and the wife of former Loudoun County Supervisor Stevens Miller, has filed as an independent. She is a George Mason University graduate with a degree in psychology and has previously served on the Loudoun County Community Services Board.

"I am pro-choice, pro-equality, pro-workers'-rights, and pro-environment,” Miller said in her announcement.

While Miller filed as an independent, she will be seeking the Loudoun County Democratic Committee and Democratic Party of Virginia's endorsement, she said. She recently began serving as a member of the “Women for Terry” steering committee for presumed Democratic nominee for governor, Terry McAuliffe.

Loudoun County Democratic Committee Chairman Evan Macbeth said his organization will go through its standard process of reviewing candidates for endorsements.

"Government exists to protect liberty and foster prosperity," Miller noted in a prepared statement. "You don't do that by voting for invasive laws, wasting money on old technologies, and being obsessed with social issues. I'll devote myself to transportation, education, and the economy. I trust the people of my community to take care of pretty much everything else without their government's intrusion."

Greason was first elected to the House of Delegates in 2009, defeating Democrat David Poisson with 57 percent of the vote. Greason was unopposed in 2011.

Miller said she feels a "moral duty" to make sure Greason has an opponent this year.

The 32nd District is composed of 50,000 voters in eastern Loudoun County. Fifty-two percent of the voters supported President Barack Obama in the 2012 election.

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“The Dems got one of their anonymous hit people to run for office instead of just blogging and whining.  Good job, Dems!” What?

Who said that Dems asked Liz to run? This seems to be her decision alone. Doesn’t she post under Liz or something not so anonymous?

Good for Liz. I’m glad that she’s taking up a hobby besides badgering Eugene Delguadio. While I’m not sure how providing opposition to Tag Greason qualifies as a “moral duty,” more power to her.

Wow.  The Dems got one of their anonymous hit people to run for office instead of just blogging and whining.  Good job, Dems!

The only person worse to challenge Tag is hubby Stevens. If he could have pickedd a opponent to ensure victory then Liz Miller is it. Maybe she could trade trade secrets with Eugene on how to win elections. She is a pro alright!

Isn’t this just precious.  Liz Miller gets herself into hot water with the democtrats for “using” their records to help an independent candidate for supervisor against a demo nominee.  Also, she’s the wife of Stevens Miller, who came out and endorsed a republican against a demo in the very same election year.  Geeeeeeeeeee, I don’t really see why Liz Miller didn’t just seek the republican nomination, and really be honest about it.  I’m sure she feels a “moral duty,” except I don’t see a whole lot of “moral” about her.

Oh.Dear.Lord.is she delusional or does she actually think she has a chance to unseat Greason.
Didn’t Loudoun voters learn their lesson when they elected carpetbagging Stevens?  Repeat after me, never ever elect anyone from the Stevens Miller household to office.

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